How does Laser Hair Reduction work?

Just as summer slips in, it is not just the scorching heat leaves you feeling stressed, tired and exhausted, but also the frequent “must” visits to the waxing parlor leaves you drained out and anxious. No matter how much you hate it, you cannot avoid the pain that waxing brings to you.

Well, ladies, not any more- Laser Hair Reduction in Delhi is the buzz word in the latest cosmetic trends this season, which is not just SAFE, PAINlESS but also best suited across all skin types, including sensitive skin.


During a laser hair reduction in Delhi at light wavelengths and pulses are combined to target the Melanin and destroy the hair follicles to reduce hair growth. The combination of pulse and light, which depends upon the hair type and skin, affect the follicle while causing a little damage possible to the skin and the tissue around it. There are two types of Melanin- Pheomelanin present in red or blonde hair and melanin present in black or brown hair. Different lasers are for different types of skin. It is the doctor’s job to choose the right combination and light to make the procedure successful.


Most individuals need about 6 sessions for a full treatment. At every session, the area is disinfected and ultrasound gel is then applied to the skin before using the laser on it


At Delhi Laser Clinic, We use LUMENIS Desire laser machine which is a painless laser technology, which also extends across all skin types especially sensitive skin.

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