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So upon surfing the web a while back I stumbled upon some products that claim to be a natural supplement, and very effective in the aid of weight loss. This company call themselves “EpxBody”, and all of their products (except 1 I believe) retails for $39.95 plus the cost of shipping and handling. The main product that they showcase is called the epxbody “Burn”, it retails for $39.95 and claims to be all natural, and will help the user burn 28 pounds in a single month. Now this sounds all fine and dandy to me because looking at the ingredients, it does seem to be natural, and $39.95 is a fair price for a weight loss supplement.

What really got me was the 90 day weight loss challenge that they are promoting as well. A 3 month challenge might sound like something that would kick people’s butt into high gear and supercharge their weight loss but this is a challenge unlike I’d ever seen. This challenge is offering to PAY everyone who enters and loses weight with their products! just how much will they pay you? up to $500. That’s right, now how’s that for motivation? the total cost of the challenge is as little as $99, so if you go on to lose say 40 pounds and earn a $320 check, deduct $99 from the $320 check for the challenge and you end up 40 pounds lighter with $221 in your pocket!

So in actuality you are making money to lose weight, and I don’t think I will ever see anything like this ever again. When you watch the biggest loser, there can only be one winner, well not with EpxBody! if you are looking to lose weight, and trying to keep the cost down, then I STRONGLY suggest you give this challenge a try and who knows, you might even come out making money with this thing. Get more information here www.getepx90.com/Letsgetfit  (Copy and paste link into your browser)


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Home Business Marketing – Are You Disguising Your Opportunity?

Before I begin I just want to say to all of my readers; I know I have been away for a while because I’ve had writer’s block! seriously I just wanted to scream when I couldn’t get anything out of this noggin. (This has been a public service announcement……Thank You Lol)

It’s time to get serious

I want to address this issue because I keep seeing the same thing over and over on a lot of websites. I can date this issue back to the early days even before I went to college and was looking for a part time job. No one is blind here and can see that the economy has taking a turn for the worst over the past few years; right now no one is immune to losing their jobs and many HAVE lost their jobs and have been unemployed ever since. Which brings us to the current topic at hand with mounds of individuals disguising their opportunities as jobs on job hunting websites. There are probably millions of people job hunting all over the internet day in and day out with no such luck. So I want to say this, that putting those “job listings” on all of those job sites are doing nothing but p*ssing people off trust me.

Finding a job is hard enough on people because the jobs are out there its just that most people fit in either one or two categories, underqualified or overqualified. They don’t need to be looking for a job and finding your fake ads because it gives them temporary hope only to be smashed later and setting them off. I have seen people get very creative over the last year or so with their lisitngs, stating that its an entry level job, little or no experience is required, training will be provided, and even list wages such as $13-$17.00hr and so on. They bust their hump to make it look so real that you think you’ve found the perfect job, respond to the job with your resume only to receive an email inviting you to a presentation about a home business. No matter how many respond to your charade they will never be qualified leads who will join your downline, they want a JOB, NOT a BUSINESS, so they will always tell you no.

Real home business leads are targeted, not with misleading advertisement, but with whole hearted honesty aiming at the right people. Continuing this practice will only result in your failure and frustration until one day you just might quit your income opportunity and start bashing the industry as a whole when its not the industry’s fault. If you have goals and a dream then you can definitely make it with the right skills and training from people who have no hidden agendas and genuinely CARE about YOU. Disguising your opportunity as a job is a scam to me and should be stopped the moment you realize that you are making the same mistake. Look, don’t feel bad or ashamed because I made the very same mistake as well and I’m going to tell you how I made that mistake.

A year ago I joined this discounted membership home business and I began training right away. They told me to write at least 10-15 different “job” ads and go on craigslist into different cities and post the different ads particularly in the customer service and administrative/clerical sections every week. the reason for the many different ad copies was so that I could fool craigslist to keep my ads up without them knowing it was me posting biz opps from the same computer to different cities. Well they found out anyway and they would not let me post anything and if it did went through it was taken down 15 minutes later. Don’t get me wrong, my inbox was flooded with resumes BUT once they received my email with the presentation, they flagged and reported my posts and not one of them signed up. So where did it get me? NOWHERE! thanks upline.

See! I made the same mistake but I learned from it and I stopped doing it a long time ago. Like I said you need the proper skills and training to get where you want to be, for every door that closes, a window of opportunity is always open. Take this window of opportunity and get the REAL training and skills you deserve to make it to the top click here

I Know Everyone Can Relate To This!

Don’t you hate it when your walking around the house for whatever reason and you hit your big or pinky toe on the couch, wall or bed? Who’s with me on this one?

Surveyed Leads – What You’re REALLY Paying For!

Oh where, oh where do I even begin on this subject…………. first off, I just want to let you guys know that the opinions and views expressed in this article is my personal voice so don’t go off the deep end and try to hunt me down and blah blah blah because it will make you look bad,not the other way around so lets get on with the show.

What is a lead? well when you type that question into google you will see a result from wikipedia that define a lead as this “the identity of a human or entity potentially interested in purchasing a product or service”. Since we have defined what a lead is, its safe to assume that we all know why we need them and where they come from. There are many forms of businesses that need leads, such as insurance agents, real estate agents, car salesman, AT&T (Lol just kidding….. but don’t they call the heck out of you anyway?). For now we are only going to focus on home based business leads since most people purchase them time and time again with hardly any results. Home based business leads are particularly generated online because there are thousands of opportunity seekers searching everyday for the company of their dreams to come and save them. Leads are captured with catchy splash pages and baiting advertisements, but what are YOU really paying for? lets dig deeper.

Lets face it we all need leads if we are to move our business forward and grow, for without them our business will sink faster than the titanic and thats where lead selling companies slither in. There is only one way to say it but, the lead selling companies are scammers and BUYING leads is a scam period. Now wait a minute, before you roll your eyes, suck your teeth, curse me under your breath and swear me up and down that I don’t know what I’m talking about, become a critical thinker and analyze the information and personal examples I’m about to give you and make your own conclusion. Over the past year and a half (going on two years) I have been purchasing nearly every type of lead under the sun such as opt-in mlm leads, so called “exclusive” leads, and please don’t get me started on “real time” leads. Buying those leads is the biggest mistake I and countless others have made because there is no quality in those leads whatsoever and yet they tell you its the best.

I purchased a small batch of exclusive leads for $3.00 per lead and they were supposed to be people who were looking for specific info from your company only. I started to call them one by one and out of 25 leads at least 11 of them had bad phone numbers, about 7 or 8 NEVER answered their phone or call you back, and the 5 or 6 I did get a hold of were EXTREMELY irritated because they have been contacted at least 15 TIMES by other mlm’ers from DIFFERENT companies. Now wait a minute, aren’t exclusive leads super fresh and exclusive only to you? so how is it that five or six people were contacted 15 times? because they lied. I purchased a batch of real-time leads thinking that would be the answer because as soon as they fill out the form the information will be passed onto you right away guaranteeing their freshness right? WRONG!. I sat at my computer watching as the FRESH leads were pouring in, so I would call some right away trying to catch them while their mind was still fresh.

What happened? you guessed it, more wrong numbers, email addresses that didn’t exist and the biggest shocker? one that actually answered the phone and said she’d filled out the form more than 2 MONTHS prior to my phone call, so what does that tell you. This information is supposed to be verified (Lie #1), goes through a filtering process (Lie #2), and totally interested (Lie #3). People fill out lead capture forms months and years ago and their name is still being sold off to some poor soul that parted with his or her money. I’m a prime example, I still get calls to my cell phone everyday from something I filled out at least 2-3 YEARS ago and its annoying as heck. So the next time your cold calling and your wondering why people are so rude, cursing you out and hanging up in your face please remember that these people have been contacted at least 20 times before you came along. For those reasons you probably will never have quality mlm leads, or prospects ready to sign up in your home business, paying attention to your presentation, or keeping appointments to follow up.

You can not build ever lasting relationships with those leads because they are not targeted leads. There are ways to learn how to create your own opt-in leads for your income opportunity with very little to no money coming out of your pocket. When you advertise yourself and do it right there should be very little objections coming from your leads, they’ll be ready and willing to listen to your conference calls because all they want to know is can I do this? will I make money? and can you help me?. Now you have some superstars who think they can work leads and make it to the top, they probably could but it won’t last long because buying leads is not duplicatable. Stop buying leads and learn how to create them yourself here.

Cash Gifting Programs – The Misconceptions and The REAL Truth

Cash gifting programs have been lingering around the internet and direct mailings for quite some time now. Cash gifting may be new to some, while many others have seen and heard it all before. I’ve certainly have had quite a few different programs reach out to me in the form of post cards in the mail, and voice messages on my answering machine. Just for fun, I called one of the numbers back just to see what the program was all about and I couldn’t get too much information from her at all. She kept hesitating and stuttering over her answers as if she didn’t know what she was talking about, she kept trying to direct me to their pre-recorded calls and told me that I would receive the answers to my questions there. Seeing that the conversation was going nowhere fast I asked for a website that I could look at in the mean time and she hesitated before finally giving it to me. I checked it out and sure enough it was a cash gifting program; it had a cheap looking replicated website inviting people to join their program. I am going to put it like this and I want people to really think about it really hard and examine the evidence…………… cash gifting is a SCAM.

Cash gifting is not a way to creating an endless stream of passive income by a long shot because one day it will all collapse. You will have to constantly be recruiting poor suckers into your trap day in and day out just to get some money because when the recruiting stops the money stops. If you have to constantly recruit without any product reaching the end consumer, then it is a scam period. Many “gifting” programs disguise themselves as a multi-level marketing company because of the certain number of levels they have within the “company” but its all for show. They seek out uneducated opportunity seekers from any and everywhere they can find them as long as they have some money to “gift” or “pledge” them. Now I know some people are getting on the defensive, shouting to the top of their lungs that I don’t know what I’m talking about and blah blah blah but deep down somewhere you know I am telling the truth. Many people are on their computer right now looking for a way to make money whether online or off, they don’t care as long as some money is coming into their household, and that is where the scammers come and feed them a bunch of lies.

I’ve seen a particular cash gifting program where they say they are completely legitimate and that you could make a career out of their income opportunity and create wealth like the rich do. I want you to really pay attention to the rest of this paragraph (It will really make you think I promise). This company does not offer a product whatsoever and yet they think they’re legal because people are giving pledges of $3500.00 just to join and make money. They compare themselves to costco and sams club stating that you have to pay to shop there (which is true BUT), you can go home with groceries, electronics, and office supplies from those warehouses but what are you getting from the cash gifting program? NOTHING. You will never see a return on your 3500.00 bucks, because who are you really going to find that has that much money to just GIVE to someone they DON’T EVEN KNOW! (I’m sorry but I really had to emphasize that). I read on a blog that some poor soul was suckered into this program by his “leader” and coughed up the money thinking that he was going to receive fresh leads that would bring him the same in return. What happened? his “mentor” left him to hang and dry and fend for himself, what does he care? he’s $3500.00 richer and could care less about him. The poor guy was going to commit suicide because that was his mortgage payment he gambled with believing that he would bring in residual income instead of falling for an upside down pyramid scheme.

Sponsoring people into those programs is a waste because duplication will not last long, it is not turnkey and in a way is like a matrix system. They always want you to take action now so you can begin receiving your “gifts” as soon as possible. I want to give two examples of two different people accepting their gifts or pledges in the mail and nothing short of showing it off, but before I do that I want to say that this activity is ILLEGAL because you are SOLICITATING those gifts. In this case you will see a guy waiting outside for his package like a junkie waiting for a fix; he goes inside and counts the money from all the poor souls who fell for his trap click here. This guy even has the nerve to put his phone number up and says that he’ll personally mentor you (yeah right) click here. It’s a shame that fedex and UPS are handling the packages and they don’t know that it contains hundreds or even thousands of dollars hidden in magazines and books to cover up the activity. Oh and another thing……… if people are sending you their “gifts” of cash in the mail, why do people have to SIGN this long waiver form stating that its a gift? why should people sign their life away? hmmmmm that should give people something to think about.

It all boils down to common sense, sometimes I think that a lot of people don’t have it because any opportunity urging you to send them CASH is a big no no. People can say what they want about MLM but I’ll tell you one thing, real home based businesses have products and clients, if clients constantly buy from you and recommend your products to others, you will create residual income. Instead of scamming people out of their house and home staring at the window like a watchdog, find a company with products you enjoy and share them with others and create real income from home. I bet your wondering where I got all this knowledge from, I can share the training I receive with you if you want the help just download this FREE ebook here.

MLM Prospecting – Why we need it & Tips and Techniques you haven’t Tried

Anyone who is involved in network marketing (or home based businesses) has heard of prospecting. It is the life line of anyone’s business and yet most people are afraid to do so. Why is that? ………….. why are people so afraid to talk to prospects? it’s easy and simple my friends, the reason could be one of two things. Number one, most people are complete newbies when it comes to multi-level marketing so they have no idea what they’re doing and look towards their upline for guidance. Number two, at some point in time most if not all people start to develop what I like to call (Dun dun dun!!!!!!! Lol) “Telephobia” a fear of your telephone. Believe it or not, prospecting should be fun (yes prospecting should actually be fun!) for the owner of his or her business.

If prospecting is the life blood pumping to the heart (your business), then you must prospect to keep your business alive. We start off with all of the motivation in the world but when things aren’t moving like they should, motivation starts to fly out the window. In the business world our motivation is what we like to call our “WHY”, why are we in business for ourselves? every now and then we have to check in with our inner being. Everyone has a reason for starting their own business, whether it’s because you need extra income, you lost your job, pay down debt, whatever it is that will keep you going when times get tough is very important. Your “WHY” should make you cry point blank, if it doesn’t make you cry then you haven’t dug deep enough within yourself yet……………. keep digging.

We are afraid of objections, yes I said it, we are afraid of objections and rejections. Often times from the very beginning we are told to make a list of our warm market and bother them until they come to one of our parties or opportunity meetings. More so we are told that to be successful in building your network marketing business you must buy leads in most cases. Prospecting to leads thatare purchased is a complete waste of time, because its a cold market out there and they’ve heard it all before from your competitors. Sponsoring total strangers is not that hard to do but it takes work, not manipulation, because you do not want to come across people as a slimy sales person, but a caring individual who has a solution to their problem.

There are different ways to prospect, but the main way that many people prospect is over the phone. People make prospecting over the phone way to hard for themselves, and often times shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to discussing your business opportunity over the phone. When strangers respond to your ads online or offline, you should answer your telephone with one thing in mind, forming a relationship with that person. Don’t jump the gun and give your presentation right away, take the time to get to know them, find out their goals and why they want to work from home. The first initial contact with the prospect (The 1st phone call), you should create curiosity in them, figure out just how curious they are without being pushy. Don’t have dollar signs in your eyes, or practically daydream about your paycheck while talking to prospects because they can sense that through the phone. People don’t like to be sold, on anything! so if you think your going to sign up strangers left and right, your sadly mistaken.

Your approach must come from a different perspective, you were a prospect once, didn’t you turn down at least 5 companies? why is that? because they were sales people. Show them the important things like how you will help them become a successful entrepreneur from home by having the right training to give them important skills. After that, the first call should end, don’t give them too much on the first call, you just want them to be curious beyond recognition. The second call should be a follow-up, they should be eager to hear what comes next, some will hit you with questions like “Is this a pyramid scam?” “What is recruiting?” “What is a downline?” and other things of the sort. This would be a good time to answer those questions and tell your personal story and or experiences to show them that your no different from them. People follow people, people do not follow products, so this business has everything to do with YOU.

Most people want to go to their boss and say “Your Fired” (Lol well they would!) and create true wealth from home and live out their dreams. If you want free mlm leads there is only one way to get them, and that is to reel them in from the simplest things like word of mouth, online communities, and social networking sites. Remember network marketing is a RELATIONSHIP business, prospects are not just a number, this is not a numbers game, people will follow people not products, personal growth is EVERYTHING. So remember, initial contact is to create curiosity and nothing else, the second call is to follow up and answer questions and tell your story and take it from there. I bet your wondering how could I possibly be giving such good advice (Oh come on, you know you do Lol) well I’ll tell you. I’m receiving the most incredible training FOR FREE, I couldn’t have asked for more, if you would like to receive the same training I do, then do yourself a favor and download this free ebook, click here


Tom Schreiter