How to choose water conditioning

Dongguan, China’s special economic zones as a city, many new products are in Dongguan this special city blossom. The application of water conditioning is very broad, the most used places are: factories, Internet cafes, supermarkets, stations and other personnel-intensive public places.
So how do we choose the water they need air conditioning equipment? This is the “fall in love” key ah.

Changrun Electromechanical Dongguan Division Since 2010, occupying Dongguan City, as a use of water and air conditioning of the old customer collection area, our promotion is so smooth, many customers are very familiar with water and air conditioning, their own factories or Internet cafes have used this type of Products, but also on how to choose water cooling air conditioning equipment has its own views. Here I will be our customer’s approach and our recommendations together, give you a few suggestions, hoping to help you choose your desired, good water air conditioning:
1) What brand of water and air conditioning is good: In fact, we recommend you look at the water and air conditioning does not have to look at what brand, in addition to our Changrun other than many other manufacturers have begun direct sales, distribution of their products, but water and air conditioning Which is good? This depends on the quality.
1. Shell work: Note the thickness of the shell hardness and workmanship, color, which are visible to the naked eye;
2. Water air-conditioning internal structure, whether neat or messy;
3. wet evaporative cooler pad with or without a heavy odor;
4, whether the matching of the dust network;
2) how to design the plant cooling program? How many sets of water and air conditioning is enough: the number of water air conditioning installed according to the plant area, number of plants, plant span calculation of the number of ventilation can be obtained after the number, not the number of units installed the better, but if the water is not enough To the effect of cooling.

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