Application of Cooling System to Mushroom Variety

Hot summer in the mall to see fresh mushrooms, do not think that is transferred from the north over. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of Agriculture, the province has now been drained cooling skills, the successful completion of summer low-cost cultivation of mushrooms, and the future of summer mushroom quotations will soon decline with the cost of cultivation and decline.
It is known that mushrooms are hi low temperature crops, summer base can not grow. Provincial Department of Agriculture edible fungus implementation station responsible person told reporters that Fujian to cultivate mushrooms in the summer, the origin of more high mountains in the mountains. But the high altitude cultivation damage is very much, the cost is high, offer can not be free to rise, so many small farmers directly selected summer revocation cultivation. In this way, the province of summer malls on the mushrooms are almost all transferred from the north.
Now, the province of the professor after the study, the use of water curtain fan cooling equipment and equipment skills, to break the southern summer cultivation of mushrooms doubt. The water curtain fan cooling skills is mainly based on natural water transpiration, negative pressure ventilation cooling principle, curtains and fans are not installed in the mushroom culture room or fruiting greenhouses on the double-sided wall, the fan to change the ventilation, so that The air in the room (shed) constitutes a negative pressure, on the one hand, the hot air, the exhaust gas, the dust and the odor in the house, and the more is that the circulating water flows through the water curtain, When passing through the curtain paper, the physical appearance of the evapotranspiration. In this way, cool, fresh, high oxygen content of the air into the indoors and through each of the nook, so that mushrooms mycelia and fruiting body in the “natural” environment in the growth.

“At that time, the cost of this equipment is very low, about 200 yuan per square meter, compared to the million on the refrigerant, cultivate the cost of selling a lot.” Provincial edible fungus implementation station responsible person marked in the province after the extensive implementation of the summer Day Fujian people will be able to eat on the production and sale of fresh mushrooms.

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