hey folks its me again with my little opp here

well I ‘ve got a different slant on the whole thing I believe my downline should participate as well you know I’ve seen some crap in my time in over ten years ,I started out being an amazon affiliate but didn’t like their messly 7% man i put up an opp that paid 75% but no one wanted to join more than likely because it was one of those shitty payspree pages that look oh well let say stupid nothing to offer but a page and promise


the trouble with everyone thet dont show you anything unless you pay well I’ll tell you my people learn for free off me my opp makes plenty of income as is so I do this in my spare time when I have nothing else to do ,you see i have an offline business as well it has a website and i use adwords on it ,I’m in rural so I don’t get many views or cliks around 6000 veiws a month and about 50-60 clicks but get this because i run a service business called bass coast gardening and handyman service and i get repeat work I get some calls and when i do work my min is $40 per hr now i visit 2 times in a month on the commercial jobs i make $55.00 per hr it actually equates to thousands per year and the clicks cost around $1.00-$5.00 ,anyway folks what I’m trying to say is web traffic methods work only if you use them for the right content ,web traffic isn’t just web traffic its organic or every click is a person thats if your not hooked up to a server designed to simulate traffic this is where I come in again ,I have the knowledge I paid thousands to learn and I learnt marketing in my business courses at college

offline marketing is just as important especially if you go local send flyers through your local papers

post signs up and make up business cards ,don’t worry the company I use has all that sorted for you thats if you genuinely want to make some extra money that is you see I’m sick of people who have problems you know I don’t dump my problems on anyone infact I’m the one with the big shoulders who just listens its a good thing I can blank out and not listen and think of the world how actually great it is and will be in the future every year we learn more about looking after ourselves and our enviroment now its time to look after our financial needs as well maybe get out of debt or go on a well deserved holiday

maybe you wish to save for that dream home who knows their your dreams you know what you want ,now how about going out and doing something to make a start and work easy not hard okay you don’t need to bust your biler to liveĀ  well you just need enough money for a decnt living


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