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Amazing Gadgets for 21 Century Life

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Strange to think isn’t it that a mere fifteen years ago, technology was nowhere near as well advanced as it is today. Many modern devices simply didn’t exist or if they did, they were underdeveloped concepts and ideas yet to see the light of day.

Yet here we are in the twenty first century with some items that we probably only ever expected to see in sci-fi shows. While teleportation and time travel may well be vastly out of reach if possible at all, we still have some amazing gadgets that truly define our technological tastes in the early part of this century. Here are five top gadgets that are seemingly essential to twenty first century life.


1. A Smartphone

Whether you favour Apple or Android, the chances are that you have one of these nifty little devices tucked away in your pocket. The mobile phone has evolved from a huge, monochrome device to an all singing, all dancing, smooth and sleek smartphone.

Packing more memory and hard drive space than most people’s computers back in the good old 1990s, the smartphone can be used to do practically anything. Whether you want to record the latest TV shows, switch out the lights in your home or check your pulse – there is an app to do pretty much everything you want.

Smaller than a paperback book and potentially smarter the smartphone is the top device on most people’s list of essentials.

2. A Laptop or Macbook

Again, if you prefer an Apple product or are not fussy, laptops are immensely useful not only for work but their portability means that you can do just about anything online – no matter where you are.

You can sit in a cafe and type your latest screenplay or sit in the park writing an essay or if you wanted to sell your macbook and buy yourself another piece of technology; you can do all of this and more using online recycling sites like Music Magpie.

3G Tablet Android
Tablet Android 3g

3. Tablet PCs or iPad

Even more portable is the tablet PC or iPad. Harking back to the statement about sci-fi devices; in the 1990s we watched films where people ran their fingers over touch screen devices and smiled fondly. It was the stuff of dreams.

Well, now this particular dream has become a reality and you can scarcely move around on a train or bus without seeing passengers laughing at the latest comedy shows or preparing an important presentation. The tablet PC has come on leaps and bounds and the most exciting thing is wondering what is going to come next.

4. 3D TV

Years ago, 3D films meant donning a pair of ridiculous looking glasses and while the glasses may have changed a little, 3D images have changed a great deal more. At the cinema or even in your very own home, 3D films are a true delight to behold.

Nintendo 3D Console
Nintendo 3d

5. HD Games console

A far cry from the heady days of Space Invaders and Pacman, today’s games consoles are packed not only with dazzling graphics but with components such as the Kinect and the Wii remote so you can get involved physically, leading to a truly interactive experience.

Bulk buy Surface RT and Pro tablets from Microsoft available now

Monday, March 25th, 2013
Microsoft’s new commercial website can only be accessed by employees, partners and volume licensing customers
Microsoft has launched a new website for volume licensing customers to bulk buy its Surface RT and Pro tablets.

The commercial website, which was first spotted by Mary Jo Foley from ZDNet, can be accessed by Microsoft customers with volume license agreements as well as Microsoft partners and employees.

It enables volume licensing customers to purchase Surface RT and Pro tablets as well as accessories and extended support plans, such as third-party warranties.

Businesses without a volume licensing agreement will also be able to order multiple Surface tablets, even though Microsoft has hinted that processing any deals may take longer.

“Lead times for delivery and order requirements may vary depending on inventory,” it reads on the website’s Commercial Order page. “If you do not currently have a volume licensing agreement with Microsoft, there may be additional processing time to setup account and credit terms.”

What with recent estimates putting Surface sales at just 1.5 million units and with slow Windows 8 growth expected up to 2017, this is good news for Microsoft and marks its latest attempt to do battle with Apple.

Apple is the market leader when it comes to tablets in enterprise and although it doesn’t have a progam of its own for bulk buying iPads, it does offer the volume purchase program for rolling out paid and free apps into business.

what you need to know to get started with Google Keep

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Get started with Google’s new note-taking app Keep

Google just made an announcement introducing Keep, its new note-taking service. Keep is currently available for devices running Android 4.0.3 and up, or through the Google Drive Web site. Notes will automatically sync between the Web site and the Android app.

After installing the Android app you’ll be prompted to select the Google account you want to use with Keep. Once that’s done, you can begin keeping notes. There are four different methods you can use to enter a note:

  • A quick note directly from the text box on the initial screen.
  • Add a checklist by tapping on the check mark icon.
  • Create a voice memo by tapping on the microphone. All memos are instantly transcribed, keeping both the audio and text in the note.
  • Add a photo as a note by tapping on the camera.

At any time you can add a checklist to an existing note by tapping on the menu button and selecting “Show Checkboxes.”

While viewing a note you’ll be able to assign it a color by tapping on the color palette at the top of the screen. The colors will come in handy when trying to organize your notes, but as it stands now, you have to change the color manually for each note. It would be nice if you could create categories and automatically assign colors based on those categories.

You can also add a photo to any existing note by tapping on the camera along the top of the screen. Any photo you add has to be taken at the time you add it; you can’t add previously snapped photos from your Gallery.

Once you’re done with a note you can archive it by swiping in either direction across the note.

To rearrange notes you simply tap and hold on a note and drag it to where you want it. You can change the layout between multicolumn and single-column view through the menu.

There are two widgets included with the app. The first widget will place a shortcut bar to create notes with, and will let you scroll through your existing notes directly from your home screen. The second widget is only a shortcut bar. Should you be using an Android device running Android 4.2 or later, you’ll be able to add either widget to your lock screen for quick access to your Keep entries.

The Google Drive page for Keep is pretty straightforward and mirrors the basic functionality of the Android app. You can add, edit, archive, and delete your notes with just a few clicks.

The combination of various note types is nice; a checklist for shopping, photos to help you remember something, and voice notes for when you can’t type a long note. But if I’m supposed to be adding reminders to the app, then why can’t I set alarms for reminders? There’s some work to be done still with Keep before it’s going to replace other task management and note-taking apps.

ASUS Padfone 2 now available on Vodafone in UK

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Back in Barcelona alongside the Padfone Infinity announcement, we also learned that its predecessor, the Padfone 2, would finally be launching on UK shores. The phone/tablet combination officially launched in the UK on March 1, and now it has become available subsidized on a new 2-year contract at Carphone Warehouse. Android Central

Best of all, the Padfone 2 can be had for free on contracts from £33 per month. All deals are being offered on the Vodafone network, but considering what you get hardware wise it’s not a particularly bad deal. Despite being somewhat overshadowed by the forthcoming Padfone Infinity, the Padfone 2 is no slouch. With a Snapdragon S4 Pro, 2GB of RAM and a Super IPS+ HD display, it still packs some impressive hardware specs. And, since the tablet portion is also included, it’s pretty decent value for money too.

AT&T finally announced its HTC One X is getting Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Monday, March 11th, 2013

Update 2: Never mind AT&T’s blog post … the update most definitely is available now. It’s a whopping 630 MB.

Update: And AT&T has pulled its blog post announcing all this. Figures.

Original: AT&T today finally announced that its HTC One X is getting Android 4.1 Jelly Bean starting today.

AT&T HTC One XWe’ll let that sink in for a minute. This one’s been a long time coming.

In addition to the expected Google improvements, such as Google Now, Project Butter, better notifications and all those other improvements we’ve been enjoying on other phones for some time, you’ll get:

  • A new countdown timer for the front-facing camera.
  • ISIS mobile payments. This is worthless unless you’re in Austin, Texas, or Salt Lake City.
  • AT&T Locker, so you can store your photos, videos and docs in the cloud. Which you can also do just fine without AT&T-specific software.
  • AT&T DriveMode, which can be set up to send custom replies to incoming messages once your phone (presumably in a car) is going more than 25 mph. This is a good thing. Use it.
  • AT&T Messages: A single inbox for texts, calls and voicemails, accessible from your phone, tablet or computer. Should interesting.

AT&T says the update should be available any time now, though we don’t see it yet, and now we’ve got that blasted “You can’t check for updates again for another 24 hours,” which is as annoying as ever.

Google bringing the Nexus 7 to Korea

Friday, March 8th, 2013

Google is expanding Play Store availability of its devices today by bringing the Nexus 7 to Korea directly. Sure the Nexus 7 has been out for some time now, but that doesn’t mean its not still one of the best options when it comes to the 7-inch form factor. And any time that you can buy Google’s products directly from them rather than a third party retailer is a bonus. Korea will have access to both 16 and 32GB versions, but there’s no indication (although we’re not great at reading Korean) that there’s a Cellulari DUAL-SIM data version right at this moment.

Nexus 7

Let’s hope that Google continues this trend of bringing the Play Store — and Nexus devices as a whole — to more countries.

ICS running on your Windows box: WindowsAndroid

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

There are a few options available to those wanting to run Android apps on a Windows machine. The first, and oldest, is the official Android emulator; there’s also Bluestacks, which has been around for a while. Today another contender emerges — WindowsAndroid, from Chinese startup SocketeQ. Unlike the emulator, it runs Android natively on your Windows PC, and unlike Bluestacks it brings to life the full Android OS, not just individual apps. Essentially, it’s full-blown open-source Android running natively, in a window, on Microsoft’s desktop OS.

I959D Dual sim, digitale terestre
I959D Dual sim, digitale terestre

The current version is based upon Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich; SocketeQ says that a “new version” is being planned, presumably based on the newer Jelly Bean. It uses the Android tablet UI, and you can control things using the keyboard and mouse.

On the whole, it’s a pretty speedy, if slightly buggy experience. We used WindowsAndroid on a 3GHz Core 2 Quad rig — by no means bleeding edge — and the whole OS ran smoothly without taxing the CPU too much. There are some glitches to watch out for, though. Certain tasks, like trying to load the camera, will result in a crash, and loading some websites in the browser will result in an error message, accompanied by missing images. So it’s still early days for WindowsAndroid at present.

What’s great for hackers is that the entire directory/partition structure of Android can be fiddled with directly through Windows — just navigate to C:\SocketeQ\windowsandroid_root, assuming you’ve installed it to the default location. That means sideloading apps is simply a matter of loading the relevant files into /data/app.

The WindowsAndroid installer weighs in at 64MB, and takes up 300MB when fully installed. You can find download locations over at the source link; it’s also mirrored elsewhere if you’re having trouble downloading via the overloaded official server.

Angry Birds Space gets a content update

Friday, January 11th, 2013
Angry Birds Space gets a content update this afternoon. The Pig Dipper update brings 30 new aquatic-themed levels to the popular game, extending its life and keeping players hooked like only Rovio can. The new levels require a bit of a strategy change, as you’re now fighting gravity and buoyancy at the same time.

Angry Birds Space

You can have a crack at the new levels by updating via the Google Play app on your phone or tablet, or if you haven’t been sucked into this one yet and want to give it a try, use the link above to the free version. An ad-free version is also available for a buck, and you can get it here. Just watch out for the mermaid — we hear she is tough.

Top free iPhone App: Google Maps for iOS arrives with Street View

Saturday, December 15th, 2012

Google Maps for iOS arrives with Street View, public transport

iPhone owners are finally free of Apple’s terrible built-in Maps app, thanks to Google’s long-awaited iOS Maps software finally making its way onto the App Store.

The app is available to download now, and brings all modern comforts to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch customers, including public transport and a compass-controlled street view that lets you scroll by waving your mobile around.

It’s early days, but my first impressions of the new app are positive. The ability to search public transport from the app is crucial, and even alerted me to some nasty delays on London’s central line.

Satellite information looks good, and the app itself is fast and well presented, with an attractive minimalist look and on-screen controls that will be familiar to any long-time iPhone owners. It’s certainly much better than using Google’s web-based maps service in a browser.

The only issue is that links to maps on websites or within other apps will likely still open Apple’s Maps app, as there’s no way to tell iOS which app you’d like to use by default.

Apple controversially did away with Google’s excellent mapping data, instead building its own app using TomTom data. The move was a bold one that had many intrigued, but when Apple’s effort turned out to be less useful than a canoe made of Ryvita, iPhone owners clamoured for the big G to make a glorious return.

Caricabatteria Auto Usb
Caricabatteria Auto Usb€ 5,90

The cartographical crisis at Apple HQ has seen boss Tim Cook offer a public apology, and several key employees shown the door.

A new games magazine for iPad: iGamer

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Videogames on iPad are different. The good ones are difficult to find, the bad ones are all too easy to stumble upon. They rarely cost more than a few pounds, and sometimes they’re completely free. There’s no need to clear out the living room for several hours or to be intimately familiar with a 12-button control pad; They feel more wary of your time, and more eager to please straight away.

Most games on the App Store aren’t the result of greenlight processes and market research. There are no discs to print nor boxes to distribute. Now, videogames are developed and released directly onto the App Store, and often rise to the top based on their quality and through word of mouth. Games studios have greater creative freedom, and most thrilling of all, the really good new iPad games feel different. Daring, and new.

iGamer is CVG’s newly relaunched sister publication. It is exclusive to iPad through Apple Newsstand, and it is exclusively about iPad games. It has been designed to address and acknowledge this exciting new breed of videogame.

iPhone / iPod Touch Screenshot I don’t want to trawl through twenty or thirty games Apple has recommended – I want to know which ones are the best, and what they’re like to play all in one place. I want to know which games fit a certain purpose, or a particular mood i’m in. I want to know more about this exciting, explosive new creative industry that is rising out of the App Store. I want to know about the games I may have missed, and why I should download them.

In every issue of iGamer you can find the fifteen best new games from the last month’s releases. iGamer editorial is direct and upfront. You will discover what they’re like to play and why you might like them quickly, and you can download them now with a tap of your finger.

Tablet Android 7 pollici Capacitivo
Tablet Android 7 pollici Capacitivoonly €80.10

Playlists are games I recommend based on a theme, be it to keep the kids quiet or to indulge in some videogame nostalgia. Insider is the features section, in which you’ll find interviews and insight into the MÓVIL DUAL SIM ANDROID games industry, plus behind-the-scenes tales of games development. In the relaunch issue, we have interviews with Rovio, Activision, Chillingo, the and the developers of Punch Quest and SpellTower. Classics is iGamer’s directory; 50 games we’d recommend to anyone, plus a re-appraisal of a recent inductee into iGamer’s hall of fame.

iPhone / iPod Touch Screenshot The relaunch issue is free for a limited time. If you enjoy what you read, you can subscribe and get each issue for 69p. I’m confident that minuscule monthly outlay will save you both time and money wasted on taking a punt on an unknown New & Noteworthy game.