Prayer ! Daily morning !

Hi , This is the world of illusion and nothing is in our control. You need daily motivation: so I would suggest some important lines for daily motivational prayer:

Even before you leave your bed, Sit comfortable, spread & stretch your both the arms just parallel to the ground, palms up words, slowly close your eyes and start speaking with your mind only even your ear should not listen :

“Hey supreme soul, this body is yours, this mind is yours, this intellectualism is yours and this spirit is yours, here you are and there you are, there is no I, you, you and only you are every where, Hey supreme soul, kindly you operate and you control your self in this physical configuration of (…your name…), Thanks you”

Practice daily very soon you will be start feeling everything is fine and your inner happiness will be enormous and the vibrations from you will also make others happy too!

Thanks a lots ! comments disabled due to abuse