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October 24, 2018

AT937 50W CNC Soldering Station

  • MCU controlled temperature calibration with PID system equipped.
  • Imported heat-resistant materials heater with long life.
  • The heater using low voltage AC source to ensure the antistatic and no leakage, no interference.
  • Steady temperature setting with 200~480℃.
  • Rapid heating-up. more info:
  • Legerity handle suitable for long time operation.
  • Unique temperature locks setting to avoid adjusting temperature.
  • Using split design, easy to place.

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Soldering iron

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July 11, 2018

How to Solder Copper Piping

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If you want to solder copper pipes you’ll need to be prepared. Although it isn’t especially difficult, soldering pipes is typically more elaborate than soldering electronics, and you’ll need different equipment. People usually solder pipes to seal joints between sections of pipe (e.g. elbow joints). You’ll want to use a soldering torch rather than a soldering iron when working with copper pipes, but you can also find specialized soldering irons that will work for soldering pipes.

You need to use the appropriate solder. In this case you need to look for specialized solder wire designed specifically for pipe soldering; this type of solder is much thicker than standard solder and has acid flux instead of rosin as well as a higher concentration of silver than electronics solder. Never use leaded solder when soldering pipes. Also, ensure you have an abrasive item — such as sandpaper or steel wool — on hand so that you can clean and scour your pipes before soldering, thus improving the likelihood that you’ll end up with quality solder joints.

First you’ll cut off the water to your plumbing before beginning, which will enable you to work without fear of flooding the room. Then, if you’re installing new pipes, use a tube cutter to cut pipes up to an inch in diameter — you’ll need a hacksaw for larger pipes — and cut slowly so you don’t dent the pipe. After turning off the water and cutting your pipes you need to clean up the pipes with your abrasive material of choice. Abrade the part of the pipe where you’ll be soldering so that it is clean and smooth. soldering station

Next you’ll solder the pipe. Fire up your propane torch or soldering iron and apply heat to the pipe you’re working on. You can maintain even heat by moving the flame around the work area. After the pipe is evenly and thoroughly hot you’ll apply the tip of your solder wire to the area you’re sealing; it should melt immediately. Be sure to hold the solder on the opposite side of the pipe as your torch. The solder should flow easily around the joint. After you’ve finished soldering let the joint cool (it shouldn’t take long). If you have more than one joint to solder, move on to the next pipe when the previous one has cooled.

After you’re done wait a few minutes, turn the water back on, and check for leaks. You’ll need to repeat the process if your solder joints are leaking.

May 14, 2018

Small FPV Drones, fly big business

May 1, Shijiazhuang unmanned aircraft crossing machine Racing League Vanke Station competition, the players in the control of the crossing machine to play.

Reporter Shanhui The contestants wear FPV (first angle) glasses, hand-held remote control, control the aircraft in the network track obstacles between the flexibility to travel through the audience at times to praise-this is the afternoon of May 1, the reporter in the “City Hot Practice” Shijiazhuang unmanned aircraft crossing machine Racing League Vanke station competition scene to see the wonderful scene.

From the province and Beijing, Tianjin and other land 19 players participated in the day of the Cross machine competition. The crossing machine originates from drones, but is smaller, faster and more flexible than drones. “The crossing machine cannot be used for aerial filming, and there is no autonomous flight control system. The race track is covered by the net, so it will not affect the airspace.

“As the” senior model fan “Hebei Ji Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. general manager Ray said, looks like” mini drone “of the cross machine, has become a lot of model aircraft enthusiasts, the relevant industry contains a lot of business opportunities. According to the introduction, the machine from the launch accelerated to 100 km/h only 3 seconds, the highest speed can reach 280 kilometers, so there is “air F1” said. Because it is exciting and full of suspense, the cross-country racing race has become an attractive sport in recent years.

There are about 350,000 enthusiasts in China who are active in social networks, and Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other countries have held cross-country racing races. It is reported that “the whole city Hot practice” Shijiazhuang unmanned aircraft crossing Machine Racing Tournament is our province’s first crossing machine competition. The league has a total of 6 races this year, and the organizers are also preparing to hold the finals. “Crossing machine is expected to become a new growth point of sports industry.” “The league organizers, Hebei province, the Horse Sports Technology Co., Ltd. general manager Li Weiguo said that the crossing machine tournament has a strong ornamental, he is optimistic about the movement of the machine in our province’s development potential.” “If you can successfully create a cross machine brand competition, you can carry out ticketing, advertising, copyright and derivatives and other market development, extend the industrial chain.”
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” In addition, the Cross machine tournament has a strong driving force. According to the introduction, a assembled through the machine, the cost from hundreds of yuan to thousands of yuan, which does not include remote control, FPV glasses and other necessary supporting equipment. and cross machine beginners to grow to “master”, damage seven or eight of the crossing machine is common, wings and other vulnerable parts consumption more. At present, the domestic cross machine parts are mostly purchased from Zhejiang, Guangdong. In fact, these spare parts in the province enterprises can also do. “Ray said


May 3, 2018

Xi an thousand Drons displane “garbled” expert: or for the procedure question

May 1, just set the “largest number of unmanned aircraft formation performance,” The Guinness World Record of the UAV Performance Team, in a named “Spring Dance, Xi ‘ an UAV performance, but because of” garbled “into embarrassment.

In charge of the activities of the XI ‘ an city wall management committee staff told the Beijing Youth Daily News reporter, the Guinness Book of World Records was created in the April 29 rehearsal, May 1 performance scene does appear to show the unsatisfactory situation, the current technical team is looking for the cause of the problem.

1374 UAV performance is “garbled” On the evening of May 1, the “Spring Dance Big XI ‘ an” performance event was held at the South Gate cultural Etiquette Plaza of Xi ‘ an city wall.

That night in the first two days to set the “largest number of unmanned aircraft formation performance,” The Guinness Book of World Records of the UAV Performance Team, in the scene photos show, the pattern left “garbled.” A member of the public who went to the scene to watch the show told the reporter, about 21:10, the UAV formation began to perform, “I was very excited when the performance began, but did not expect the left part of all ‘ garbled ‘.”

North Green newspaper reporter from the audience to provide the scene photos, the combination of unmanned aircraft “run XI ‘ an” “” 1374 “and Xi ‘ an wall and other patterns appear” garbled “, the left pattern is difficult to identify. Li Changlin’s Black Bat Squadron is responsible for the drone’s aerial performance, he told the North Youth newspaper reporter, the same day, his team’s aircraft on the north side of the drone formation, responsible for filming the back, “I saw from the monitor and the previous rehearsal is not the same, at first thought it is our angle of the problem.”

“Li Changlin said.

Experts: There is a certain probability of procedural problems After the performance, Li Changlin learned from the circle of friends “garbled” situation. “I’m not really familiar with the technical aspects of drone flight, but I guess it could be a signal disturbance,” he said. “Li Changlin told the news reporter, May 1 performance, his team’s machine also received signal interference,” the rehearsal of our filming are very clear, but May 1 I sometimes can not see the monitor, only directly to see the plane.

” A person who has had the experience of flying unmanned aerial vehicles in the industry told the North Green newspaper reporter, from the scene picture, the appearance of such “garbled” may be due to inaccurate positioning or error caused by the internal program. “Positioning is not so timely to get information, there may be a few seconds of delay or a fraction seconds of unresponsive.”

He explains that technologies such as autopilot and drones are inherently imperfect, and there is a certain probability that there are procedural problems. Li Changlin believes that technology such as drones will inevitably encounter some setbacks in the development process, “I think there is no rehearsal, even if he only once fly up, I think it is a challenge to success.”

According to his introduction, April 29 rehearsal all unmanned aircraft not only all fly up, the day performance is also very good, the camera team also made a record.

City wall CMC: Investigating the reason of “garbled” It is understood that the host of the UAV performance is the Guangdong billion Egret Media Technology Co., Ltd., by the XI ‘ an City wall management Committee is responsible for tender. Xi ‘ An City wall management committee a staff member told the North Green newspaper reporter, May 1 performance show is really not ideal, the current technical team is testing, to find the cause of the problem. The staff member says it is not yet certain that a netizen is questioning whether he or she is being disturbed by the signal.

According to the staff, the drone flight when the location is not accurate problem is more common, because the UAV once airborne, unable to carry out human control, can only follow the procedure. One of the most important items of the drone show is challenging the Guinness Book of World Records. The staff member told the North Youth newspaper that the minor challenge was “the largest number of unmanned aircraft formations”, one of which required 1374 drones to take off simultaneously. 1374 This group of figures represents the total perimeter of the 13.74 km to date the oldest and most well-preserved ancient city wall of Xian. “The record was successfully applied at the rehearsal on April 29 and the ceremony was performed on May 1,” he added. “The official told reporters that the Guinness World Record certification date and the date of the license are April 29

“All-City Hot practice” Shi jia zhuang FPV Drone Racing, Cross machine racing tournament may

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Unmanned aerial vehicles for emerging events May 1, “The city’s Hot practice” Shijiazhuang unmanned aircraft, crossing machine Racing League Vanke station competition in Vanke Jade Park Kick-off.

Shijiazhuang unmanned aircraft crossing machine Racing League by the Shijiazhuang Municipal Sports Bureau, Shijiazhuang City Sports Association guidance, Hebei Horse Sports Technology Co., Ltd. hosted a total of 6 stations this year, Vanke station competition-led station.


In addition to the event to include Shijiazhuang high level of unmanned aircraft, but also attracted from Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei more than 160 unmanned aircraft enthusiasts to participate in the elite group and experience group of two groups, including the elite team to use the crossing machine, experience group of players using drones.

During the exciting race, several drones flew in a space that was well fenced, through obstacles, and the operator on the sidelines wearing FPV (first person main view) of the glasses remote control UAV, this novel exciting “play” is known as the “aerial f1” of the Crossing Machine racing competition It is reported that the unmanned aircraft crossing machine Racing competition is a new competition, the contestants are more young people.

Among them, the crossing machine belongs to unmanned aircraft, the highest flying speed of up to 280 kilometers. In Europe and the United States, a large-scale drone race can bring billions of dollars in income. China launched the drone race in recent years, and the first national drone racing event was held in 2017.

April 25, 2018

The number of Russian drones is over 2000, second only to U.S. troops.

The number of Russian drones is over 2000, second only to U.S. troops. The Pentagon decided to build a new drone corps in the Navy. The Russian armed forces are already the second-most-numerous unmanned aircraft in the world. Since 2011, the number of Russian drones has increased by more than 9 times times. These machines are used for reconnaissance, target instruction, real-time correction of artillery shelling and air raids, and assessment of enemy losses.

The drone force changed the way the Navy and the Air Force fought.

The news reported from the commander of the Navy that the Northern Fleet would try to form the first drone corps and then decide whether to build similar regiments in other fleets. In 2011, the Russian army had 180 unmanned aircraft, some of which were produced by the Soviet Union. In 2015, the Army had more than 1700 new drones. By the end of 2016, the figure had reached 1980. At present, the Navy, the Air Force and the army has 67 unmanned aircraft Company. Experts estimate that the Russian army now has far more than 2000 unmanned aircraft.

In the future, this number will only increase. Military expert Victor Murahovskiy told the news: “With the advent of unmanned aerial vehicles, the strength of the sea and Land Air Force has been strengthened.” Our army has realized the idea of reconnaissance-firing circuit.

” The automated command system centralizes all necessary battlefield information online.

A comprehensive and objective picture helps the command to make decisions quickly and correctly. Russian drones have been baptized in battle.

The drone cluster that fought in Syria has reached 70 to 80. The army is using the following types of drones: “Sea Eagle”-10, “aileron”-ZSV, “Pomegranate”, “Outpost” and “outpost.” They all belong to light or medium drones. The “Outpost” and “outpost” were Israel’s authorized Russian production, but Russia reformed it.

The rest are our own self-developed products. The largest number of these drones is “sea Eagle”-10. It belongs to a medium-sized drone with a radius of 120 km. The drones can install cameras and electronic warfare tools.

It delivers video online, up to 14 hours in the air, and ceiling to 5000 meters. “Sea Eagle” usually two or three formation action.

One of them carried out reconnaissance, one carrying electronic warfare tools and one transmitting video to the base. “Aileron”-zsv and “pomegranate” belong to the light unmanned aerial vehicle, the action radius is 30 kilometers.

They are responsible for tactical terrain reconnaissance, patrolling and participation in search and rescue operations. The Navy is equipped with “outpost” drones. They have greatly expanded the capabilities of the “fortress” and “Prom” land-based missile systems. In the implementation of the anti-airborne task, they can detect the enemy in time to ensure the accuracy of the missile attack.

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Drone patrol

Early March 5, the Haikou Xiuying District Procuratorate stationed in Yongxing Procurator’s office prosecutors Huang busy. 8:30 Xu, Huang began to prepare the day to go out to inspect illegal sand washing point of the relevant equipment.

After a brief conversation with reporters, Huang a meeting with his colleagues in the prosecutor’s office. “At present, there are a large number of illegal sand mining in the south of Xiuying District Dongshan Town, we have to collect evidence, integrate materials, and make a procuratorial proposal to the Government, the relevant functional departments to supervise their duties.” After a brief meeting, Huang drove to the village of Mei Nan, a long stream town. According to Huang, in mid-January this year, the Yongxing prosecutors ‘ office found that there were 3 illegal sand-washing sites around the village. To this end, the Yongxing Procurator’s Office issued a procuratorial proposal to urge the environmental protection departments to fulfill their duties according to law. “We will visit these 3 illegal sand washing points today to see if we are still on the ground.” If it is still under construction, we will bring up public interest litigation according to law.

“Huang said. At 10 o ‘ Day in the morning, Huang and his colleagues began to use unmanned aerial vehicles at the exit of Vincent Village, where they found an asphalt mixing station and illegal sand-washing points. How to determine the location of illegal washing? Huang told reporters: “Altitude overlooking the picture shows a large number of sand accumulation, and found that there are production lines, to confirm whether to wash sand point, we have to carry out on-site confirmation.”

Advertising It is understood that these sea sands are heavily used in construction.

And when the sea sand does not meet the requirements of the building, not only there are hidden dangers, while washing sewage discharge will destroy the ecological environment, resulting in land salinization. “With the unmanned aerial vehicle, we can quickly find illegal sand washing point, on-site forensics timely and environmental protection, water and other departments to communicate to solve.”

Huang said, because many illegal sand-mining sites are built in remote areas and there are large forest shelters and other places, before the use of drones, he and his colleagues have run a lot of detours. Back to the Yongxing office, Huang in the eco-linkage monitoring Center to reporters on the day of the drone shot of the image content.

No matter where the location, how many machines and workers in the operation, as long as the UAV captured images, in the monitoring center of the live video, can be at a glance.

Using UAV to collect environmental pollution clues is an important measure of the ecological linkage monitoring platform of this hospital, and it also finds clues such as seawater pollution and illegal water harvesting. After a short break, Huang with his colleagues to East Butte Town to carry out public interest litigation law publicity activities. The site issued more than 400 promotional materials, patiently answer the masses of the legal questions about ecological procuratorial.

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U.S. troops in Niger drone base set to launch next yea

U.S. troops in Niger drone base set to launch next year

According to U.S. media 23rd, the U.S. Air Force in Niger built unmanned aircraft base is scheduled to be put into operation early next year.

“201 Air Base” is located in sub-Saharan Africa, a few kilometers from the central Niger City Agadez, the existing 3-seater hangar and a runway, is expected to “usher in” more than one MQ-9-type reconnaissance strike integrated aircraft and fighter aircraft.

The MQ-9 UAV has reconnaissance capabilities, armed with assault weapons and can be extended to a number of countries in western and northern Africa, targeting militants from al-Qaida and extremist group “Islamic States” that are operating in sub-Saharan Sahel.

African Special Operations Command Commander Marcus Hicks said the U.S. military launched armed drones, as special forces evacuated the front line, the movement of gravity to staff officers, auxiliary local Forces command level.
Advertising The Associated Press, Air Force officials reported that the “201 Air Force Base” cost 110 million U.S. dollars, a U.S. Army construction project funds record, completed, the annual maintenance costs about 15 million U.S. dollars. There are about 500 U.S. military personnel at the base to perform their duties.

For reasons of secrecy, the officials did not specify the number of drones to store and whether more military personnel would be deployed. There are concerns that the armed drones that the United States has put into the agadez may have mistaken civilians as armed men. Niger government official Amadou Rouffay said: “We fear to be in the same situation as Afghanistan, U.S. soldiers have made many mistakes, they sometimes can not distinguish between a wedding and a group of trained terrorists.”

” Niger’s Nuhu Muhammadu share the same concern that “the severity of the presence of foreign countries, especially U.S. military bases, is tantamount to abandoning national sovereignty and is a heavy blow to the morale of the Niger’s army.”

” In the past few years, the number of U.S. troops stationed in Niger has jumped from about 100 to about 800, behind the number of U.S. troops in Djibouti’s Le Monnier Battalion, not the first major military base.

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March 29, 2018

ZTW Gecko 150A High Voltage Aircraft ESC

This is a high voltage version Gecko ESC supports up to 12S LiPo, but no built in BEC.

This is a high-quality, efficient brushless electronic speed control with an integrated switch-mode BEC. It can operate without the need for a separate receiver battery to power your servos and receivers, saving you weight and complication. GECKO series also include ESC OPTO for giant flying. This series of ESCs also features an exposed, finned heat sink aluminum case with lightweight plastic end caps. Additional features include safe power arming along with advanced programmable, data logging system, low voltage cutoff, braking, timing, throttle input range, and more, making this series truly a pro series speed control.

As the development of the electronic and popular demand of the market, our BEC has been specifically designed for extreme aerobatics and therefore has the capability to support the higher current applications to eliminate the possibility of unwanted shutdowns, and is also capable of supporting continuous simultaneous multiple servo operations typically found in CCPM equipped hardcore 3D E-helicopters.

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Kerui alarm

Data logging system such as temperature, voltage, current, RPM,
SBEC Voltage Output 5.0, 6.0, 7.4, 8.4V adjustable
Advanced Governor Mode and soft start
High SBEC Current Output, continuous 8A and burst 16A, designed to meet your high current application
Power arm protection, over-heat protection, low-voltage protection and lost-signal protection
Secondary sub-menu setting by LCD program card or PC interface
Firmware updating by PC interface
Unique metal shape designing gives your new fashion visual impact.
Super smooth and accurate throttle linearity
Support and match with most of the motors, including high RPM motors
Programmable motor timing
Utilizes new smaller MOSFET technology to minimize weight
Finned heat sink
programmable throttle input range
Anti-spark circuit eliminates (HV OPTO version only)

Output: Continuous Current 150A ,Burst Current 180A for 10 seconds
Battery : 18-38 NiXX / 6-12S LiPo
Weight: 120g
Size: 46x65x16.6mm (WxLxH)

more info: www.ztwshop.com

ZTW FLASH 30A BLHeliS Brushless ESC

Using BLHELI-S firmware.
Super smooth and accurate throttle linearity.
Support high RPM motors, can be matched with most of the motors in the RC market.
Use new generation of the MOSFETs to make the ESC low heating and high reliability.
Capable of ONESHOT42/ ONESHOT125O/MULTISHOT feature to work better with your flight controllers.
Fast response to throttle.

freewing Rc airplane

rochobby rc airplane UK

Kerui alarm

No settings needed, just plug and play.

Constant Current: 30A
Peak Current: 40A(10s)
Voltage: 2-4S
Software: BLHELI-S
Color: black
Net Weight: 8.7g

Package Information:
Package size: 12.5 * 12.5 * 0.5cm / 4.9 * 2.2 * 0.2in
Package weight: 21g / 0.7oz
Poly bag package

Package List: RM7207
1 * ZTW Flash 30A Brushless ESC

1 * Manual Instruction


More info: www.ztwshop.com

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