Plant ventilation system engineering design

Plant ventilation system engineering is the use of plant temperature difference between the formation of the hot air pressure and outdoor air flow generated when the wind pressure, so that the indoor and outdoor air constantly exchange, the formation of natural ventilation. In the design of the ventilation system of the plant, it is necessary to coordinate the area of ??the inlet and outlet ports reasonably, and the area of ??the air inlet is not less than or greater than the exhaust area. This should be an important technical measure to improve the natural ventilation effect.

In addition, the plant ventilation system works must not be able to stay only in accordance with established construction layout, simply through the ventilation calculation to determine the skylight opening area. It can be said that this is only a negative design. Positive design should be carefully carried out research, repeated trial, modify. Reasonable coordination into the exhaust area, greenhouse ventilation fans with the lowest economic investment, access to the best ventilation effect. Specifically, is in the plant ventilation system engineering design, first of all to meet the needs of ventilation under the premise of seeking to achieve a lower neutral surface position, that is, to focus on the air inlet area set in the lower operating area. In other words, to make the greatest efforts will be blocked in the plant side wall parts of the auxiliary building displacement, for the outlet to give off the valuable lower side of the wall. For some reason it is not moving, you will have its lower overhead, the main plant to take the inlet position. Doing so on the surface may have to spend some more investment, but to improve the quality of the plant compared to the environment is worth it. And even in the economy, and ultimately not much money. Because if the blockage of the plant air intake, resulting in the proportion of F1 and F2 imbalance, the neutral surface position is improved, it is bound to significantly reduce the exhaust pressure caused by a large increase in sunroof area, and raise the skylight spent investment, is likely to be higher than Auxiliary building overhead overhead investment.
To overcome the problem of air intake short circuit. By the Dongguan Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd. developed a new generation of plant ventilation equipment, indoor purification of fresh air system using air convection, negative pressure ventilation principle to design, negative pressure fan installed in poor ventilation, normal work, the use of mechanical kinetic energy to fan Operation, the plant stagnant heat, odor, smoke, in the shortest time quickly discharged from the outside, while the outdoor fresh air and indoor exchange, so as to achieve ventilation and cooling to improve the purpose of the workshop environment.

Negative pressure wet curtain ventilation cooling air conditioning system:
The principle is the use of water curtains evaporative cooling, and its products are curtain wall + fan-style negative pressure exhaust and water curtain fan (commonly known as environmental air conditioning). These two types of products are characterized by less investment, purchase costs only need air conditioning 1/4, low operating costs, only air conditioning 1/8, while livestock ventilation fans installation is simple, easy maintenance (factory employees can maintain their own) the most important is Its effect is good, the indoor temperature can generally be reduced to 5-10 degrees, the summer can let the plant workshop temperature remained at within 30 degrees. While maintaining the ventilation state, is currently used in most of the plant cooling method.

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