Why use the evaporative cooling pad, the temperature does not fall down?

Now most of the poultry farming are large-scale, intensive, to this season to solve the biggest problem is to cool, heat stress, this time you need to evaporate the cooling pad to play a role, do not know if you have encountered problems The That is used to evaporate the cooling pad temperature or not down, or cooling effect is not ideal situation? A simple analysis of the reasons for this situation.

The following reasons will affect the cooling effect:
1, greenhouse exhaust fan number is sufficient

Fan power, that is, the maximum amount of exhaust, 1.55 meters of the fan to 560m3 / min, calculate all the fan exhaust volume can be 1 minute to change the air inside the house again. Can not explain your fan installed less.

2, evaporation cooling pad area is sufficient

Calculate how much cross section of your house is, in the calculation of your evaporative cooling pad area to see if it is enough.

3, open time

When the vertical ventilation is still unable to make the flocks down to the appropriate temperature, you can consider opening the evaporative cooling pad.

The use of evaporative cooling pad need to step by step, the first time to open all the time not to open all the time, first open a few seconds, and then look at how long the evaporative cooling pad, and then see whether the temperature of the chicken coop is reduced, the final decision evaporative cooling pad A few minutes to stop a few minutes, so you can ensure that the chicken coop has been in a more appropriate temperature.

4, water curtain water problems

Should be used circulating water, the use of cold water, evaporative cooling pad evaporative cooling pad near the cooling rate is too fast, evaporative cooling pad remote temperature is still high. Evaporation is small, poor temperature. While adding water disinfectant

5, the wind speed through the curtain
Should be 2 meters per second, wind speed too fast, bring out the cooling pad for air cooler of water droplets, it near the wet; wind speed is too slow – poor cooling effect

6, high temperature and humidity weather to open the evaporative cooling pad

High temperature, the humidity of more than 80%, evaporative cooling pad water evaporation is very small, can not cool, but for the increase in the humidity inside the house. Resulting in chicken body sensation temperature rise. Resulting in a large number of deaths near the evaporative cooling pad. At this point, should close the evaporative cooling pad, open the entire fan vertical ventilation, open the door at the same time homes within 2 meters to the roof plus tarpaulin cut off, so that the wind from 2 meters below the chicken wind speed of 2.5 meters per second, even 35 Celsius high temperature, flocks are still relatively comfortable.

7, evaporative cooling pad maintenance

Timely clean up the evaporative cooling pad pool, regular disinfection, evaporation cooling pad should be dry 3-4 times a day to prevent algae growth.

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