Maintenance and maintenance of curtain cooling system

1, with better water quality. The pH of the circulating water is kept between 6-9 (pure pH of 7). PH value is too high or too low, will damage the curtain; hard water contains calcium carbonate precipitation on the evaporative cooler pads without damage, need to remain in a limited range of sodium chloride (soft water) concentration if more than (or about) 50000ppm, Will precipitate the salt material in the water curtain so that it through the air flow reduced; in the circulating water salt concentration must be within 50000ppm, in the mixed water salt concentration must be within 40000ppm.

2, the appropriate water level. If the water level is too high, the bottom of the air cooling pad will always be soaked in water to become excess water, which will affect the medium’s self-contained water system, shortening its service life.

3, continuous drainage. With the continuous evaporation of water and new water constantly added in the water cycle, salt and minerals are left down, in order to reduce the formation of precipitation and scale, the need for an automatic drainage device, because the drainage rate of evaporation rate of 5% ~ 10%, while the evaporation rate is mainly determined by the hardness of water and air pollution levels, in the general operation of the drainage rate should be under the conditions of the maximum evaporation rate of 20%.

4, reasonable cleaning. If the dust in the air tends to block the passage of air, the normal operation of the system can usually remove these obstacles. If necessary, use low-pressure water vapor jet or light paint, or with electric fans along the curtain of the ripples to remove foreign body and dust. Regularly clean the pool, pump inlet, filter and water pipes, etc., to clear the dirt inside the water circulation system. Remember not to use chemicals such as chlorine or other pungent odor to clean.

5, quarterly shutdown. At the end of each quarter, drain all the water pumps, sinks, water storage rooms, water in the evaporative cooler pads. If there is some water remaining in the system, it will accumulate precipitation and produce algae, and will block the holes in the water pump, the water pipe and the curtain when the next time it is reused. In the curtain paper on the surface covered with a layer of plastic film or cardboard, so as not to dust, oil into the curtains.

Second, when the wet curtain stops using:

1, every day before shutting down, cut off the water after the fan to continue to run for 30 minutes or even longer, so that the curtain completely dry before stopping, this will help prevent the growth of algae, so as to avoid blocking the pump, filter and cloth pipe.

2, to cover the water tank to prevent exposure to sunlight and air into the dust.

3, water self-sufficiency system and other systems isolated.

4., water honeycomb pads for coolers to avoid direct sunlight.

Third, the maintenance and maintenance of negative pressure fan

1, the first month to start the use of the run-in period, can not run for 24 hours, the fan running about 10 hours to stop for more than an hour or more. Fan with overheating protection device, long use or ambient temperature is too high to use, the motor will automatically trip, which is a normal phenomenon, as long as the motor temperature can be used after the normal use.

2, the normal use of not frequently open, turn off the fan.

Four, when the negative pressure fan to stop using

1, clean up the net and the leaves of the foreign body and dust, especially the thread, cloth, plastic bags, etc., to avoid the normal operation of the fan caused damage.

2, do not artificially open the louvres rain protection device, to prevent the forgotten off the blinds encountered under the heavy rain and wet motor and bearings, likely to cause rust.

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