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May 3, 2018

Xi an thousand Drons displane “garbled” expert: or for the procedure question

May 1, just set the “largest number of unmanned aircraft formation performance,” The Guinness World Record of the UAV Performance Team, in a named “Spring Dance, Xi ‘ an UAV performance, but because of” garbled “into embarrassment.

In charge of the activities of the XI ‘ an city wall management committee staff told the Beijing Youth Daily News reporter, the Guinness Book of World Records was created in the April 29 rehearsal, May 1 performance scene does appear to show the unsatisfactory situation, the current technical team is looking for the cause of the problem.

1374 UAV performance is “garbled” On the evening of May 1, the “Spring Dance Big XI ‘ an” performance event was held at the South Gate cultural Etiquette Plaza of Xi ‘ an city wall.

That night in the first two days to set the “largest number of unmanned aircraft formation performance,” The Guinness Book of World Records of the UAV Performance Team, in the scene photos show, the pattern left “garbled.” A member of the public who went to the scene to watch the show told the reporter, about 21:10, the UAV formation began to perform, “I was very excited when the performance began, but did not expect the left part of all ‘ garbled ‘.”

North Green newspaper reporter from the audience to provide the scene photos, the combination of unmanned aircraft “run XI ‘ an” “” 1374 “and Xi ‘ an wall and other patterns appear” garbled “, the left pattern is difficult to identify. Li Changlin’s Black Bat Squadron is responsible for the drone’s aerial performance, he told the North Youth newspaper reporter, the same day, his team’s aircraft on the north side of the drone formation, responsible for filming the back, “I saw from the monitor and the previous rehearsal is not the same, at first thought it is our angle of the problem.”

“Li Changlin said.

Experts: There is a certain probability of procedural problems After the performance, Li Changlin learned from the circle of friends “garbled” situation. “I’m not really familiar with the technical aspects of drone flight, but I guess it could be a signal disturbance,” he said. “Li Changlin told the news reporter, May 1 performance, his team’s machine also received signal interference,” the rehearsal of our filming are very clear, but May 1 I sometimes can not see the monitor, only directly to see the plane.

” A person who has had the experience of flying unmanned aerial vehicles in the industry told the North Green newspaper reporter, from the scene picture, the appearance of such “garbled” may be due to inaccurate positioning or error caused by the internal program. “Positioning is not so timely to get information, there may be a few seconds of delay or a fraction seconds of unresponsive.”

He explains that technologies such as autopilot and drones are inherently imperfect, and there is a certain probability that there are procedural problems. Li Changlin believes that technology such as drones will inevitably encounter some setbacks in the development process, “I think there is no rehearsal, even if he only once fly up, I think it is a challenge to success.”

According to his introduction, April 29 rehearsal all unmanned aircraft not only all fly up, the day performance is also very good, the camera team also made a record.

City wall CMC: Investigating the reason of “garbled” It is understood that the host of the UAV performance is the Guangdong billion Egret Media Technology Co., Ltd., by the XI ‘ an City wall management Committee is responsible for tender. Xi ‘ An City wall management committee a staff member told the North Green newspaper reporter, May 1 performance show is really not ideal, the current technical team is testing, to find the cause of the problem. The staff member says it is not yet certain that a netizen is questioning whether he or she is being disturbed by the signal.

According to the staff, the drone flight when the location is not accurate problem is more common, because the UAV once airborne, unable to carry out human control, can only follow the procedure. One of the most important items of the drone show is challenging the Guinness Book of World Records. The staff member told the North Youth newspaper that the minor challenge was “the largest number of unmanned aircraft formations”, one of which required 1374 drones to take off simultaneously. 1374 This group of figures represents the total perimeter of the 13.74 km to date the oldest and most well-preserved ancient city wall of Xian. “The record was successfully applied at the rehearsal on April 29 and the ceremony was performed on May 1,” he added. “The official told reporters that the Guinness World Record certification date and the date of the license are April 29

“All-City Hot practice” Shi jia zhuang FPV Drone Racing, Cross machine racing tournament may

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Unmanned aerial vehicles for emerging events May 1, “The city’s Hot practice” Shijiazhuang unmanned aircraft, crossing machine Racing League Vanke station competition in Vanke Jade Park Kick-off.

Shijiazhuang unmanned aircraft crossing machine Racing League by the Shijiazhuang Municipal Sports Bureau, Shijiazhuang City Sports Association guidance, Hebei Horse Sports Technology Co., Ltd. hosted a total of 6 stations this year, Vanke station competition-led station.


In addition to the event to include Shijiazhuang high level of unmanned aircraft, but also attracted from Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei more than 160 unmanned aircraft enthusiasts to participate in the elite group and experience group of two groups, including the elite team to use the crossing machine, experience group of players using drones.

During the exciting race, several drones flew in a space that was well fenced, through obstacles, and the operator on the sidelines wearing FPV (first person main view) of the glasses remote control UAV, this novel exciting “play” is known as the “aerial f1” of the Crossing Machine racing competition It is reported that the unmanned aircraft crossing machine Racing competition is a new competition, the contestants are more young people.

Among them, the crossing machine belongs to unmanned aircraft, the highest flying speed of up to 280 kilometers. In Europe and the United States, a large-scale drone race can bring billions of dollars in income. China launched the drone race in recent years, and the first national drone racing event was held in 2017.

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