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June 14, 2017

10 inch 1080P clip-on Rear-Seat Touch screen DVD Player

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With Touch panel
Slot-in DVD loader
CD-R/MP3/JPEG/Kodak Picture CD..
9″ Display Resolution:800(W)*3(RGB)*480(H)
10.1″ Display Resolution:1024(W)*3(RGB)*600(H)
Built-in IR Trasmitter for wireless IR headphone
Built-in FM Transmitter (FM87.7-107.5MHZ)
Built-in USB/SD/Dual speaker
Multi- language OSD:English,French,Spanish,Arabian,
Available colors:Black,Beige,Grey


June 7, 2017

Cadre collects $65 million in Series C funding

a three-year-old, New York-based real estate startup, has raised $65 million in Series C funding led by Andreessen Horowitz.

Famed VC Jim Breyer of Breyer Capital also joined the round, along with the Ford Foundation, General Catalyst Partners, Goldman Sachs, Khosla Ventures, and Thrive Capital.

Ryan Williams, a Goldman Sachs and Blackstone alum, cofounded Cadre along with Joshua Kushner and Jared Kushner. The brothers are part of a renowned New York real estate family; Joshua is now a full-time venture capitalist and Jared is now better-known as the son-in-law of, and White House senior advisor to, President Trump.

Cadre, which aims to make it easier for family offices, endowments and other moneyed investors to invest in real estate using technology, had closed its Series B round with $50 million in January of 2016. It had raised $18.3 million in Series A funding in 2015.

Williams appeared on stage at TechCrunch’s New York Disrupt event several weeks ago; he said that while Cadre today services wealthy investors, he believes that over time, Cadre can grow to serve a more diverse group of customers.

Meanwhile, the deal marks the latest in small but growing string of real-estate-related bets for Andreessen Horowitz, whose general partner (and former OpenTable CEO) Jeff Jordan led the deal.

Nearly two years ago, the Sand Hill Road firm brought aboard serial entrepreneur Alex Rampell as a general partner to focus on fintech, including as it relates to real estate as a new asset class.

One of Rampell’s earlier bets is Point, a two-year-old startup that invites homeowners to sell a fraction of their home to long-term investors. Point founder Eddie Lim appeared on stage with Williams last month at Disrupt. You can check out that sit-down below.
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Hikvision Ip camera

Source: Uber harassment findings result in 20+ fired after 215 claims investigated; a separate Eric Holder-led probe has sent recommendations to board

Uber has hired well-regarded management academic Frances Frei as its first SVP of leadership and strategy, in a high-profile bid to make a series of changes inside the troubled car-hailing company to turn around what many consider a broken organization.

Frei will commute to San Francisco from Cambridge, Mass. — where she has worked at Harvard Business School and lives with her wife and children. Her charge is broad, with everything from training managers and top executives, to helping human resources head Liane Hornsey with recruiting and creating a zero-tolerance policy on sexual harassment, to turning CEO Travis Kalanick into the kind of executive that befits a company that is worth close to $70 billion and on a path to IPO.

Frei, who is the author of “Uncommon Service: How to Win by Putting Customers at the Core of Your Business,” has been consulting with Uber for several months already, and said she was enticed to come on full-time because of the major challenges the company faces.

“[Uber] feels for me, given all the bad circumstances, as sanded, and that it is ready to have some education painted on it,” she said in an interview this morning, in what is an arguably unusual metaphor. “My goal is to make this a world-class company that can be proud of itself in the end, rather than embarrassed.”

That embarrassment, in fact, is to come this week, when parts of a report that was delivered last week to only the subcommittee of the board — Arianna Huffington, Bill Gurley and David Bonderman — is likely to become public, at least to employees.

The key figures here are former Attorney General Eric Holder and Tammy Albarran, partners at Uber’s law firm, Covington & Burling, who have been conducting a wide-ranging investigation into the company’s internal culture. According to many sources, Albarran has done much of the heavy lifting in the interviews that have taken place.

Sources also add that the Perkins Coie law firm has been helping with some parts of the investigation, including individual questionable incidents that have resulted in many firings already.

In any case, a redacted version of some sort — likely the recommendations and not the actual findings — is expected to be delivered to employees by Kalanick at some point. There is an all-hands scheduled for tomorrow, but sources said that since so many key figures still have not seen the report, full revelations could take longer to be unveiled.

This timing has also been subject to debate by board members, especially since Kalanick’s mother was killed recently in a boating accident and his father remains in critical condition at a Fresno hospital from the same incident.

Kalanick has been at his father’s bedside most of the time, which is why some thought that there should be a delay in airing the report out to allow him some time to cope with the tragedy. Others think the best action is to keep pressing on, so that the issues raised by the report could be dealt with as soon as possible.

Earlier, the company’s leaders had said that it will release part of the report publicly. Uber confirmed that it intends to make the recommendations public, but could not comment on whether any of the findings will be released.

That’s why there is also a definite external and public relations element to the Frei hiring. Her tenure at HBS has been marked by her role in the famous and somewhat controversial effort to turn around that organization and give it what the New York Times dubbed a “gender makeover, changing its curriculum, rules and social rituals to foster female success.”

Frei herself got some pushback there for her use of the word “unapologetic” about those changes. “The interventions had prompted some students to revolt, wearing ‘Unapologetic’ T-shirts to lacerate Ms. Frei for what they called intrusive social engineering,” wrote Times reporter Jodi Kantor.

Well, Frances, welcome to your biggest challenge ever. That would be Uber of San Francisco, which has been mired in a burgeoning set of controversies around a range of issues that erupted after allegations made in an explosive blog post by former engineer Susan Fowler about sexism and sexual harassment.

Which is to say that a deeply inexperienced, siloed and yes-men management and a culture crack-addicted to breaking the rules, even the good ones, has led to a variety of indiscretions and outright bad behavior that have gone unchecked for far too long. And it’s not just sexism and sexual harassment that rears its always ugly head, but also a sense that too many of those above are just as flawed as those below. Which leaves the feeling that there is no one in charge who can stop it.

If you read Fowler’s piece carefully, it was much more about core management fuck-up-ery at the company, which seems to have been run in a “Game of Thrones” style, than about anything else. While the charges of pervasive sexism and too much sexual harassment are certainly serious, what ails Uber is a corporate structure that needs drastic overhaul.

It’s fair to point out that lots of Silicon Valley companies have had and continue to have these very same issues — from Google to Facebook to Microsoft to Apple. But none has those faults in the kind of unctuous quintessence you find at Uber.

That’s what I discussed with Frei this morning in a long interview about what her role will be, including the optics of bringing in a woman to clean up the mess made largely by its men. I found Frei to be as earnest and indefatigable as her reputation, and quite willing to make trouble, wearing an Uber-branded shirt despite all the negative comments she now gets when people see it.

“I don’t want to be insulated,” she explained, adding that it gives her ample opportunity to hear what people think about Uber. “I can ask everyone for feedback and, especially from drivers, get novel ideas that I pass on to the right team.”

Frei started consulting at Uber from her perch as senior associate dean of executive eduction at HBS, where she worked on expanding the famous business school’s programs in Cambridge and internationally. There she also worked on the process of fixing HBS’s gender-equity problem, and also on things like putting practices in place to put more women on boards.

Her work at Uber increased as she spent more time with Kalanick, she said, especially since it gave her the chance to create a better leadership team.

Frei is not shy in noting that the current one has not been up to snuff. “What has been lacking for him is a team he can rely on,” she said, noting that was Kalanick’s fault, too. “I think that it never made it to the top of the priority list.”

Among things that more experienced execs put in place and Uber top management did not, Frei ticked off: No professional offsites (Note to Frances: Famously wild parties in Miami and Las Vegas do not count), no clear weekly agendas and no clear accountability to each other. Also an issue, a top leadership with far too many vacancies, including CFO, COO, CMO, general counsel and, oh yeah, head of engineering.

And even more issues: Inexperienced and untrained managers throughout the organization, with either too few employees or too many. Uber now has about 3,000 managers for its 14,000 employees, which is a lot, since the ratio is usually one to eight.

Frei said she would focus a lot on coaching and getting people trained. “I want to show people the pebbles in front of them that they might see as boulders and help sweep them away,” she said. “The people who have left have largely attributed it to bad interaction with managers, and that has been unfair to put those managers in place without any training or skills and no development.”

In her strategy job, one challenge is to get execs and employees to row in the same direction. “It should be a good direction, and we have to overcome the ethos of being seen as pioneering,” she said, noting that can degenerate into doing the same thing over and over. “At 14,000 people, there is a question of how much re-pioneering is needed over getting strong systems in place.”

She said that so far in her talks with employees, about “95 percent” of them welcome the fixes, even if a recalcitrant and powerful group of people like things the way they are.

Also on Frei’s plate is diversifying management, which Uber has come to later than other companies. “The path I always see is that companies start out homogeneous and then try to have a diverse group,” she said. “But then they don’t manage it, and it performs worse, unless you also teach the skills of inclusivity.”

The same is true, she said, of Uber’s board, and she is pushing to add more independent members that do not have an employment or financial conflict. “The accountability has to expand to the board,” said Frei.

While she demurs on whether she worried that coming to Uber might hurt her reputation, she insisted that “really awesome people want to come here.” Then she added her reason why: “Honestly, it could go either way … but you could be part of the inflection point of it going even higher.”

Her biggest job for sure is Kalanick, a CEO who has a pugnacious reputation and also an emotional quotient that clearly needs an upgrade. While his type is not uncommon for Silicon Valley, most leaders in his league have evolved — from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to Snap’s Evan Spiegel to Microsoft’s Bill Gates.

“I have spent a lot of time with him, and he has said he wants help and is willing to take it from a leadership team,” said Frei. “We will not win with a silo-maker CEO, and he very readily said, ‘I don’t have all the answers and I need help.’”

While Frei acknowledged that such talk is cheap, she noted that Kalanick has “enormous strengths, and where there are weaknesses, we have to make it up for him … because his problems and problems with the company are identical.”

She noted that getting the notoriously singular Kalanick to rely on others is a challenge (and to stop him, in my humble opinion, from relying on his bro-pals).

“I think the key is a really strong leadership team; that he uses them and then he can do what he chooses to do,” said Frei. “But I have yet to meet a person who wants to evolve at a faster rate.”

Frei said that the standing issues around sexism and sexual harassment are Uber’s most glaring problem, caused in part by an absence of constraints. “What I stand for is super clear,” she said. “On my watch, if there is something like that is going on, there will be swift and strong action.”

Step one, she said, was to “make it discussable and have processes,” which Uber had inexplicably not done. “Sexual harassment creeps in and it never creeps out,” she said. “It is an organizational manifestation we have, and we just can’t have, even if there is just one … the best organizations are ones built for women to thrive.”

So why should anyone believe her or anyone declaring change is afoot at Uber, when its history tells a different story?

“We need to take repeated action, and I don’t think words can fix that other than continued observation of good behavior,” said Frei. “It is going to take a while for everyone to believe — some believe on faith, some on evidence.”

Her goal for the company, Frei said, is the same as she has for Kalanick: “He and Uber can wobble, but not fall down.”

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dreambox dm900
Headrest DVD player
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DLP HD projector
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Naviskauto Headrest DVD
Hikvision Ip camera

March 29, 2017

9 inch Interchangeable skins HD headrest DVD

9 inch Interchangeable skins HD headrest DVD



9″ Interchangeable skins HD headrest DVD
1)Slot in and super slim design HDMI
2)Display Resolution:800(W)*3(RGB)*480(H)
3)Built-in dual IR and FM Transmitter
5)Sanyo lens
6)Display mode:16:9/4:3
7)Support USB/TF-SD card/Game/Speaker
8)One way AV input and one way AV output
9)Multi-language OSD: English, French, Spanish, Arabian…
10)Power supply: DC 12V
11)Available colors: Black,Grey and Beige
12)With Slide up and down detachable bracket
13)Interchangeable Color Skins for Universal Vehicle Application

March 17, 2017

Touch Special Car DVR Camera Mirror GPS Bluetooth 16GB Android 4.4 Dual Lens FHD 1080p Video Recorder Dash Cam

7″ Сенсорный  скрин  DVR Камера зеркало  GPS блютуз 16GB Android 4.4 двойной  Lens FHD 1080p Видеорегистратор 
 source from:
7 дюймов дисплей со сенсорным скрином 
Этот DVR поддерживает  2 разделёнными скринами дисплея. GPS навигация и рекорд видео показан одновременно на 7-дюймом скрине. Он также поддерживает  воспроизведение видео. Докажет свою невиноватость в секунды, оставаясь на дороге.
Произведён с операционной системой  Android 4.4 
Произведён с RAM1GB+ROM 16GB внутренним хранением, у него около  0.8GB доступный  для  установки приложений, и около 12GB доступный  для хранения данных.
Рекорд видео HD 1080P 
Рекорд HD видео в форме 1080P. 25mm Широкий угол  фронтальной камеры, захватит все действия в кристально-чистом HD видео. Видео и аудио автоматически записываются в бесконечном цикле и сохраняются в карте памяти. Записывает дорожные аварии, живописные путешествия, неожиданные моменты или любое достойное видео в социальной жизни.
Двойной Lens, двойной регистратор
У этого DVR есть 2 камеры, которая записывает видео одновременно с 2 разного угола. Дисплей изображения в изображении позволит вам иметь чёткий вид спереди и сзади камеры. Когда автомобиль в обратном движении, этот  DVR будет автоматически переключаться в резервное изображение камеры просмотра с парковкой. 
 headrest monitor
Блютуз : 
Позвоните без-рук, легко помогает вашему вождению безопаснее. 
О Навигации GPS: 
Подробнее карта с бесплатным обновлением 
Это устройство со светлым 7.0″ дисплем с подробной картой. Вместе с  бесплатным обновлением в целой жизни, ваш маршрут необходимо  отображать самые современные карты, POIs (points of interest) и информация навигации. 
О монтажа :
Универсальный кронштейн подходит к всех типам автомобиля.

February 24, 2017

Hikvision announce Turbo HD integration with Milestone XProtect Device Pack 8.9

January 6, 2017 Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier in innovative video surveillance products and solutions, has announced that their family of Turbo HD analogue solutions can now be integrated with Milestone’s XProtect Device Pack 8.9 VMS software.

As a result of working with Milestone to kerui alarm achieve optimal interaction between disparate manufacturers’ devices, Hikvision’s Full HD analogue encoder DS-6700HQHI-SATA series can now be fully integrated into Milestone’s XProtect open platform networked video management software (VMS). While the Hikvision encoder supports HDTVI signal input, this means that Hikvision’s entire Turbo HD range of cameras can be supported to provide an integrated Milestone controlled Hikvision based system.

Hikvision Turbo HD.jpg“Hikvision’s Turbo HD sunray 800 hd se is now amongst the analogue Full HD encoders to be integrated within Milestone’s VMS software,” says Jens Berthelsen, Partner Alliance Manager at Hikvision. “This is a major step for Milestone customers who can now access Hikvision Turbo HD device support and functionality to get the utmost to enhance their security installations’ performance.”
Hikvision Turbo HD Analogue Solution enables existing coaxial-cable based CCTV systems to be upgraded to high-definition surveillance with simple and cost-effective installation.

Alongside the news of Milestone XProtect Device Pack 8.9 support, in January 2017, Hikvision will be introducing their expanded Turbo HD family, which will feature a full range of Hikvision analogue cameras at 5MP resolution, longer transmission distances, increased signal capacity, and more versatile products for different vertical markets.

To learn more about Hikvision’s video surveillance products and solutions, visit their booth at INTERSEC Dubai, # SA-A12.

About Milestone Systems
Milestone Systems is a global industry leader in open platform IP video management software, founded in 1998 and now operating as a stand-alone company in the Canon Group. Milestone technology is easy to manage, reliable and proven in thousands of customer installations, providing flexible choices in network hardware and integrations with other systems. Sold through partners in more than 100 countries, Milestone solutions help organizations to manage risks, protect people and assets, optimize processes and reduce costs.

About Hikvision
Hikvision is the world’s leading supplier of video surveillance solutions. Featuring the industry’s strongest R&D workforce, Hikvision uses its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to design and develop innovative CCTV and video surveillance products for any security need. For more information, please visit Hikvision’s website at www.hikvisionstores.com

Hikvision to Establish R&D Centre in Montreal and Research Institute in Silicon Valley

Feb. 15, 2017 Hikvision, the worldwide leader in innovative, award-winning video surveillance products and solutions, today announced that Hikvision plans to establish an R&D Centre in Montreal, Canada and a Research Institute in California’s Silicon Valley, California.


“These two major investments underscore Hikvision’s R&D globalisation strategy and the commitment to providing innovative, cutting-edge technology products tailored to the needs of our worldwide partners and customers,” Yangzhong Hu, CEO of Hikvision said.


Expected to open in 2017, the Montreal Hikvision R&D Centre will focus on engineering development. The Silicon Valley Hikvision Research Institute will focus on broad technology research.


Montreal is an ideal location for the new R&D Centre because of its excellent talent pool and business-friendly environment. Likewise, the high-tech hub of Silicon Valley is the logical location for the Hikvision Research Institute.


Based in Hangzhou, China, Hikvision store has more than 8,000 R&D engineers, one of the largest in the video surveillance industry, and it dedicates about 7 percent of its revenues to R&D. The R&D Centre and Research Institute in North American will be the first established outside of China. This move is “part of Hikvision’s global strategy to advance its local support and service in regions outside of China,” said Hu.

more info:


February 17, 2017

inch Android 5.1.1 Rear-seat Entertainment System

inch Android monitor 5.1.1 Rear-seat Entertainment System

10.1″ Ultra-thin Touch Screen Android Headrest Player
1)10.1 inch digital screen  hikvision ip camera
2)High definition panel:1280 * RGB * 800
3)24 bit true color/ LED low power consumption backlight
4)Multi-points capacitive touch screen
5)Powerful ARM Cotex-A53 platform
6)1G DDR3 (dual-core)
7)Android 5.0
8)Built-in 16GB FLASH storage
10)Support Wi-Fi
11)Support MHL/HDMI
12) Micro-SD (H):Max: 64G
13) USB2.0 Host* 2,1080p decode
14)Audio/Video output to slave monitor
15) Built in IR/FM transmitter
16) Built in dual speakers
17)Power supply:DC 12V

November 9, 2016

Flip Down TFT LED Monitor with USB/SD/IR/FM/HDMI

  • 17.3 inch Flip Down TFT LED Monitor with USB/SD/IR/FM/HDMI
  • 17.3 inch Flip Down TFT LED Monitor with USB/SD/IR/FM/HDMI
  • 17.3 inch Flip Down TFT LED Monitor with USB/SD/IR/FM/HDMI
  • 17.3 inch Flip Down TFT LED Monitor with USB/SD/IR/FM/HDMI

17.3 inch Flip Down TFT LED Monitor with USB/SD/IR/FM/HDMI

2)Display Mode: 16:9 wide view screen3)resolution: 1920 X 1080

4)2 ways video inputs, 1 Audio input
5)Built in IR transmitter

6) Built-in FM Transmitter

7) with HDMI Input

with USB/SD-MP5

9) with built-in Speakers

10)Built in LED lights
11)3 colors available:Beige,Black,Grey

Zgemma star H.2S

kerui alarm

Vu Solo 4K with Twin Tuners
Vu+ Solo 4K with four Tuners
Vu+ Solo2 with Twin Tuners
Vu Duo2 with Twin Tuners
DM800 HD SE V2
DM500 HD
VU+Solo2 White IPTV Linux Receiver
VU+Solo Se V2 Satellite Receiver
VU+Solo Pro V3
Mag254 IPTV Box
HeroBox EX4 HD with 3 Tuners
HeroBox EX3 HD with 3 Tuners
HeroBox EX2 HD
X Solo Mini 3 Receiver
Zgemma Star H.2S BOX
Zgemma Star H.2H BOX

Zgemma Star 2S BOX


SR4 Triple tuners with A8P Card
SR4 Triple tuners with SIM2.10 Card
DM800 HD SE-SIM2.2 v2 sat receiver
DM800SE A8P card sat receiver
DM800SE A8P card receiver with wifi
DM800SE SIM 2.10 sat receiver
DM800SE SIM 2.10 cable receiver
White DM800SE SIM 2.1 sat receiver
DM800SE A8P card cable receiver
DM800SE twin Tuner sat receiver
White DM800SE A8P sat receiver
DM800 HD PVR sat receiver
DM800 HD PVR cable receiver
DM500 HD satellite receiver

October 6, 2016

Android HD Rearseat car Headrest player headrest Monitor Touch Screen

Product Description

1)10.1 inch AUO digital screen
2)High definition panel:1280(W)*3(RGB)*800(H)
3)24 bit true color/ LED low power consumption backlight
4)10 points capacitive touch screen
5)Powerful A8 platform

sunray sr4
6)1.3G Frequency+ DSP (dual-core)
7)Android 4.1
8)Built-in 16GB FLASH storage
9)Camera: 200 million pixels / autofocus
10)Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
11)Support 3G-USB modem
12)Micro-SD (H) / 256MB-32GB class2/4/6/8 compatible
14)Audio/Video output to slave monitor
15)universal models for Land rover, Porsche,Cadilac etc.. luxurious cars






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