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Denver Museum received the donation of 22 Impressionist paintings

Denver Art Museum today announced the message from the longtime former chairman Frederick C. Hamilton 22 pieces of Impressionist paintings bequeathed. A news conference that this would make the museum’s Impressionist collection became the best one of the West: “Gifts … Continue reading

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2012 Spring Auction oil market return Realism

Opened in the upcoming 2012 Spring Auction, there is a very interesting phenomenon that many auction companies regarded oil paintings and sculptures in this section focus on realistic oil paintings. In fact, in last year’s art auction market, realist painting … Continue reading

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Korean contemporary fine art debut in Jinan

January 12 to 15, Jinan, Jinan dry joint Painting Feng Garden Design Co., Ltd. will hold the “Korean Contemporary Art Exhibition” Art Museum in Jinan. Kim Sang-hoon show, Cui success, Kim, and good at English, Hong Tiancheng, Cho Hyo However, … Continue reading

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Change oil painting is determined by its function

Western oil painting of the 15th century to mature. Renaissance made humanism thought, marked the beginning of commercial development of modern society. Scientific progress anatomy, perspective school year there. The emergence of Leonardo da Vinci such intellectuals painter, a model … Continue reading

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