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April 20, 2016

Car Headrest DVD Players With 2 Wireless Joysticks

The Multimedia Headrest System includes two high quality 7″ LCD screens, perfectly housed in fully upholstered headrests with a choice of colours. Both Headrest conceal a neatly hidden inset DVD player and both angle-adjustable screens come with 2 wireless 32 Bit Game Controllers.

In addition, the set transmits FM signals of the soundtrack to your car radio wirelessly, so no matter what car or radio, you can choose to have the sounds in the main system.
The set is compatible with a huge range of cars and is adjustable for width from 4.5″ to 7.75″. Remote controls are supplied for both DVD players/screen. You can add an extra A/V source if you wish. Simple, elegant and with wide compatibility as well as the utter ease of installation and wireless inclusion into your audio system.
All components necessary for first-class multimedia are already permanently integrated into the Headrests. The set consists of two monitor headrests with 2 integrated Region DVD players.
For relaxing and relaxed rear seat entertainment in the car, monitors in the headrests are the best solution because the passengers on the rear seat have these in front of them without straining their necks.
Aside from paying Thousands of Dollars to a Custom Car Audio Shop, This system makes a multimedia-based replacement of the original head rests possible – dismantling them is no problem, either. All components are already permanently integrated into the Headrest.
The set consists of two headrests, each having a Huge 7″” TFT LCD monitor. A Sony Brand Laser Reader in our DVD player is also installed into the headrests. The DVD player plays all common formats such as , , DVD, VCD, SVCD, CD, CD-G, MP3, JPEG, WMA, CD-R, CD-RW, and DVCD formats . Using the integrated RCA A/V inputs and outputs of the DVD players, the monitors can be connected one another to view the same movie or the headrests can be used Individually to watch to different movies.
Both headrests are controlled either by using the control panel on the front side or the two remote controls. The power supply is provided by a 12 V connecting cable that can also be run unseen in the vehicle.
Includes 2 ( a pair ) of Dual channel Wireless Headphones.


Black Case New Headrest DVD Lcd Package with Wireless Controllers: No messy wires everywhere in your car anymore, your children will enjoy the games much more.
Wireless IR headphones: You have the luxury to watch different movies without fights anymore! Phew!
FM Transmitter: Easy to connect to your quality sound system on your car without hassle.
AV in/out: It’s just another convenient thing to connect your AV devices directly
7 inch Sharp TFT LCD screen: Now you can enjoy high quality movies/DVD with this SHARP screen with enough brightness.
USB connectivity, SD/MMC/MS card reader: It provides you the convenience to link with the devices.
Adjustable posts – easy installation: Fits all car seats without problem. they are set at 105mm apart and adjustable to 230mm.



Screen Size:


Watch 2 DVD’s at the same time

Screen Format:

16:9 wide screen
high definition TFT LCD

Or can watch the same DVD on both screens

Video System


Multiple region

Zipper Cover


Protect and cover monitors up when not in use



Color match most of the vehicles seat color



Multiple format supported

FM Transmitter


Listen to audio over car speakers (no wires attached)

Poles Adjustable

From 4.5″ to 7.75″

Adjust to fit most vehicles


32Bit games

Can play double players or single on each headrest.

Full function remote control

2 wireless remote control

No wire

SD, MS, and MMC
3-in-1 card reader


Can connect to other device or more games

USB Port, A/V in and out


Can connect game system or other A/V signals

multi-language menu


English, Spanish and more

Games Controls

2 wireless Joysticks

Can play double players or single on each headrest.

Two IR wireless


Listen to audio without messing around

Package Included

2 x headrest 7″ LCD monitor
2 x all-region DVD player
2 x DVD covers
2 x Game Discs
2 x Remote Controls
2 x Wireless Game controllers
2 x Wireless IR headphones English manuals Power and other wiring harness.

Additional Information:

We guarantee that your Headrest DVD Lcd Package will be completely working and operational or we will issue you with an immediate replacement. In addition, we offer a 3 month unconditional replacement warranty.

CARAVAN is our registered brand in China and other countries. The brand consists of three parts: CAR+AV+AN.It indicates that this is an audio/video system in car. We are a leading manufacturer for IN CAR ENTERTAINEMNT products in China. CARAVAN is a fashion, technology leading brand for younger in the world.

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April 18, 2016

Car Headrest Monitors High Resolution Touch Buttons

TFT LCD Screen Car Headrest Monitors High Resolution Touch Buttons



10.1 Inch TFT LED Woden Screen Multi – Language High Resolution Car Headrest Monitors With Touch Buttons

1)Model No.:HR1107-PAKG(Headrest Monitor)
2)10.1″ TFT LCD screen,A grade new panel
3)High resolution,480(W)X3(RGB)X234(H)
5)Display Mode: 16:9 wide view angle
6)English OSD menu,Multi-language support
7)Two way AV input

10.1″ TFT-LCD Monitor Is an Easy Solution to Bring Multimedia to Your Vehicle
The KIT is a 10.1-inch LCD monitor for your passenger-seat headrest. Time-consuming or expensive installations aren’t necessary here – simply replace your passenger seat headrest with the unit, and your passengers can enjoy movies, music, and more, on a brilliant wide-screen high resolution monitor.

These units come in three colors (Black, Gray, and Tan) to match your car’s interior.

source from : www.cardvdonline.com

Find out how our RCA connectors work
The kit comes with one set of video and audio inputs, and two separate video input cables. You can connect a videogame console, iPod, or Blu-ray Player — anything that uses composite video — to the player.

Using the additional video input cables, you can also hook up an additional device to the monitor and switch between them as desire goes.

Watch Movies and Listen to Music with Wireless Headphones
The kit also has a built-in IR transmitter, which lets you watch movies with IR-compatible wireless headphones — so everyone can enjoy the ride in peace and quiet.


And More!

Full-Function Wireless Remote
A full-function wireless remote is included, so you can change channels and adjust settings without having to get out of your seat. It’s so powerful it even works from the front seat!


Built-in Monitor Controls
You can also tweak your monitor’s display using the built-in monitor controls. Too much contrast? Not enough saturation? No problem! Just use the included full-function remote to wirelessly adjust your monitor’s settings so you can get a picture that’s perfect for you.

Product Description
On long trips, it’s important to keep the backseat entertained and the driver comfortable. That’s where this adjustable headrest with built in 10.1″ LCD monitor comes in. The picture on the screen is bright, crisp and accurate, thanks to thehigh resolution, 350:1 contrast ratio, and widescreen 16:9 display ratio. These take two standard RCA inputs, so you can hook up your DVD player, video iPod, or video game console with ease. A full function remote control provides complete wireless access to your monitor’s settings. The kids will enjoy themselves in the backseat and you’ll be comfortable and safe in the front knowing a headrest will protect you. A 3.5mm jack on the front allows you to easily connect an iPod or MP3 player. These monitors are also compatible with IR wireless headphones, so you can enjoy peace of quiet while the backseat has a blast. Best of all, these headrests are easy to install, and fit in many car and SUV models. Color: tan.


CARAVAN is our registered brand in China and other countries. The brand consists of three parts: CAR+AV+AN.It indicates that this is an audio/video system in car. We are a leading manufacturer for IN CAR ENTERTAINEMNT products in China. CARAVAN is a fashion, technology leading brand for younger in the world.


Headrest Monitor DVD player For Audi, Lexus, Bmw 10.1 Inch 24 Bit A8 Auo Android 4.1 Digital Screen

Active Headrest monitor For Audi, Lexus, BMW 10.1 inch 24 Bit A8 AUO Android 4.1 Digital Screen

1)10.1 inch AUO digital screen(Android active headrest monitor)
2)High definition panel:1280(W)*3(RGB)*800(H)
3)24 bit true color/ LED low power consumption backlight
4)10 points capacitive touch screen
5)Powerful A8 platform
6)1.3G Frequency+ DSP (dual-core)
7)Android 4.1
8)Built-in 16GB FLASH storage
9)Camera: 200 million pixels / autofocus
10)Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
11)Support 3G-USB modem
12)Micro-SD (H) / 256MB-32GB class2/4/6/8 compatible
14)Audio/Video output to slave monitor
15)Exclusive Models for Audi,Lexus,BMW


CARAVAN is our registered brand in China and other countries. The brand consists of three parts: CAR+AV+AN.It indicates that this is an audio/video system in car. We are a leading manufacturer for IN CAR ENTERTAINEMNT products in China. CARAVAN is a fashion, technology leading brand for younger in the world.

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