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How does Laser Hair Reduction work?

Just as summer slips in, it is not just the scorching heat leaves you feeling stressed, tired and exhausted, but also the frequent “must” visits to the waxing parlor leaves you drained out and anxious. No matter how much you hate it, you cannot avoid the pain that waxing brings to you.

Well, ladies, not any more- Laser Hair Reduction in Delhi is the buzz word in the latest cosmetic trends this season, which is not just SAFE, PAINlESS but also best suited across all skin types, including sensitive skin.


During a laser hair reduction in Delhi at light wavelengths and pulses are combined to target the Melanin and destroy the hair follicles to reduce hair growth. The combination of pulse and light, which depends upon the hair type and skin, affect the follicle while causing a little damage possible to the skin and the tissue around it. There are two types of Melanin- Pheomelanin present in red or blonde hair and melanin present in black or brown hair. Different lasers are for different types of skin. It is the doctor’s job to choose the right combination and light to make the procedure successful.


Most individuals need about 6 sessions for a full treatment. At every session, the area is disinfected and ultrasound gel is then applied to the skin before using the laser on it


At Delhi Laser Clinic, We use LUMENIS Desire laser machine which is a painless laser technology, which also extends across all skin types especially sensitive skin.

Significance of laser hair removal for underarms & bikini area

If you are battling hard with the unwanted underarms hair or in bikini area, laser hair removal can help you out.

It cannot be repudiated that getting rid of unsolicited hair is tiresome. Tweezing, shaving and waxing may do the job, but in around a week, you will have to run through the procedure again. The jeopardize of scarring, itching and ingrown hairs make the chore far less likable. Nonetheless, what can you do about it? You just can’t move around with your armpit hair playing peek-a-boo, right? Hair elimination is an essential task but laser hair removal for underarms and bikini area or any other body part can ease the encumbrance. Appreciatively, laser hair removal has found a way to enduringly confiscate unsolicited hair. Getting a laser ray to dispose of the roots of the hair follicles is tremendously safe as hair follicles encompass a pigment called melanin that can absorb the laser beam competently. While this depends on features like skin color, hair color and hair viscosity, 5-6 sittings of this painless process means you will never have to face the aggravation of unsolicited hair again.

Laser treatment for underarms
Possibly the most prevalent problem zones for ladies are the underarms. The underarms is a comparatively small treatment region so having laser hair removal on the underarm region is a great test zone for customers that are new to laser before they commit to bigger regions of the body. To self-assuredly sport a sleeveless top, you have to make certain that your armpits are hairless. Laser hair removal for underarms is typically the first process that individuals try out as this area is reasonably small. Each sitting takes only about 10 minutes. However, the laser only works on hairs that are in their growth stage, so you may have to work around the growth pattern and undergo some more sittings again to dispose of all annoying underarm hair for life.

Laser treatment for bikini area
This is another commendable treatment not just because it is aesthetically agreeable, but it also holds numerous hygiene purposes. As sweat and body fluids can stick to pubic hair, there is the augmented likelihood of nasty odors triggered by these fluids. Hair is also a welcoming home for bacteria, so you keep away from these disease agents if you don’t have pubic hair. The bikini region is exceedingly sensitive. Shaving and waxing may inflame the follicles, thus creating inflamed and painful grazes. Your problem on bikini hair may multifaceted and cause infections. Laser hair removal for bikini area in Delhi is the better long-term substitute of shaving and waxing.

Did you know a normal female shaves about 7000 times in her lifetime? You can eliminate undesirable and hideous hair lastingly with laser hair removal for underarms in Delhi and bikini area and never have to shave or wax again!


Laser hair removal by Lumenis: A right way for hair removal permanently!

If you want to have a hair-free body that is pleasing to look at, laser hair removal by lumenis is the route for you.

The undying pursuit for youth and beauty has brought forth a superfluity of methods for the elimination of undesirable hair. Laser hair removal for men and women in Delhi has become one of the most prevalent processes in the today’s modern era. Although the technology has been around for some years, information on the process is sometimes tough to find at best and puzzling at worst. However, as its fame grows, more info on this form of treatment is becoming easily available via internet.

Laser hair removal procedure
Laser hair removal uses laser technology to deter the growth cycle of the hair by sending short gusts of high intensity light unswervingly into the follicle. The laser is only fascinated to the melanin (hair color) so only the hair itself is smashed. The nearby skin tissue remains unscathed by the process, as long as the method is carried out accurately. It is a clinical method and should be carried out by an effusively qualified, specialized practitioner. In Delhi, the laser industry is growing rapidly and to yield commendable results, consultation becomes necessary before any treatment instigates, as not everybody is apt laser hair removal in Delhi for full body. This form of treatment is idyllic for use in all regions of the body including the face, bikini line and armpits. However, if you are thinking about having surplus hair eliminated from between the eyebrows, for instance, emphasis has to be retained again on the competence and know-how of the practitioner, as lasers can cause everlasting and incapacitating impairment to the eye. Be categorically sure that the doctor has the pertinent experience to perform the procedure securely.

Laser technique is considered to be the longest-lasting and often perpetual solution for hair removal glitches. The procedure is usually accomplished over a sequence of sittings (as a minimum of five to eight treatments) spread out six weeks apart. This planning matches with the growth cycle of the hair, as laser energy only affects energetically growing hair. The number of treatments necessary will differ dependent on the part of the body being treated and frequency is attuned as the treatment progresses. For about 2-3 weeks after laser hair removal, the hair will look as if it is continuing to develop. This is essentially the treated hair tumbling out as the laser has meritoriously impaired the root to avert it growing further. This stage is often stated as shedding and after a couple of weeks the body regions become hair-free. Once the hair begins to grow again, the next sitting is due. After a sequence of several treatments, the hair follicle will no longer be operational and the hair elimination process will be long-lasting and impressive.

Stress about unwanted body hair? Opt laser hair removal

As you all know waxing, shaving and plucking or tweezing are traditional hair removal methods. traditional hair removal methods are too much painful. To get rid of unwanted hair now laser technology comes that works safely, effectively and provide permanent hair reduction.

At DELHI LASER CLINIC, We use LUMENIS laser technology to remove your unwanted hair. This technology is better than other market technology because of its effectiveness and painless quality.

If you are searching for a right place to get rid of with your unwanted hair then come to our clinic and opt permanent hair removal at affordable price range.