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YOU Make it Happen, no one else.

Not only is this a key rule in online business or any business, but I consider this to be amongst THE most important lessons in life.
NO ONE ELSE can make you successful. It’s all up to you. YOU are the “master of your destiny” and responsible for your own success. Period.

Conversely, there’s not anyone or anything that will make you a failure. It does no good to blame the economy, your education, or whatever bad breaks

you’ve had in your life. Doing so means taking on a victim’s mentality. DON’T EVER DO THIS. I can guarantee you that many thousands of people have

succeeded despite having it much worse, so don’t make excuses and don’t convince yourself that you’re somehow a victim.

And the grass isn’t any greener on the other side either. You have now (or can acquire) everything you need to be successful. Just remember that it’s up

to you and nobody else. Then go out and do it.
Now, for those who might be thinking, “well, that’s easy for you to say”… And You’ve to put in the work every day nomatter how long it take and eventual say successful.


So…it’s not your sponsor. It’s not your upline. It’s not the economy. It’s

not the government. It’s not the compensation plan. It’s not any of these

things or any other obstacles perceived to be in your way. If you want to

become successful, you can go around the obstacles, go over, go under, or go

right through them. Success is yours if you want it, but ONLY YOU control

this. Always remember: “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”
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“I don’t know what my future holds, but I do know who holds my future.”


“I found it easier to get rich than I did to make excuses.”

-Jim Rohn

“He that is good at making excuses is seldom good for anything else.”

-Benjamin Franklin

“I used to say, ‘things cost too much.’ Then my teacher straightened me

out on that by saying, ‘The problem isn’t that things cost too much. The

problems is that you can’t afford it.’ That’s when I finally understood that

the problem wasn’t it-–the problem was me!”

-Jim Rohn

“Don’t wait for someone else to make your life terrific. That’s your

job.” -Unknown

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Putting a face on your business

There’s a LOT to love about doing business over the Internet. It’s fast,

global, inexpensive, and very efficient. But one of the big negatives is that

it’s also highly impersonal.

When you’re dealing with people halfway across the world, via computers,

there’s not a lot that can be done to make it overly personal, but there are

a few things that you can and should do:
Nothing beats one-to-one communication. And don’t limit yourself to just e-

mails. Get on the phone or Skype, too, if you can. You can also try instant

messaging You might be amazed with the positive impact a little personal interaction

can have on duplication in your group Why? Adding your photo is one of the easiest and simplest ways to add

personalization and let your team members know their sponsor is a real, live

person, not just a name and number on a computer screen. It’s also important

that you portray a professional image with your photo. Using icons or

pictures of pets, children, and others may only serve to distract from your

business image. A nice, clear photograph of you for display to your sponsored

team members is a great way to begin to build a business relationship with

your group.

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We all know that Setting up a new business is a time-consuming task! With so

much to think about and learn, it’s easy to overlook some of the odd items

here and there that are, nonetheless, vital to getting started right.

Personal touch is important and never forget that you are dealing with real

people even though it is on the net. As much as possible reach out to your

team members. It is important to keep organised records and time sheet just

to make sure no stone is left unturned and no body is left out on their own

without some kind of acknowledgement and help or to let them know that you

are available to help them if they need help.

Remind your team that you are only a phone call away and you should also keep

that in mind yourself. Often at time new member may not want to make that

call unless you have reassured them that it is okay to call you or call them

and let them know that you are a real person. Find out what going on in there

life, I bet you any thing there will always be some thing you can relate to,

either the family or kids. Always brake the ice, it makes the journey to

success much more fun and easy especially when you can relate. Have a blessed

day and don’t forget to be HUMAN!

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