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April 25, 2018

The number of Russian drones is over 2000, second only to U.S. troops.

The number of Russian drones is over 2000, second only to U.S. troops. The Pentagon decided to build a new drone corps in the Navy. The Russian armed forces are already the second-most-numerous unmanned aircraft in the world. Since 2011, the number of Russian drones has increased by more than 9 times times. These machines are used for reconnaissance, target instruction, real-time correction of artillery shelling and air raids, and assessment of enemy losses.

The drone force changed the way the Navy and the Air Force fought.

The news reported from the commander of the Navy that the Northern Fleet would try to form the first drone corps and then decide whether to build similar regiments in other fleets. In 2011, the Russian army had 180 unmanned aircraft, some of which were produced by the Soviet Union. In 2015, the Army had more than 1700 new drones. By the end of 2016, the figure had reached 1980. At present, the Navy, the Air Force and the army has 67 unmanned aircraft Company. Experts estimate that the Russian army now has far more than 2000 unmanned aircraft.

In the future, this number will only increase. Military expert Victor Murahovskiy told the news: “With the advent of unmanned aerial vehicles, the strength of the sea and Land Air Force has been strengthened.” Our army has realized the idea of reconnaissance-firing circuit.

” The automated command system centralizes all necessary battlefield information online.

A comprehensive and objective picture helps the command to make decisions quickly and correctly. Russian drones have been baptized in battle.

The drone cluster that fought in Syria has reached 70 to 80. The army is using the following types of drones: “Sea Eagle”-10, “aileron”-ZSV, “Pomegranate”, “Outpost” and “outpost.” They all belong to light or medium drones. The “Outpost” and “outpost” were Israel’s authorized Russian production, but Russia reformed it.

The rest are our own self-developed products. The largest number of these drones is “sea Eagle”-10. It belongs to a medium-sized drone with a radius of 120 km. The drones can install cameras and electronic warfare tools.

It delivers video online, up to 14 hours in the air, and ceiling to 5000 meters. “Sea Eagle” usually two or three formation action.

One of them carried out reconnaissance, one carrying electronic warfare tools and one transmitting video to the base. “Aileron”-zsv and “pomegranate” belong to the light unmanned aerial vehicle, the action radius is 30 kilometers.

They are responsible for tactical terrain reconnaissance, patrolling and participation in search and rescue operations. The Navy is equipped with “outpost” drones. They have greatly expanded the capabilities of the “fortress” and “Prom” land-based missile systems. In the implementation of the anti-airborne task, they can detect the enemy in time to ensure the accuracy of the missile attack.

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