Environmental protection and energy conservation equipment companies usher in a new opportunity

Recently, China’s first inductive air pollution control plan – “the main point of regional air pollution control” Twelfth Five-Year Plan “(hereinafter referred to as” plan “) release, which marks the air pollution control operation guidelines are gradually pollution The total amount of control to improve the quality of environmental changes. “Plan” delineated 13 key areas, Shandong is one of the air quality monitoring area.

“Shandong as a large economic province and industrial province, the future of the new items on the intention of supervision will become more stringent, control the emission of the norms will be further progress.” 15, Shandong green low-carbon economy to promote the Secretary-General, Member Liu Jingchun, to bear the economic Herald reporter interview.

Or set the exhaust port monitoring

Herald reporter from the Office of Environmental Protection Department of Shandong Province informed that at the end of an internal meeting, the Office of the relevant person in charge that the next year, Shandong to the atmosphere force.

These years, Shandong has been walking in the forefront of the sewage management, norms strict in the national norms, the company’s sewage discharge monitoring to do a real-time monitoring of each sewage outfall. The people said that in response to the “plan” in the more stringent norms, Shandong in the next year’s atmospheric management, the company’s emissions monitoring will become more stringent.

“It is likely to be the same as monitoring the discharge of sewage, monitoring the company’s emissions from the source, and establishing a real-time monitoring point for each exhaust port.” The person indicated.

Because the layout of the machine, the function of not know (especially the new operator), simply due to operational errors lead to problems, and even lead to mechanical trouble.

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