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ll 9 inch HD LCD Screen Portable Car Headrest DVD Monitor Player 800*480 Support USB/HDMI/RCA/IR/FM 3 Colors

Сюрприз: Купите данный товар, подарим вам 1 шту. IR наушники и 1 шту. устройство чтения карт!!!
1)Введённый и супер- тонкий дизайн  HDMI
2)Разрешение дисплея: 800(W)*3(RGB)*480(H)
3)Произведён с двойными IR и FM передатчиками 
4)Воспроизведение: MPEG4/DVD/DVCD/DVD+R/DVD-RW+…
5)Sanyo линза
6)Форма дисплей:16:9/4:3
7)Поддерживает USB/TF-SD карту/игры/спикер
8)1 способ входа AV  и 1 способ  выхода AV 
9)Разные языки для OSD: По английски, по французки, по испански, по арабски…
10)Поддержка энергии: DC 12V
11)Доступный цвет: Чёрный, Бежевый и Серый
12)Со съёмным кронштейном, который может скользить вверх и вниз
13)Взаимозаменяемый Цвет Оболочков для  Универсального применения транспортных средств
В упаковке включает: 1 монитор + 1 дистанционное управление + 1 рукоятка для игров + 1 диск для игров + 1 кронштейн и т. д 
DV9517 1
DV9517 2

inch Android 5.1.1 Rear-seat Entertainment System

inch Android monitor 5.1.1 Rear-seat Entertainment System

10.1″ Ultra-thin Touch Screen Android Headrest Player
1)10.1 inch digital screen  hikvision ip camera
2)High definition panel:1280 * RGB * 800
3)24 bit true color/ LED low power consumption backlight
4)Multi-points capacitive touch screen
5)Powerful ARM Cotex-A53 platform
6)1G DDR3 (dual-core)
7)Android 5.0
8)Built-in 16GB FLASH storage
10)Support Wi-Fi
11)Support MHL/HDMI
12) Micro-SD (H):Max: 64G
13) USB2.0 Host* 2,1080p decode
14)Audio/Video output to slave monitor
15) Built in IR/FM transmitter
16) Built in dual speakers
17)Power supply:DC 12V

Flip Down TFT LED Monitor with USB/SD/IR/FM/HDMI

Alphabet Taps Brakes on Drone Project, Nixing Starbucks Partnershi

The latest Google drones have just started taking flight in the real world. But the team behind the technology is slowing down, trimming headcount and shelving initiatives as the experimental unit becomes the latest target of tightening budgets across parent company Alphabet Inc.

Project Wing, a unit of Alphabet’s X research lab, nixed a partnership with coffee giant Starbucks Corp., according to people familiar with the decision. Following the departure of project leader Dave Vos in October, the unit also froze hiring and began asking some staff to seek jobs elsewhere in the company, according to some of those people. They asked not to be identified speaking about private company moves.  sunray 800 hd se

The decisions are part of a broader Alphabet effort to rein in spending and try to turn more experimental projects from loss-making risky bets into real businesses. Drones are in a particularly knotty place. U.S. federal regulation does not yet allow for delivery, except in select test zones. However, Alphabet’s deceleration comes as other technology companies, including Inc., plow money into drone delivery.

“Project Wing has the potential to remove a big chunk of the friction in how physical things are moved around in the world,” a spokeswoman for X wrote in an e-mail. “What we’re doing now is developing the next phase of our technology, and as always are thinking in a very broad way about all the potential use cases for delivery by unmanned aerial systems.”

In August, Project Wing won approval for test flights at a U.S. site, part of a White House effort to encourage unmanned vehicle delivery. Then in September, Alphabetannounced a new foray: a partnership with Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. to deliver food via drone at Virginia Tech.

Robotic burrito drop-offs are a far cry from Google’s initial aims. The unit first wanted to deploy drones to deliver health-care items, such as medicine and heart defibrillators. After those plans were scrapped, the unit moved to food and other perishables.

Alphabet was in advanced talks with Starbucks and had tested delivery with the coffee-chain operator, according to two people familiar with the plans. Those plans were nixed, largely over disagreements about the access to customer data that Alphabet wanted, according to a former X employee.

A Starbucks representative didn’t respond to a request for comment on Tuesday.

Similarly, the unit was in talks to provide suburban grocery delivery in Ireland, where drone rules are less stringent than in the U.S. Amazon’s Prime Air service, a competing effort to use unmanned vehicles, announced it was testing with the British governmentthis summer.

GoPro recalls all 2,500 Karma drones sold, offers full refund, says some units lose power during operation —

As most of the world focuses on the US presidential election tonight, GoPro just announced a recall of its first-ever drone, the $799 Karma. Approximately 2,500 Karma units sold since October 23rd (meaning all of them) are impacted. GoPro says “in a very small number of cases, Karma units lost power during operation.” Thus far, there have been no reports of injuries or property damage because of the defect. kerui alarm

Recalled Karma drones can be returned to GoPro directly or wherever they were purchased originally for a full refund. For now, the company won’t be offering any exchanges for a fixed model; you’ll have to wait until shipments resume “as soon as the issue is resolved.”

GoPro executives addressed production issues surrounding the Karma during last week’s earnings call, but didn’t mention any plans for a recall or the power issue at Zgemma star H.2S the time. “We are working in close coordination with both the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and Federal Aviation Administration,” said CEO Nick Woodman in a statement from tonight’s press release. “We are very sorry to have inconvenienced our customers and we are taking every step to make the return and refund process as easy as possible.”  sunray 800 hd se

The recall is a significant setback for GoPro as it attempts to challenge leader DJI in the drone business, and it follows a bruising financial quarter for the action cam maker.

15.6 inch Caravan Flip Down monitor DVD player Roof Mount LCD Monitor Super Slim

15.6″ Car Flip Down Roof Monitor1920*1080 LED Dome Light


2)Display Mode: 16:9 wide view screen

3)resolution: 1920 x 1080
4)2 ways video inputs, 1 Audio input
5)Built in IR transmitter 6

6)Built-in FM Transmitter

7)with HDMI Input

8)with USB/SD-MP5

9) with built-in Speakers
10)Built in LED lights
11)3 colors available:Beige,Black,Grey

(Please mark the colour as you require on the paypal’s note when you checkout . We will deliver the goods ASAP after we confirm the color. Thanks.)

CARAVAN is our registered brand in China and other countries. The brand consists of three parts: CAR+AV+AN.It indicates that this is an audio/video system in car. We are a leading manufacturer for IN CAR ENTERTAINEMNT products in China. CARAVAN is a fashion, technology leading brand for younger in the world.



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7 inch HD LED Dvd Player

New 7 inch Universal HD LED Dvd Player USB/SD/Wireless Games Super Slim design


  •  DVD player
  •  Super-slim design
  • Digital technique, sharp image and no interference
  •  Dual IR Transmitter
  •  Audio/video input and output
  •  Full function remote control
  •  USB/SD/wireless games
  •  Built-in speakers
  •  Available Colors:Black,Beige,Gray (Please mark the color  you require on the Paypal note when you checkout . We will deliver the goods ASAP after we confirm the color. Thanks.)
  • Size of screen: 7 inch
  • Pixel: 800×3(RGB)×480
  • Rated voltage: DC12V(voltage range:10V-14V)
  • Power: about 10W

Package Content:

1*Headrest Monitor Screen

1*Power Signal Cable

1*Power Cable

1*Cigarette Lighter

1*Remote control 

1*Game Disc

1* Gamepad

1*User Manual

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9 inch Car Headrest DVD Player with DVD/SD/USB/IR/FM/Games/Joysticks

9 inch Car Headrest DVD Player with DVD/SD/USB/IR/FM/Games/Joysticks
1)Model No.:DV9823BG-PAKG
2)9″ HD LED screen,A grade new Innolux digital panel
3)High resolution,800(W)X3(RGB)X480(H)
5)Display Mode: 16:9 wide view angle
7)With Sony lens
8)Can change leather zipper cover easily
9)Built-in 8 bit and 32 bit Game function,wireless joysticks included
10)With USB port and SD card slot(supports 8GB-16GB capacity)
11)Built in dual IR transmitter
12)Built in FM transmitter
13)Built in Dual powerful speakers
14)English OSD menu,Multi-language support
15)3 colors available:Beige,Black,Grey

DV9823BG-PAKG Easy Way to Give Your Car Full Media Capabilities.
The DV9823BG-PAKG is a 9 inch LCD adjustable headrest monitor with built-in DVD player and more. Thanks to its ingenious design, you can watch DVDs, listen to MP3s, and even play video games on it — you’ll have a ready-built entertainment system that just slides right onto your car seat.
Simply put, the DV9823BG-PAKG is an easy way to give your friends and family everything they need to make long car trips fun, and it displays pictures in a crystal-clear 800 x 480 resolution, which means you get superior video quality at a great value. Available in three colors (Black, Gray, and Tan) to match your car’s interior. It can be swived to hide the screen inside and provide sun protection when it’s not in use.

Your friends and family can play 32 exciting videogames, so you’ll never run out of things to do
Comes With 32 Videogames and Wireless Controller
Featuring classic-style arcade games, platformers, and more, your passengers can play 32 action-packed videogames using the wireless controller that comes with the unit.

Supports the Latest Digital Media Technology
With DVD-R/RW, CD-R/RW, and MP3/MP4 playback, you can watch movies and listen to music recorded right off your computer — and with DivX support, you can enjoy your recorded movies in one of the highest-quality video formats available.

Find out how our RCA connectors work
The DV9823BG-PAKG supports SD Cards and USB flash drives, so you can quickly load music and movies from your computer or other devices onto your card and play them back with ease. Just insert the card into the SD slot and you’ll have access to a wealth of entertainment options, all on one tiny disk.

More Ways to Listen to Your Player
Play the DV9823BG-PAKG through Your Car’s Speaker System – All It Takes Is a Click of the Button
You can use the DV9823BG-PAKG through your car’s audio system without the hassle or cost of connecting the player to your car’s speaker system. Thanks to the built-in FM transmitter, all you need to do is tune to a radio station, and your entire vehicle can enjoy what’s being played.

Watch Movies and Listen to Music with Wireless Headphones
The DV9823BG-PAKG also has a built-in IR transmitter, which lets you watch movies with IR-compatible wireless headphones — so everyone can enjoy the ride in peace and quiet.
SUNRAY DM800 HD PVR receiver.
SUNRAY DM800 HD SE Twin Tuner
SUNRAY DM800 hd Pro
Rearview Mirror DVR
Car DVD player

Car rearview camera

alarm security system
dreambox dm7080
headrest dvd player
dreambox dm7080
dreambox dm820
dreambox dm7020 hd v2
Sunray SR4 V2
Sunray SR4 800 se
Sunray SR4 hd se

Multiple RCA Connectors Let You Create a Mobile Entertainment System
The DV9823BG-PAKG comes with two video inputs and one set of stereo audio inputs. The extra video input cable lets you use your in-dash DVD player to play movies through the DV9823BG-PAKG, so the entire vehicle can watch the same movie, while audio is played through the vehicle’s speakers. You can also connect a videogame console, iPod, or Blu-ray Player — anything that uses composite video — to the player at the same time.

USB Car Air Cleaner Purifier Portable Mini Hepa Filter Ionizer Freshener





car and home air purifier, air ionizer, air cleaner,Negative ions car air purifier
1. With HEPA can remove PM2.5
2. Decrease radiation and protect eyesight
3. Activate the physical strength and prevent diseases
4. Remove the smoke and dust and fresh the air
5. Anions improve metabolism, keep air fresh and relieve fatigue

Application: For car use or Home
· Just inserts it in the cigarette lighter and the air purifier works immediately. The advanced anions purification technology is applied to purify air pollutants in the car, such as road exhaust, particulates, dust, smoke, molds, pollen, allergen
· Suit for all cigarette lighters of DC5V/12V
Package Included:

1 x USB Charger line

1 x Car air cleaner

1 x Charcoal

Wireless Infrared Headphones with Changeable Colorful Cover

Wireless Infrared Headphones with Changeable Colorful Cover


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1)Pair in new boxes,2 channel wireless headphone
2)Fashion design,can change to different color covers
3)360degree capture for IR signal
4)Effective range of up to 33Ft./10 meters
5)3.5mm wired input(optional)
6)Variable volume control knob
7)Competitable with any wireless IR system
8)Adjustive headband Battery power sourse
9)Volume control with scroll knob built-in

H386 (1)

H386 (2)

H386 (4)

H386 (6)
SUNRAY DM800 HD PVR receiver.
SUNRAY DM800 HD SE Twin Tuner
SUNRAY DM800 hd Pro
Rearview Mirror DVR
Car DVD player

Car rearview camera

alarm security system
dreambox dm7080
headrest dvd player
dreambox dm7080
dreambox dm820
dreambox dm7020 hd v2
Sunray SR4 V2
Sunray SR4 800 se
Sunray SR4 hd se

H386-Zipper bag (1)

H386-Zipper bag (2)

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