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August 19, 2015

how to select original website theme or telemplete for your zencat or magento

Is now the third class, third class is mainly about how to identify favorable sites for promotion? Because we’ve talked about in the second class which, if you want a good price website, you need to outsource some of Membership Service frame as long as you review this template to send the final product rich website just fine. What is the main lesson is to listen to? This website template is a must see on your website promotion help, knowing these go Audit Template, so the company will not be fooled establishment you.

A good trade template What are the characteristics of it first, “website design nice”, this would not have said, but behind this very important topic sure to highlight. What is “to highlight the theme”? I’ve seen a lot of sites, then open the home page, there are a lot of flashy special effects look good, but you will find that you can hardly find a theme, or that you watched this site 3 seconds , 8 seconds, 10 seconds, you do not know what the site is selling, what is the main presentation. Then you look at this site, or that you ask someone look at this site, within five seconds can not say the site is doing? So the body of this template must be highlighted. Second, whether the site is static pages? This may be a little high professionalism, what is called “static page” mean? That it is a static not dynamic, in other words it can not run this PHP dynamic Code, only static, if the update from the server, then there from the new static. This does not require you to know how to use, you just need the time and the establishment of corporate communications, told him I want static, so he knows it. If the site is static, you’ll be able to select it, and from my point of speaking, I recommend you to choose static, as this will make the server stability, it will be normal and smooth operation. Trade website is nothing more than showing their products, a static page website needs your fully meet the. So I suggest that you go with static pages. The third point, the template of this site is easy to summarize and organize your product. Website to reflect your products, if you do a very messy on your website East 1 West, so that buyers find their own, then it is surely not enough. Does the site have a good group or list, good classification of the product, the product to summarize, this is a very important point. Under point it is mentioned in the first class ever “in the chain.” “Within the chain,” the site is rich enough. Next point, whether the product page location is close enough from home. This may have to tell you is that in advance, what is too close, what product page. Which I will detail page when we talk with.
Let’s start with the first point, the website design should be beautiful, to be a prominent theme. A good basic template trade website requirement is nice, it must also highlight your subject. What is your theme? Sure your product. You have to do is to at least be in the home page to show your product, that is to open the site, a look full of your product, of course, not the accumulation of too much. So you show your product in the home is the highlight of your subject, it must be noted. In the home can put your main product displayed, thereby leading to the first time to let the viewer know that your main project or product, improve the user experience. In fact, to say the truth, we are quite busy no time to see you are doing, you go with the new communication, he is not of this time. You have to do is let the viewer 3-5 seconds to open the site to know that you do what this site is. There are several website design we must pay attention: 1, the home page banner is the beginning of the picture, this is very common in web applications, we must note that, banner too broad and difficult to influence the first screen of the show. What the Internet does is called the first screen to open a domain name presented in seeing the first page is called the first screen. I have seen some sites, probably palm open so wide, above a navigation bar below a very wide banner, want to see the following text at the cursor to scroll. Then such terms increases the user browsing site also adds to the cost, and this greatly banner, unless you are doing propaganda, but if you are to promote your product or company must not be too wide.

Second, the color of the site must not be too fancy with. Because in fact, plainly you are doing business, as long as you own the product reflect good, very fancy website that looks a variety of colors of various mix is ​​distract the attention of visitors. May be focused on the picture, the real details may not see it. This must pay attention

Finally, Home flashing or scrolling image is not too much will cause the result distracting. Open a Web site, the home page banner kept changing, visitor’s attention all focused on a banner, the banner unless you do well, you are well within the chain can lead to a lot of the details of the site, but to do so costs must be very large, so if you do not have this technology, your home is, the better the picture scroll. That is, when the overall design of the site should be noted.

Here’s what the site is a static page? Let me talk about, and we may not know what the static pages. Static pages is a web page code is not necessary to perform asp, php, jsp, net and other programs to generate a client web page code. This sentence for all of us in terms of understanding may be more difficult. Behind this statement may be easier to understand, self-management can not publish static pages update pages. How to identify it? Let’s say you made a product site, then the page is updated is static, and to release the product he will start the server as static can update your product. Then talk about what are the benefits of static pages? 1, static pages is to save server resources, improve browsing speed. When I mentioned the second class, a web server performance and operating it is very important. Like server computer cpu, there are a lot of things no use, it runs very carefree pace himself quickly. The second point, your speed static pages much faster than the dynamic, which is a summary of our technology and SEO from SEO’s direction. Does have this advantage, but not obvious, unless the dynamic website is a portal or have a marketing team, if you do not have static pages more suitable for you. Third, the stability of static pages is very strong. It is the first point there is not much difference, because the server saves resources, overload overload operation does not occur, then the stability of your page is very strong. So at this point, I suggest that you, your business website is best static pages.

Then the third point just mentioned, site templates is easy to organize and inductive products. Good trade website templates and easy to summarize and organize released product features, is now basically use product grouping to achieve this functionality, now available in the common product groups, there are two, we look at: one is Open the Web page, on the right Ye Hao upper left side, below are listed Ye Hao good packet is statically placed there, the word marked your packet, the packet number, product number, and so on, this is a relatively common a. There is also a relatively Hyun feel a thing, open the Web site will find that home is a pile of news or company, but above its navigation bar, when you put the cursor on the navigation bar that will automatically pop up a box will pop up This box is all your packets. Of course, these two are the most common now, I have not seen a third. Since it is most common now then to analyze and comment about the two. First, it was very near the grouping put on, no matter which side has the packet, the packet word is very clear, user-friendly look at your main direction, he does not need to do anything directly on the show out. Then there is a second, what is wrong does, in fact, it stunning, after all, it has a pop-up an interactive, on customers’ browsing habits are good, but one thing customers to your site, you need to on your website There is a movement to see your packet word, so no doubt the customer to see the product of your own process complicated. So from my point of view, from the station, from the client browser such an angle most convenient view, the best product is static packet (the first one). We must pay attention to this point, of course, you can choose if you prefer the second, but you choose this will increase the cost and time of your customers understand the product.

Whether rich site within the chain. I talked about in the first hours of the time within the chain, in the third class to talk to you is that, within the chain is what? Is another link in the chain between the content pages of the same domain under. That is to say, open a product that may have other links below, a little, jump to another product under the site, then it is called within the chain. Within the chain is what to do with it? Legitimate sites within the chain structure, to improve the right search engine included with the site’s heavy, spider climb every time your site, as much as possible to promote the collection of your site. For example, a spider came crawling over your page, it will find a recent page and then crawl, if you jump in the chain not rich enough other pages, so spiders left. If your rich inner chain, then catch the spider finished this page, follow your interface to jump a lot more sub-pages, then your sub-pages as well, can be done within an infinite loop, it definitely can be done to promote as many spider your site indexed. Therefore, we must know the structure of the site within the chain is very important. In other words you judge how rich enough, the easiest way, he gives you a template must be a picture, then the following will definitely have another product, you have to ask him whether this point in the past, of course, is the most a simple way, if you know how to test other methods inside and outside the chain better. Webmaster Tools can be measured within the chain. So now tell me what to pay attention in the chain? 1, to avoid a lot of duplication. Because if template design is not good, is the first product under these four links, or is it a second product the following four links, spiders are very intelligent, jump to the page that you catch this four links, jump The second is that 4, third or four, then it will feel bad performance you this site, spiders crawl away. So be sure to avoid a lot of repetition in the chain. 2, the position within the chain, why should mention this? In fact, this is not a search engine specifications, but the user’s browsing habits. Open a page, which means you must be placed within the chain less prominent position, you put the position very eyes, an open sub-pages full of links, the user experience is poor, you can order more SEO put some links in the above, but does not affect the user to browse your product. Third, within the chain it is best to use long tail keywords name. I talk about what name? I do not want to open a product page, directly below write a domain name, the domain name directly on them and little jump in the past, this can be a very ignorant operation. How should you do it? For example, you are selling LED bulbs, certainly described below, which has a LED Light, is there such a keyword, you can put this keyword set as a hyperlink. That LED Light are clickable, it will jump to one of your sub-pages, so called you to this within the chain name. But why do I say that long tail keywords? If you have a chance this will get you in the name of a chain of long tail keywords for your site is very advantageous, because it is impossible to use a search engine such a LED Light Search will be able to find you or say unlikely, but if you put this keyword is written LED T8 lamp Gao Rong-ming, this long tail keywords inside of a chain name. So Google to crawl to you, you again this inner chain named for such a long tail keywords, then people search again when you’re better than someone else the chance of ranking on the big, long tail keywords at the same time the degree of competition is relatively small, it should be noted at this point, so my last website promotion time will say it again in detail.

Finally, the product page from the home location is close enough. What is the distance between home place? This simply means that from home a few clicks to get to your product page, this is called the distance, the fewer the number of clicks, the closer distance. In other words, from the home tap on a link to your product, then this is the nearest, you may not have Products, you need a little packet, complete product grouping point and then point or 2-point packet level, then this case is more far away. Search engine spiders come to your home, grab your navigation bar it is a rule, and it will leave you in the navigation bar to grab your most recent position within the chain. So what you have to do? You must be the most important products have a direct link to your home page, you can directly jump. The best is your latest release in the home. This is important, if very well. What are the benefits? In fact, I have said. From the home location nearest pages typically are included in the priority crawl, you can accelerate your speed important products, while improving this page in your site weights. In other words, you are away from home in close proximity, spider caught End Home Direct catch you on this page, your most important pages caught and included a long time, the weight will naturally increase, then you most want people to see things forward row, and the purpose of your final implementation might soon be reached. In this design, the need to pay attention to what? 1 Home can show whether the product directly? I have already said, if any, of course, is the best, if not communicate with the station to see what the company can add One. 2 Home show whether a product can be edited by themselves, that is to say whether the updated according to the website maintenance, can automatically update the best. You maintain this site, the new release of natural products in the home row, so this feature is very intelligent, but if you’re looking for this establishment companies do not have this capability, this template can not do that, then you can Edit product do it. That is my latest release of the product, it is the largest collection of difficulty, I want to put it in a collection of the easiest position to accelerate site as a whole included. The second point is more important. 3, whether there is sufficient distance within the chain Home latest product page. Why would I mentioned several times in the chain? There are a product link homepage, very fortunate spider climbed this page, then you should have enough in the chain spiders climb your other products, which then have sufficient within the chain let it continue to climb, until all pages of your website indexed until it is finished. This is the product page to all the benefits of the home page.

So now we come to sum up, a Web site can determine what the first time the easiest things out? First, the site design is very nice, so needless to say, your aesthetic than I better meet foreigners. To highlight the theme, which means you get to this site templates, others can get, then within a few seconds you can not know what the site is doing this then the following points:? Home of the banner is not easy too broad, website colors easy too fancy, Home flashing scroll picture is not too much, is the need to pay attention. Down I’ll courseware on the Internet, you can take a look. The next important aspect of whether the site is static pages, how to judge the static pages and its benefits. I focused on static pages is to recommend. My Site template is easy to summarize and organize. Let me also give you put two pictures, one is static and a dynamic, static first time can understand, reducing the visitors on the operating costs or steps, and another also moving about, of course, two kinds different. “Within the chain,” I have a third or fourth time mentioned within the chain, and within the chain is very important, we must avoid a lot of repetition in the chain within the chain does not affect the position of the user’s browser, the best in the chain Use long tail keywords name, so long tail keywords in the promotion, I’ll focus on with talk about. Finally, the product page is from the home position close enough. If you are close enough, even if said position packet in a home, then your position is close enough, all the precautions are in here, we look at.

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SEO Series Lesson: How to build website

Let’s now talk about the second course, is the foreign trade people how to build your own website? We look at what processes need to build a website?

The first step, to select a domain name server. Domain name and server is a site must, like the renovation, there is no talk about how a house decorated it. This is the first and most important step. Then the second step, website templates and website design elements of those SEO keywords, which you have to make their own choice. The third part, based on these elements you selected to write the template code and edit the code to be uploaded to the server. What is it part of the fourth, after the template to build on this template test, because the code is to write your own or someone else to write the code error is very normal, so be sure to test this site templates. After the test, if you find a bug fix to be immediate. What is it bug? Let’s say in your opening an Internet page, were supposed to open, but it turned out to be displayed is 403 error, any error on your site are called bug, when if you find a bug in the test , and to repair the first time. Let’s say you are part of the first four Dounong finished, there is a good domain name servers have, then fifth, you have to edit the company’s products, rich Web content. Do you have a template that you have the framework, and also have a website server domain name, and put this information to fill into it is full, it looks very important. Then sixth, you officially called the site on-line. This is the real process of building a website.
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Station, nothing more than to be divided into two, one is the foreign trade themselves station. Foreign trade themselves station, we then consider just 6:00 I said this more important things, what are the strengths of trade people or inappropriate? Let me talk about the server, you do trade, then you brand on the server, performance, hardware may not realize it, but by Baidu to search, recommended by a friend or some professionals tell you, you can go to improve this problem, this is not a big drawback. Server is nothing more than so many, you go look at the evaluation, like Taobao shopping, as well the evaluation would buy it to rent it, so that on the server selection, foreign trade people through learning can be improved.

Foreign people in the template design has the advantage that every day in communication with foreigners, is well aware of the aesthetic foreigner, you will not only foreigners talk every day business, the way we work now is to make friends, for example, you chat with a foreigner, You know that a foreigner like the color, you know a lot of foreigners like what color would you choose a good color, would choose a good direction. But one thing you need to pay attention, you do not understand the web design workflow, for example, “Page switch” “Page Jump”, you do not know how to jump, do not know to jump from the home page of your product What you need to do, or that your product pages directly out of your product or a product grouping your pages, they have a very detailed steps. You have not done, then there is no experience, then this is something you absolutely can not do. So in the template design direction it, some people do just to trade foreign buyers browsing habits and aesthetic is very familiar with, but the template design is very uncommon.

Write the code, which needless to say, the vast majority of people do not have programming based on foreign trade, but this can be improved by learning. But I believe if you are to do foreign trade, a college student will not learn the computer, programming, science should be in English or international trade. This means that if you are from a zero base to be able to write code written independent website, you may need 1–2 years. Of course, the ability to learn six months might be able to do it. But you have to think of this half year how much time you want to delay the business, you are to do foreign trade, the single is really want to do. So the code is a little advantage in foreign trade who are not. If you go through the learning, then also affect your own work.

Test pattern, test pattern what? I now tell you is that the test template, you may feel very uncommon. You can not even test the experience in this regard are not, it is hard to find this bug on the site. For example, I give you a website that has a lot of bug above, you just pick out one part, the residual a lot. First, there is a bug in the search engine website its low weight, the second user to visit your site, to see so many bug, you will not even sites are done, I still believe in you? So in test template, people trade advantage or zero.

Finally, the editorial content, this part can be said that the foreign trade of goods and people are very well aware, because you are selling this thing, you have to understand what the needs of foreign buyers, because every day you communicate with foreigners, those foreigners asked you What, to prove what he cares about. Perhaps you with dozens of foreigners through the process, you will be able to key selling point of the product are found. That you are editing content, with strong professional. In this aspect of foreign trade who is absolutely perfect irreplaceable, because you are very understanding of the product.

Then we come to sum up this 6:00, what are the advantages of foreign trade who Website? Learn aesthetic buyers know enough about the product. Content template colors you will choose well, will enrich the product well. But what are your weaknesses? Design templates, code, test pattern, you do not have any experience, learn from scratch to spend a lot of time and effort. This is when the establishment of foreign trade in the presence of strengths and weaknesses.

Another is the establishment companies establishment. Then he’s main business is the construction site, the construction site will have a server beneath him, he will have to choose their own set of empirical server, he will long to pick a server, he is a cost-effective server with some experience, the exact He said a lot of it will have its own unique insights. So in this direction is the establishment of more skilled.

Then the server selection, we look for the template design. Because he is station company, from the beginning of his company it is to create a site to begin his, that he has a long experience in siting, template a professional research, and know how to respect the user’s browsing habits. We may not know that a network company, his company will have its own station product manager, he will bring art and technology to design website templates, the product manager he knows the direction, product features include browsing habits, With this experience he was able to when the product manager. He will bring art technology to design a template he thought good, in this regard, I will not be evaluated, I can only say that the establishment in specialized slightly stronger.

Write code and test templates. Well, this I will not say alone, because the company has its own separate station technicians and testers, write code into the system test templates, test pattern of people test out there bug, it will be the first time feedback to the technology, technical staff will be the first time to resolve this bug, then the establishment of these two aspects is far better than the trade of people. So this is not to say.

Let it about that last point, the site’s editorial content. Build your company is a drawback, the establishment of the establishment of the company only process technology is very familiar with the products you are not familiar with, he can not do every client products are familiar with. Not familiar with the product, you can not highlight when editing point, which is a fatal establishment of foreign trade companies in the construction site, which is irreparable. Because not every industry are looking for a very professional person in the company, the cost is large, the key is also not necessary.

Then we sum up on this just 5:00 establishment company, establishment of advantages and disadvantages. What are the advantages? Highly technical, long-term experience of siting template-depth study, to understand in line with the user’s browsing habits. As I said just browsing habits is. So this is some advantage in station when station. So What are the disadvantages? Is he flawed, are not familiar with your product, you can not highlight the product’s selling point. For example, we are selling beauty equipment IPL, so establishment company can give you choose the right server, designed template, write code, all tested well, it’s all OK no problem. But I do not understand the product very. Let’s say you give me the information, how to me, how I’ll give you pass up. So the product editor, simple establishment of companies is a great mishap.

Then compare the 5:00, we as a trade person, in order to build a good site to build a relatively high cost of the site, should be how to do it? In summary contrast, foreign people the best way is to outsource plus DIY Website mixed type of siting mode. What is a hybrid? First, the establishment of the part of the introduction to the outsourcing stuff to establishment companies, for example to write code, design templates, find the server, look for the domain name, of course, you can find your own domain name, but to find a server to upload server, as well as design template, write code for these things can be outsourced. So what is called “DIY”? It is the most important step you take, editorial content, on their own hands. That is, the programming, design templates and other non-product non-professional issues to the establishment of all outsourcing companies, foreign people as long as the play the role of supervision and auditing. That station has designed a template, you can not go with him to participate in the design, he took the template to your hands, you have to know this template is good. This I will tell you in detail in the third class. Content-rich site during the time to themselves to deal with, because your products only you know best. This 5:00 in terms of mixed-mode, then this is the case: the selection of the server by the company operating station; design template designed by the establishment for production companies, but people should play the role of foreign trade review, depending on the template is suitable for promotion ; write code since it does not, on all the company pushed to the station; test templates have to push the company to the station; editing content in this area must be in person to operate foreign trade, because you want to ensure that your website has a professional product.

The last point is that I have not mentioned, and now add to the mix, that is, to promote the site. The current market, companies are rarely simple establishment, basically establishment plus promotion, giving you a station, before you sign a contract with you will tell you how to promote your website, your website promotion into what, a lot of Foreign people will say that I spend money on the matter, to preach good information on the matter of the inquiry on the other, this approach is very wrong. Should be parallel and Website promotion company, the need to spend money on a construction site is the effect that you should do is find a station company establishment + promotion, then you should also promote the site, optimization. Such terms can to maximize the effect.
This is what I recommend people siting mode of foreign trade: Outsourcing + mixed mode of DIY. We repeatedly clear about ideas, it is very important before 5, the server selection, template design, code, test templates to outsource all, you want to play a role is to monitor, review, for example, he gives you the election server OK, tell you I’ll find Dell’s server and tell you a model, you go to Baidu, look at this performance is not good enough. He may tell you I made you a template, you look, you may know by my course some knowledge of SEO to know some of the SEO rules, then see if he meet the SEO rules, meets you think foreign buying home browsing habits or aesthetic. And then let him write the code, he would write his own test, which totally do not you worry, he will be resolved within the company. Then he will tell you, you build a good template, training and preparation you a background, you must edit the content themselves. This time must not lazy, because you spent the money out, you have to maintain a professional your site. Finally, this “promotion site” is that you have the rules have SEO SEO foundation, and you talk to the company combined with the promotion of establishment.

So this is the second lesson of the main content is to trade people how to build a own website. The second lesson is finished today, thank you for viewing the contents of the next lesson is: How to identify a site template to promote favorable. We want to help you.

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SEO Lesson Series: preliminary understanding SEO lecturer

Hello everyone, I am a World wide trade lecturer at the forum my name is called KingPurple, a lot of people know me. I speaker of direction: SEO direction. SEO course roughly divided into six classes ahead of me, and we talk about.
The first lesson is to lead us a taste of what SEO, because now on the market a lot of people say he is doing SEO, but as we know very little SEO trade meaning.
The second lesson is how to do a station, because it comes to SEO, you definitely have to have their own website, no website would not be able to promote. So the second lesson I will give you an analysis as trade people how to build a trade website.
The third lesson, how to identify a site template to promote beneficial? Well, this is very simple, because we are now determined to a station, the site must have a site template that how you determine whether it is consistent with the promotion?
Lesson Four, to determine how to enrich the site templates to its content, how to change the number of defects on the template, you can go to change these deficiencies.
Lesson Five, foreign people how to promote their own website? Because the top four the lecture if you’ve done it, then you have a more complete initial site, and finally you have to promote.
Lesson Six, is more important lesson, at one stage after the promotion, you can get your website according to the data, how to analyze it you adjust your promotion model.
We will now begin the first lesson, a preliminary understanding about SEO. This lesson we divided 3:00 speaking, the first point, what is SEO? Many people say that it SEO then know what spelling is perhaps not many people. That second point, I tell you all about why to learn SEO, we do foreign trade, we can not say with network knowledge insulated, but not least the contact. What we have to learn SEO to help, and we want to say something. Third, people only for foreign trade, to learn what knowledge of SEO? That you can not put SEO play very thoroughly, because you are not a professional to do this, but it SEO a single point of view, as a person of foreign trade You should know what S knowledge mastered what.

Well, then we began to say now first, what is SEO? SEO’s Chinese name is called search engine optimization. This sentence is very important, we look at “It is open to all search engines, rather than simply the valley for a search engine Google and Baidu.” We received a lot of foreign trade might promote the phone every day, they will tell you: “I do network promotion, I focus on Google, to focus on Baidu.” This, then, in principle, technically speaking, it is wrong. Because SEO is not directed to a separate search engine, it is for all the search engines, although there are some differences between the search engines, the difference, but the technology of their body is the same, the same. That is, if there is one person he told you: “I only do Google’s optimization.” So as the sales, he is not very qualified, the company’s technology you can also consider whether it is professional. The following sentence, “It is a completely revised website has matching your search criteria search engine to make the site ranking in search engines,” What does that mean? SEO is not simply to station, but how to maintain it after you build the station. According to its defects, or how to optimize your existing according to some information. Then the end result is to improve your search in the search engine page rankings. For example, you are selling LED’s, then people search LEDBABO, you appear on the first page, then your chances of being exposed to quite large. So, the end result is that we put forward as much as possible to your site by search engines. The following sentence is an evaluation of the SEO, more pertinent, I hope we can remember what “SEO is a technique that belongs to the main push passive marketing, through continuous optimization of your site, increase site rankings in the search engines, and thus with Browse to the intention of reaching benefits. ” Let’s explain what is meant by “the main push passive,” that you have a website, you subjective to promote it, to optimize the promotion of this Web site, is “the main push.” That what is called “passive”, because the purpose is to push you to improve your ranking in search engines, but how is called “passive” it, others to search the site keywords to find your site, so it is called “passive” ʱ?? Understanding of the word that is to say, you put this website to push good, very good, you can forward ranked in the search engines when people search for you in will be very passive, your site will be ranked in search engines the first few pages, so in terms of the benefits for you is helpful.
The second class, why should learn SEO. Let’s first talk about, except as an entity to participate in the exhibition, to do foreign trade is nothing more than three channels: a large development of the letter is sent. 2. Registered B2B platform and release products. 3, the establishment of an independent website and SEO optimization.
Having these three, the first to analyze the development of the letter. Development of foreign trade who is believed to be more important in the daily work of the section, there have been trade in this sector has been made to develop the habit of faith. Hair development is believed to be more active, unsolicited e-mail to promote their own, but you will find a lot of the development of the letter sent out letters, reply number is not much, and you will find that the ratio of your pay and your replies received It is very low, very, very low. And one thing, you have to send a letter to develop, you have to go to a search engine to find customers mailboxes. The first is time-consuming, and the second effect is a downward trend. Why do you say that? You go to the search engine to find the mailbox, you also can find peers, they found you have found, it might give the customer sent dozens of letters every day hundreds of letters, then the foreigner hundreds of letters from developers letter find you to give you reply itself this possibility in decline. Of course I am not saying this way is not good, this is the most basic way, but I like a lot of people have communicated with foreign trade, recovery amount and effectiveness of the letter has been developed which is a definite downward trend.
Second, registration B2B platform and release products. This is the daily work of foreign trade is very important. The advantage is that, dependent on a larger site. For example, Ali Baba, you register the product in the above publication, the high efficiency of this Web site promotion, it’s very front rank. Foreign buyers in search of the word, to find the B2B, to find your hall through this B2B, giving you sent inquiry, then there is a little something wrong with that? Inquiry Most of this platform It is a mass of. For example, I was in your B2B, I MADEINCHINA, I sent an inquiry to this inquiry is likely to enter its mass system, then so many of the mass, the quality of your mail is very worrying ʱ?? For example, an inquiry to the six companies, 6 quotes are not the same, resulting in a price war is malicious. So this is a clear downward trend. This may be adjusted in the future there will be more, not to mention now.
Finally, the establishment of an independent Web site, and for SEO. This is what good is it? It is above a certain cost, because to build a site that requires a lot of energy and money is power. But it will give you what effect? ​​By 20 major search engines bring you traffic. Because you go through your SEO ranking, to bring you the traffic. For example, 100 visitors, there are three visitors is your intention, you can reach a final value through these three visitors, and finally into a disk. So first it yourself exposed to a lot of information, and the second by an independent inquiry website it is definitely one to one. Because he found you through a search engine, only you do not someone else’s independent website information, your inquiry is truly one that its own value is very high.
So what we are learning the meaning of SEO? First, send a letter and registration B2B platform development, you certainly can not stop. You learn the SEO the website promotion is very good, at the same time you send the letter registered B2B development of your website in search engines was found to the customer will be very active send you an e-mail, this is for you is an added value. So, you learn SEO to promote the site on the first two terms is not affected, and the second he can take the initiative to increase your number of customers.

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A8p card
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August 14, 2015

GSM Alarm System with TFT Color Screen

GSM Alarm System with TFT Color Screen YL-007M2F
GSM Alarm System with TFT Color Screen YL-007M2F
GSM Alarm System with TFT Color Screen YL-007M2F
Name:GSM Alarm System with TFT Color Screen YL-007M2F

products introduction


  • GSM wireless home security alarm system
  • TFT display + high quality language voice menu
  • 4 types of programming zones — Real time, delay, 24 hours, bypass defense zones;
  • 5 types of remout control — APP, SMS, Call, remout controller, main panel …

Advantages of our security alarm system

*16 years of production and management, Permanent member units of

*Big TFT color display with English/Chinese dual language voice menu

*Voice prompt for all operations

*Built-in PIR and SOS big button

*2 wired inputs and 1 relay output

*Factory outfits, OEM/ODM

*Built-in LI rechargeable battery: make alarm when power off

*SMS alert for power failure or recovery

*Set the security system by control panel, SMS , remote calls

*Users can make calls by using keypad on alarm panel, just like a telephone


1. Details for alarm host :

*TFT color display with high quality language voice menu;
*Black box function with 30 pieces of record for latest Arm/disarm/alarm
*99 wireless zones, each zone with 4 types (real-time, delay, 24-hour and closed) of choice to setup;
*1-16 wireless zones and all wired zones SMS text support user define;
*Support 3 groups of timing Arm/disarm, which can select week info;
* Support 3 groups of timing reminding, which can select week info;
* Call 6 phone numbers and send 2 SMS numbers after alarm triggered;
*10-second voice message recording;
* Remote control Arm, Disarm, Monitor, and Intercom by phone;
*Wireless coding: easy to add additional wireless accessories;
*2 wired inputs and 1 relay output;
* Automatically adjust system time with GSM base.
Standard pack components

Main panel1  pc
Door contact1  pc
PIR sensor1  pc
Mini wired siren1  pc
Remote controls2  pcs
Power adapter1  pc
User manual1  pc


Main panel

Input voltageDC12V/ 1.2A
Standby current<80mA
Alarming current<450mA
GSM band850/900/1800/1900MHz
Wireless frequency433MHz±0.5MHz
Wireless receiving sensitivity5mV/m
Working Temperature0ºC~+40ºC
Humidity≤90% ( no fog)

Packaging Dimension and Weight
Packaging Method:

1 set into one gift box

22 Gift boxes into one carton



Packaging Dimension and Weight

Gift box:  G.W.(kg): 1.1 kgs     Size(mm): 22*15.6*10cm


Carton:  G.W.(kg): 24kg     Size(mm): 56*37*46cm


SIM 2.1 card
A8p card
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dreambox dm7080
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Sunray SR4 V2
Sunray SR4 800 se

GSM alarm system with LCD display and Voice

products introduction



1. TFT color display with English/Chinese dual language voice menu;

2. Black box function with 30 pieces of record for latest Arm/disarm/alarm

3. 99 wireless zones, each zone with 4 modes (real-time, delay, 24-hour and closed);

4. 1-16 wireless zones and all wired zones SMS text support user define;

5. Support 3 groups of timing Arm/disarm, which can select week info;

6. Support 3 groups of timing reminding, which can select week info;

7. Call 6 phone numbers and send 2 SMS numbers after alarm triggered;

8. 10-second voice message recording;

9. Remote control Arm, Disarm, Monitor, and Intercom by phone;

10. Wireless coding: easy to add additional wireless accessories;

11. 2 wired inputs and 1 relay output;

12. Automatically adjust system time with GSM base.

SIM 2.1 card
A8p card
dreambox dm800 hd se v2
dreambox dm7080
dreambox dm7080
dreambox dm820
dreambox dm7020 hd v2
cheap wholesale dreambox dm800 hd v2

Sunray SR4 V2
Sunray SR4 800 se

Jynxbox LIVE IPTV receiver

Product Description:

Jynxbox IPTV box American channels
1. 1080P HD, Android system
2. 3D movie file format supported
3. with 400+ channels
4. universal USE
5. Plug and play
Jynxbox Live satellite receiver no dish IPTV box American channels supported.
Full HD 1080P
3D movie file format supported
Dual-Core Cortex 1.6GHz A9 processor
Quad-Core Mali 400GHz GPU
4GB NAND Flash
802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
HDMI 1.4a
Optional S/PDIF
RJ-45 Ethernet 10/100Mbps
3X USB 2.0 Port
MircroSD 3.0
IR Remote
Support Audio Format: MP3/WMA/WMV/APE/OGG/FLAC/AAC
Jynxbox satellite receiver no dish IPTV box
1. Full HD 1080P IPTV box
2. Dual-Core Cortex 1.6GHz A9 processor
3. Quad-Core Mali 400GHz GPU
4. 1GB 524MHz DDR3 RAM
5. 4GB NAND Flash
6. support multimedia plug-in from Jynxbox market
7. watch TV online, NO need for satellite dish

1. 3D movie file format supported
2. Dual-Core Cortex 1.6GHz A9 processor
3. Quad-Core Mali 400GHz GPU
4. 1GB 524MHz DDR3 RAM
5. 4GB NAND Flash
6. 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
7. HDMI 1.4a
8. Optional S/PDIF
9. RJ-45 Ethernet 10/100Mbps
10. 3X USB 2.0 Port
11. MircroSD 3.0
12. IR Remote
14. Support Audio Format: MP3/WMA/WMV/APE/OGG/FLAC/AAC
15. Multilingual


Channels List:

Tru TV
ABC Family
Univision sport
Encore Suspense
Azteca America Este
Soap Net
Cine Latino
Baby TV
Encore Action
Comedy Central
CTV Toronto
CBS Seattle
HBO Canada West
Global Montreal
Treehouse TV
ESPN Classic
Discovery Science Channel
ABC Spark
Showcase C
ABC World News
Sports Net Pacific
Disney Junior
TVA Nouvelle
LCN Nouvelle
Movie Time
Playboy Espanol
Playboy TV
Hustler TV
Series PLUS
Cine Pop
Channel i
Life OK TV
BBC American
SIC Noticias
NDTV Good Times
GMA Pinoy TV
Art America
Iqraa TV
ARY Digital USA
Food Network HD
Pasiones Estados
CBC Montreal
Nederland 1
netherland 3
Sport TV 1 HD
Netherland 2
Sport TV 2 HD
iTV 2 UK
BEIN Espagnol
Good Life Israel
Kalaignar TV

dreambox dm800 hd se v2
dreambox dm7080
dreambox dm7080
dreambox dm820
dreambox dm7020 hd v2
cheap wholesale dreambox dm800 hd v2
GigaBlue HD Quad Plus
Sunray SR4 V2
Sunray SR4 800 se

DREAMLINK HD T5 FTA Satellite Receiver

Product Description:

The New DreamLink T5 HD FTA receiver with Factory-Installed Blue DL100 HD module, front channel display, HDMI output, PVR capabilities via USB 2.0 port, built in Lan/Ethernet port. Dreamlink T5 is the fifth version High Definition receiver from DreamLink, replacing the ever so popular Dreamlink HD V4 model.

External USB supporting Timeshifting
MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC (H.264)
Multiple LNB controlled by diseq
All switches supported (SW21,SW44,DPP44
USB 2.0 host support
DVB-S, DVB s2 compliant
Brilliant 65535 colors full resolution screen display
Multi language
Software upgrade via rs232,, and USB
True to life HD, (High definition : HDMI
CVBS output video , audio via RCA
Component, (Y/Pb/Pr), output
Channel sorting by alphabet, transponder
Maximum 10000 channel programmable
Closed caption support
Favourite channel groups
Support extended 7 day EPG
Parental lock
LAN port
Powerful channel control by favorites, lock, skip move
Universal remote control

Packing Includes:
Dreamlink T5 HD receiver 
DL100 Blue Module ( Installed inside)
User’s Manual
Power Adaptor
Factory Retail Box
Universal Remote Control

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