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Principles in Creating Sales Collateral

No matter how effective your people are, your potential clients would still expect you to present tangible representations of who you are as a company and what your products or services can offer. This may include brochures, fliers, or fact sheet that can help boost your business. Your clients may also review your online profile to make sure you are not the scam or fly-by-night type.

This is where effective usage of sales collateral comes in. However, with the complexities in the production of the different types of sales collateral, it is more complicated by the growing fragmented competition where confusion of task and policies are being played. Not to mention the number of marketing materials that can reach different levels of impact.

Creation of sales collateral also follows certain principles which are observed by some of the most successful marketing team across the globe. The Peterson Group, provider of high quality sales collateral guides us through the basic principles in creating sales collateral.

  • Start With the Cover

The cover bears the overall design of your company. Consider the time of your clients and always remember that you are not the only one offering the same product or service to them. They will not go into each of the marketing materials that are handed to him. Your sales collateral should be good enough to look at on the first glance to gain their attention.

  • Sell Benefits, not Features

In his talk in a seminar held in Jakarta, Indonesia, a successful online marketer once said, “people would always want to hear what the product or service can do them and not just know the features that you are offering”. This makes them think that you care more about customer relationship than profit. How will they help your clients? What are the benefits and advantages that they can get from it?

  • Add Photos to Make it Real

Nowadays, even the minimalist would need visuals to prove that you are real. Besides, plain text would be too boring especially if you are offering a product or service that demands creativity and art. You have to live up to the expectation.

  • Give it Head, Subheads and Caption to Test

Content is king in the creation of sales collateral. It is always important to take notice of the proper assembly of content in your sales collateral presentation. The head may represent the name of your company, your tagline can be the subhead and the message you want to convey is simply your caption.