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Sony Plan to Bring Playstation Vita OS to Tablets and Mobile Phones

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Sony is going through some changes in its upper management with Kazuo Hirai stepping in as their new President and CEO. During a Q&A in Japan AV Watch reports that Hirai was not shy about pointing out that the Playstation Vita OS has more potential than just gaming, that it is in fact a mobile OS.

Av Watch also quoted Senior Vice President Yoshio Matsumoto saying, “if you’re asking if we’ve made [the Vita OS] in a way that’s expandable, so that it’s possible to apply to smartphones and tablets on top of achieving the high responsiveness we need for gaming devices — it is possible,” he did carry on to say “that doesn’t mean that we’re applying it to smartphones and tablets at this point in time, but it’s been designed with expandability in mind.”

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Sony is not stranger to competing in the Android handset race as their Xperia line up is focused on gaming. However, the line up has not achieved the success the company would have hoped for with Sony Ericsson posting a €247 million loss (about $325 million) in 2011. If Sony were to look at bring the Vita OS to the handset market, we wonder how it would compare to Windows Phone with its tie into Xbox 360.

Nintendo Shows Off Wii U Pro Controller

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

E3 2012:Nintendo’s tablet-like GamePad isn’t the only new controller Wii U supports…

Nintendo revealed during today’s Nintendo Direct conference that Wii U will support a new controller separate from the Wii U GamePad. This new controller, which you can see below, is more traditional in appearance and shape than the tablet-like GamePad.

As you can see, the Pro Controller appears to feature all of the same buttons as the GamePad – including two analog sticks above the face buttons – just minus the touchscreen.

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Top 4 Secrets To Silicon Valley’s Productivity

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012
Kevin Systrom and Mike KriegerThis is a guest blog post from Walter Chen, founder and CEO of iDoneThis, the easiest way for companies to track and celebrate what’s getting done.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest —  at each of those companies, every individual engineer is able to support a staggering 1,000,000+ users.  Compare that to a more traditional company like Zappos, whose ratio is a pedestrian one employee for every 3,400 users.

The wonder of Silicon Valley has been its rich history of producing incredibly capital efficient companies operating at massive scale.  That’s what makes it possible for a couple of guys to disrupt entire industries–unprecedented levels of productivity per employee.

In a recent tech talk, Instagram founder Mike Krieger shared four secrets on how a sixteen-person team scaled to support 30 million users and a $1 billion valuation.  His insights echoed the accumulated wisdom of Silicon Valley heavyweights like Google, Facebook, Quora and Zynga on how to build incredibly productive organizations.

1.  Create a Culture of Autonomy, Transparency, and Openness

Engineers have an innate distrust of managers, because engineering fundamentally is about building while managing is about talking.  When engineers reinvent companies from the ground up, they structure it to avoid the organizational anti-pattern of a manager as a single point of failure.

In a traditional company, when a manager fails to communicate information, tasks, and objectives, it can debilitate the entire team that relies on him.  The manager is a single point of failure for that system.

To hack the problem, engineers build companies with open cultures of autonomy, information transparency, and openness.  That means that every individual employee has information flow and decision-making authority.

Asana, the prominent task management application created by Facebook founder Dustin Moskovitz, productizes the value of transparency by creating a system of distributing tasks where everyone in a company can see the tasks and objectives of everyone in the company. His aim is to bring the way that Silicon Valley works to every company.

2.  DIY — Make yourself more productive, because no one will do it for you.

Great engineers build tools to make themselves more efficient.  Put differently — if you’re using the same tools as everyone else, you’ll likely end up with the same level of productivity.

Internal company tools have become Valley lore, and eventually spread throughout the Valley by way of that company’s diaspora before eventually getting productized.

For example, during Google’s explosive growth stage, Larry Schwimmer, an early software engineer, stumbled upon a deceptively simple productivity system for managing teams that became notorious at Google and has since spread throughout the Valley.

Tablet Android 7' 2.2 Sensitivo€ 99,00

In his system called Snippets, employees receive a weekly email asking them to write down what they did last week and what they plan to do in the upcoming week.  Replies get compiled in a public space and distributed automatically the following day by email.

The process has been credited with making it possible for Google to grow like crazy and still retain a flat organizational structure and startup vibe, because it makes it easy for everyone to see what everyone else is getting done, asynchronously, and with minimal disruption to work.

David Lee users the process at SV Angel, a Google engineer brought it to Foursquare, and it has continued to spread throughout the tech world.  iDoneThis is a simple way to bring the process of Google product snippets to every company that Foursquare and many Y Combinator companies use.

3.  Automation and Scalability

Quora engineer Edmond Lau wrote that great engineering cultures “push relentlessly toward automation.”  The more you can automate, the more you can get done while getting other stuff done.

It’s no coincidence that automation and scalability coincide with Valley values like transparency, autonomy, and DIY, because transparent, autonomous, and self-motivated organizations scale more easily.  The need for traditional positions like middle-management is eliminated.

In other professions, work can be organized to happen more efficiently by creating processes and protocols, but unique to technology is the ability to take those processes and then make them burden-free by automating them.  By eliminating the overhead of manual tasks through automation, Silicon Valley tech startups can be incredibly capital efficient even when operating at scale.

4.  “Have Fun”

Silicon Valley’s focus of work on enjoying the work itself is still an ongoing competitive advantage.  Engineers in the Valley have been compared to Zen Buddhist monks for their detachment from the financial aspects of running a business.

Krieger ended his scaling talk with a simple admonition: “Have fun.”  Behind the word “productivity” is the joy and fulfillment in making deliberate progress every day towards a meaningful goal.

Harvard Business School professor Teresa Amabile calls it “the progress principle”–it’s the primacy of inner work life, intrinsic motivation, and the enjoyment of work itself over all other considerations at work.  Its emphasis could be the Valley’s most significant contribution to productivity and the culture of work.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Bugatti Veyron

Friday, April 13th, 2012

For every race car fan it’s a dream to own or drive a Bugatti Veyron and those people really don’t need a Top 10 Reasons to Buy Bugatti Veyron list for convincing them! Bugatti is currently the 2nd fastest car of the world and frequently mistaken as the fastest car of the world (which is SSC Ultimate Aero). It’s impossible to say that people who love race cars are not familiar with name of Bugatti Veyron.  Many people have given it different and somewhat attractive names like wild horse, hungry beast, night fury, speedy cat and lots more. In reality, the Bugatti  has endless power and incredible top speed but, as is the case with most racing cars, can only be seen on the race track as speeds above 120 mph are not easy to get on local roads. People who think that driving at such speeds is impossible need to look no further than a Bugatti Veyron. The Bugatti can go from 0 to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds and has a top speed of 253 mph which is the speed beyond imagination or expectation! The post Top 10 Reasons to Buy Bugatti Veyron is exclusively made on a special request of a regular reader who wants to know as much as possible about the Bugatti Veyron to share his thought with his university fellows. So enjoy an in depth review of the fastest and most popular car of the world and share it with your friends.

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10. The Bugatti Veyron Owners’ Reviews

Bugatti Veyron Owners’ reviews

From owners’ point of view, the Bugatti Veyron is the fast car of the world and no doubt it is one of the fastest cars of the world. Moreover, it is also listed in the list of top 10 most beautiful cars of the world. Sports car fans never miss exhibition in which they would get a chance to view it closely and get some pictures to make their memories unforgettable. Some people have also sold their life savings and houses just to become Bugatti Veyron owners. For teenagers, they desperately want to ride Bugatti to impress their boyfriends of girlfriends (or both!). This fact is ranked 10th in the Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Bugatti list.

9. The Bugatti Veyron Engine

Bugatti Veyron Engine

Most of the sports cars have their engines in front or back but this is not the case with the Bugatti Veyron. Its engine is located in the Middle; behind the driver and in front of the rear wheels. Bugatti has one of the most powerful car engines of the world. This can be easily scrutinized from the fact that a car moving at the speed beyond expectations is definitely getting the thrust from a very powerful engine! Some simple things which can give you an idea  about the power of Bugatti Veyron engine are that it has a 8.0L W16-Cylinder, Quad Turbocharger which is equal to 2 narrow angle V8 engines and has the ability to produce almost 1,200 horsepower! Bugatti Veyron engine consists of 3 radiators, two water circuits, three coolers to maintain its temperature and lot more to boost up its abilities. Obviously to run such a wild horse a powerful engine is the basic need.

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8. The Bugatti Veyron Sports look

Bugatti Veyron Sports look

Now when comes to sports look, than no doubt Bugatti Veyron’s look is considered one of the best sports look in all the sports cars. It’s unique, stylish and attractive design is superior in beauty as well as aerodynamics when compared to other cars. The beauty of Bugatti Veyron is enhanced even more when it’s in dual combination of colors. The sports look of Bugatti has one unique thing which is not found in any sports car before and that is it’s neatly defined ovals shape which makes this state of the art car as well as one of the most beautiful cars of the world as well. The head and tail lights give the look of a hungry tiger ready to jump on its target! The Bugatti Veyron Sports look comes in at number 8 in the Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Bugatti list.

7. Bugatti Veyron Brakes and Road grip

Bugatti Veyron Brakes and Road grip

A deer comes and stands in the middle of the road while you are doing almost 200 Kilometers per hours. Nothing much can be done in a case like this in a normal car. But for Bugatti Veyron, brakes and road grip is not a problem at all! The Bugatti has cross drilled, radically vented carbon fiber reinforced silicon carbide composite discs which can make it stop within couple of seconds. As far as safety is concerned, the Bugatti Veyron has an anti-lock braking system which is installed on the handbrake just in case the brakes fail. The best thing about Bugatti Veyron is that if it’s moving with the speed of almost 400 kilometers per hour, you can stop the car in less than 10 seconds because of its powerful braking system. The road grip is extra ordinary but in some cases it also depends on the road it’s been driven. When Bugatti reaches certain speed, it goes in to super handling mode to maintain the required road grip. The superb handling and braking has been ranked 7th in the Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Bugatti list.

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6. Bugatti Veyron Safety measures

Bugatti Veyron Safety measures

While driving on such high speeds, several precautions have been kept in mind to avoid unexpected situation or losses. The very first things in case of Bugatti Veyron are its safety measures which were designed in such a way that they became the plus points and in favor of this car. If at any situation the driver exceeds the road speed limits, the safety alarms turn on reminding the driver of the speed and if the driver somehow ignores it and reaches almost 350 Kilometers per hour speed, he won’t be able to go any faster than this due to a security check and he needs to insert a special key which breaks the speed limit code installed in it. Apart from that, one of the finest quality safety systems are installed in Bugatti  which can detect even a small hit on car and the airbags will open up. Moreover, to avoid from misuse or theft,  several installations are also present like voice and thumb recognition so that only the real owner can access and drive the car.

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5. The Bugatti Veyron Interior

Bugatti Veyron Interior

The interior of Bugatti Veyron is lavishly designed with the finest quality of material and accessories which makes the driving not only comfortable but a real pleasure. This creates a special love in the driver for this car. The sports steering has a logo in its center which is quite eye catching, especially the very first time when you look at the steering. A powerful stereo system has been fitted in the car with a outstanding CD/DVD player which plays without any distortion even at high speeds and always gives a superb sound. The car has a uniquely designed dashboard and attractive speedometer which gives an attractive and fear-provoking look at the 1,200 horse power and 280 miles per hour speed measurements which makes every driver think for a second that it’s a flying jet! The comfort level of seats can be explained in simple ways that the driver feels himself sitting in the heaven while he is driving! The superb interior is the 5th best reason in the Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Bugatti list.

4. The Bugatti Veyron Suspension system

Bugatti Veyron Suspension system

Imagine that you are driving at a very fast speed and suddenly out of nowhere some bumps or speed breakers appear. You can figure the amount damage you can get on your face by slamming it in the steering or the windows. In case of Bugatti Veyron, the Suspension system is designed in such a beautiful way that small humps can be tolerated in almost all the aspects. The shocks caused by the bumps on the road are absorbed smoothly and keeps the wheel in constant contact with the road. Basically Bugatti consists of 2 Suspensions which are front and rear wheel Suspensions to maintain the smoothness and comfort level.

3. Bugatti Veyron Special Versions

Bugatti Veyron Special Versions

Now comes the fun part. For every sports car, different versions are made on the request and demand of the buyer and it’s a trend which goes back to the early 50s. The same scenario happened with Bugatti Veyron and 5 cars were made for exhibitions and luxury. These versions had high-gloss bronze road wheels with a diamond cut glass finish and an unbelievably smooth body finish which even revealed the Veyron’s silver oxide finish carbon fiber body! These versions were later on sold to carefully selected Bugatti fans that could afford and maintain its quality. It’s a rumor that all of these cars were purchased by business tycoons and prince of different countries. FBG Par Hermes is a black and red combination of Bugatti Veyron with a monogram on the front grill. Sang Noir is totally black colored Bugatti Veyron model with sharp and bright orange color which increases its interior beauty. Bleu Centenaire is a model exclusively designed for celebrities which has an exquisite creamy colored interior. Grand Sport Sang Bleu, Grand Sport Grey Carbon, Grand Sport L’Or Blanc and 16C Galibier Concept are some of the Special Versions of Bugatti Veyron designed according to the demands of buyers. Special Versions is the 3rd best reason in the Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Bugatti list. It is interesting to note that all theses special version s have the same top speed.

2. The Bugatti Veyron race with Euro Fighter Typhoon

Bugatti Veyron race with Euro Fighter Typhoon

One of the most interesting things which boosted the popularity of Bugatti Veyron was its race with Euro Fighter Typhoon (jet): the most modern and high tech strike fighter jet on the planet! The whole race was telecasted on BBC in a Top Gear program. The race was horizontal vs. vertical drag race over 2 miles in which Bugatti was to race the jet down the runway for a mile till it reaches the mile marker, turn as quickly as possible and then race back over the same mile back to the starting line before the jet to win the race while the Euro Fighter Typhoon was to take off as quickly as possible and cover a mile vertically in the air and turn back towards land down the same mile to cross the start line. The Bugatti unfortunately didn’t defeat the Euro Fighter Typhoon but gave it a real tough time! The Bugatti Veyron lost the race with a difference of just a couple of seconds but made itself an unforgettable place in history by being the only car which has challenged and almost beat the Euro Fighter Typhoon!

1. The Bugatti Veyron Top speed

Bugatti Veyron Top speed

Now the most interesting thing about Bugatti Veyron which became the cause of its success is its massive top speed. There are several rumors about the Top Speed but in reality the maximum Top speed of Bugatti Veyron is 253 miles per hours which equals to about 407 kilometers per hour. The Top speed of Bugatti has made its name on the top of the Fastest Cars of the World list and defeated many sports cars including many formula one cars. One of the most famous quotes by the racers about the top speed of  Bugatti Veyron is that it doesn’t run fast; it flies a bit slower than their expectations! Another rumor about Bugatti is its actual weight and many people have given many perceptions about it but the actual weight of Bugatti Veyron is 1,888 kilograms which equals to 4162 pounds. The amazing top speed has been ranked first in the Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Bugatti list.

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Top 5 Best 10-inch Android Tablets in 2012

Monday, March 19th, 2012

Today, we are going to provide the Top 5 Best 10-inch Android Tablets You Must Buy in this New year 2012. All these devices are loaded with high end configurations to deliver extreme performance and all this tablet will definitely satisfy all you needs without any compromise.

A lot of companies announced various tablets that are not on market even after a few months after the initial announcement. The strongest sub-niche is the 10 inch tablet, which currently features the Apple iPad 2 at the crown (its screen is actually 9.7 inches) plus a lot of Android tablets trailing it, models that look really interesting and have raised consumer’s attention to this growing segment making for a sizable percentage of the 2011 sales. 2012 is expected to see new members from the Windows 8 family, but right now the ten inch tablet niche is dominated by iOS and Android models (Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich). Here’s a list of best 10’inch Android Tabs.

1. Asus EEE Transformer Prime

Asus EEE transformer prime is the best Android Tab with full-length features, a sexy design and good camera. It’s one step better than its predecessor in every respect, and is the first tablet to launch with Nvidia’s quad-core Tegra 3 CPU which adds super-powers and increased power and battery efficiency. Playing 1080p HD videos on it, looks awesome for the display. The Tab can be connected to get a laptop look.

2. Samsung Galaxy Android Tab 10.1

While the Transformer and Slider offer something a little different at an unbeatable price, our number 5 -the Galaxy Tab 10.1 – offers a direct alternative to Apple’s iPad 2 and Apple Accessori. Sporting the Nvidia Tegra 2 1Ghz dual-core CPU and running with latest Android 3.1 operating system, it’s both marginally thinner and lighter than the iPad 2. This was some achievement, especially when you consider the fuss Apple made about how thin and light the iPad 2 was on launch. The prices are the same as the iPad 2, so it’s a straight competition to the Apple.

Tablet Android 8” 3g, 4.01, GB-A30
Tablet Android 8” 3g, 4.01, GB-A30€ 185,00

3.Motorola XOOM 2

The XOOM 2 is a little development of the previous XOOM. The Motorola Xoom 2’s most noticeable upgrade might be in the chassis, but it’s also had an upgrade to a 1.2GHz CPU, along with Android 3.2 operating system and may be i will get android 4.0 Ice scream Sandwich update later. It’s not the all-conquering tablet we were hoping it was going to be. It doesn’t quite match the best tablets above or the iPad for quality, and many good Android tablets have it beaten for value.

4. LG Optimus 3D Pad

The best ever 3D pad running on TABLET ANDROID, The LG Optimus Pad from the Optimus family. The Tab has a 5MP Camera to capture 3D images and Shoot 3D video footage. But for disappointment, there is not 3D screen to it. You can plug the pad to a 3D Tv and watch 3D movies. If you’re crazy about Android and 3D together, then LG optimus Pad is waiting for you.

Tablet Android 10″ 2.2 Capacitivo
Tablet Android 10' 2.2 Capacitivo€ 548,10

5. Lenovo ThinkPad Android Tablet

If you’re looking out for some business android tablet, Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet is it. The tab running on Android V3.1 with a 10’inch touchscreen looks pretty cool with rich looks. It gives a 8hr battery life and comes with inbuilt 64GB storage memory. It has a 1 GHz processor on NVIDIA Tegra 2  Dual-Core-CPU.

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Nintendo 3DS News: Dragon Quest Monsters and Kingdom Hearts 3D

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Mostly magazine scans showing new screenshots and artwork, from a few lesser games. We have some screenshots of Dragon Quest Monsters first. Looks okay, although not exactly using the 3DS and its technology to the fullest degree possible.

wonderland 3d 2 300x180 Miscellaneous Nintendo 3DS News; Dragon Quest Monsters and Kingdom Hearts 3D

wonderland 3d 3 300x180 Miscellaneous Nintendo 3DS News; Dragon Quest Monsters and Kingdom Hearts 3D

Tablet Android 8” 3g, 4.01, GB-A30
Tablet Android 8” 3g, 4.01, GB-A30€ 185,00

wonderland 3d 5 300x180 Miscellaneous Nintendo 3DS News; Dragon Quest Monsters and Kingdom Hearts 3D

wonderland 3d 7 300x180 Miscellaneous Nintendo 3DS News; Dragon Quest Monsters and Kingdom Hearts 3D

wonderland 3d 8 300x180 Miscellaneous Nintendo 3DS News; Dragon Quest Monsters and Kingdom Hearts 3D

wonderland 3d 9 300x180 Miscellaneous Nintendo 3DS News; Dragon Quest Monsters and Kingdom Hearts 3D

wonderland 3d 10 300x180 Miscellaneous Nintendo 3DS News; Dragon Quest Monsters and Kingdom Hearts 3D

wonderland 3d 11 300x180 Miscellaneous Nintendo 3DS News; Dragon Quest Monsters and Kingdom Hearts 3D

wonderland 3d 12 300x180 Miscellaneous Nintendo 3DS News; Dragon Quest Monsters and Kingdom Hearts 3D

wonderland 3d 13 300x180 Miscellaneous Nintendo 3DS News; Dragon Quest Monsters and Kingdom Hearts 3D

There are also some Kingdom Hearts Espansioni Memoria Nintendo R4i 3ds related magazine scans too. Not the most indepth ones in any way, they spend a lot of the space on official art rather than game screenshots, and only one or two a page to boot. Still, you can see them below:

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R4i Gold R4 Features

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

May you Nintendo DS game lover? Do you like to play DS flash games? Have you ever wondered for r4i gold r4 card? Yes,r4i gold r4 is an amazing place for all the game lovers where we can play games,use Wi-Fi,listen music as well as videos and read ebooks easily.

Additionally r4i gold r4 has automatically recognition so we no need to update the database in it.This r4i gold r4 is complete device with complete solutions because we don’t need any messy software or any additional components in it.In short r4i gold r4 is truly the easiest media enhancer.

This r4i gold r4 is the current top of the line in Nintendo DS slot-1 flash carts.This is an excellent device for all the gamers because of its unique features.There are great supportive things which make this device amazing and attractive in use.All the files of r4i gold r4 are saved directly to TF card so we don’t require copy or restoration in it.

Additionally r4i gold r4 has automatically recognition so we no need to update the database in it.This r4i gold r4 is complete device with complete solutions because we don’t need any messy software or any additional components in it.In short r4i gold r4 is truly the easiest media enhancer.

Because of its great unique performance the consumption level of r4 ds gold has gone up in market.There are number of companies who sell r4i gold r4.So for buyers there are various sources to purchase r4i gold r4.

Buyers can buy r4i gold r4 through online as well as local stores.But before purchasing r4i gold r4 buyers should know all the features and specifications in the market.This is important to know all so as buyer will go for purchasing will not be cheated to purchase fake products.For getting more information of r4i gold r4 we can visit the of it.

CARD DS TWO + micro sd 8gb
CARD DS TWO + micro sd 8gb

Where to buy?

R4i Gold R4 Features:

-Compatible with all DS editions of different kinds of language
-Supports Action Replay cheat
-DLDI auto-patching
-Support SDHC (Micro SD 4G,8G,16G,32G)

R4i 3ds PER NINTENDO 3ds + 16gb

-2nd generation storage device (no booting tool required)
-Flush fitting slot 1 card
-Uses MicroSD card, FAT16 or 32
-Supports any MicroSD card speed with no lag in game
-Supports Clean ROM, drag and drop. Works on any OS
-Built in NoPass
-Automatically detect save type
-Save directly to MicroSD card, not to onboard chip
-Supports Moonshell and other homebrew.
-User friendly skinnable interface. Touchscreen or button operation
-Supports rumble pak and memory pak
-Supports the WiFi game, DS Rumble Pak, DS Browser
-Supports changes of the background of Operation Interface
-Support Skin DIY by setting background and font colors on Main Menu and Game Menu manually and automatically
-Supports 4-scale-lightness adjustment ( DS Lite only )
-Supports the Soft Reset.
-moonshell 1.71 support Software Reset function( Press START key back to the R4 menu) is an online shop to sell R4 DS,R4i,we will try our best to control the products shipped in good quality to our customer.Free Drop Shipping R4,R4i to Worldwide, Free Drop Shipping On Everything.
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Hello world!

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

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