Hi folks! The op of a lifetime many many likes on facebook !!

hey there

Well its going better than planned , i set the page to be one of the easiest ways you can make money and so far in the short weeks its been up its recieved hundreds of likes on facebook , Well then i actually own an offline business in my local shire I’m trying to get off the ground since my stroke in 1998 being in hard times I went bankrupt strange that you work hard adn you suffer the cosequence mind you I was as the hieght of my career in floorcoverings working for some of the bigger builders and construction comapnies here in melbourne , Oh man I glad I’m not doing that anymore ,you see I’m a bit of a handyman with tickets in various feilds lately though I’m getting into horticulture and i really love it I love being in the outdoors amoungst all the nature and plants and animals its strange after my turn ,I sat for along time actually doing nothing ,not really for me hence why I turned to the internet and cyberland see what I can do there ,well then I now am able to put my sites up on page 1 and develop free traffic from sources like facebook,twitter and alot more ways i develop it ,Oh yeah and theres my little opportunity that will surley make a bit of money for everyone ,And I’ve put up how I cast my pages for business communication using open office and GDI I love GDI’s services and they are cheap as well ,Of course you have your cpanel accounts using wordpress ,But I like to use different types of websites and pages and then we write in directories ,I must note If you have a local business a good place to list is your local directory do a search and see what directories and places you can list your business for free for example yellow pages where you can get a free listing ,premium listings cost a bit so If your first starting out and have very little income go for the free listings in you loacl area first ,remember your offline marketing methods vistaprint has a great deal of products you can use for your business to generate clients ,oh well I’ll leave it there the computer starting to make me a bit dizzy I’ve been on it too long so I’ll end there until next time


shit a system for dole bludgers !

hey folks I’m not one for all the hye and crap online so I spent nearly ten years

to learn about internet marketing the truth of the matter is its all crap i run a business offline

i promote it online with adwords and I decided to try and do something for the poorer people in the world who don’t really give a stuff about being rich but need a little bit of extra income coming in

well then i created the world wide welfare system which oh well thats another story


i think I’d rather give them an opp so simple anybody including chidren can do if they were allowed


okay check this page out then make your mind up


all the best folks


workers wanted for service business


Hi folks

Its taken a few years putting everything together and learning how to drive traffic loaclly e.t.c

I’ve finally put my skills to action ,if you would like to expand your service business or trade with and advanced system the you are welcome to join us here at basscoastgardeningandhandymanservice.comĀ 

I’ve set things to online using cloud services you will be invited to join us and use our services to digitally enhance your service business


please see on the sight all is explained we offer free training through video’s .It took alot of time making all this and setting it up hope you like it ,please drop us your feedback so we can improve our site


thanks chris