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A few notable price cuts in iPhone and iPad

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

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There have been a few notable price cuts in the iOS world today. First, if you’re in the market for a new iPhone, you might want to consider picking it up at Target. The chain is running a special deal for both the iPhone 4 and the 4S on all carriers!

Both devices saw a $50 drop (with a new two-year contract), which makes the 4S $149.99 and the 4 just $49.99! Unfortunately this deal is not available online and it’s unclear whether it applies to every Target store or just select locations. Either way, though, it’s definitely worth checking up on before paying the full price somewhere else.

And, in a sentence I never thought I’d type, the iPhone wasn’t the only Apple gadget that got cheaper today. Apple has gone ahead and dropped prices of the refurbished iPad 2 and original iPad anywhere from $20 to $50 depending on the model.

You can check out the full price list below, but keep in mind that this does not include the new, 3rd-generation iPad. If history is any indication, the newest Apple tablet probably won’t be available in the refurbished flavor until late summer.

iPad 2

16 GB Wi-Fi: $319, down $30 from $349
32 GB Wi-Fi: $399, down $50 from $449
64 GB Wi-Fi: $499, down $50 from $449

16 GB Wi-Fi+3G: $449, down $30 from $479
32 GB Wi-Fi+3G: $529, down $50 from $579
64 GB Wi-Fi+3G: $629, down $50 from $679

Original iPad

16 GB Wi-Fi: $279, down $20 from $299
32 GB Wi-Fi: $349, down $50 from $399
64 GB Wi-Fi: $449, down $50 from $499

16 GB Wi-Fi+3G: $379, down $20 from $399
32 GB Wi-Fi+3G: $449, down $50 from $499
64 GB Wi-Fi+3G: $549, down $50 from $599

Will you be picking up one of these discounted iOS devices, or are you waiting for the next big thing even if it means paying top dollar? Let me know in the comments section below or share your thoughts on twitter!

Unlocking Your iPhone Using AT&T Online Guide

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

As we reported earlier that AT&T was now unlocking off-contract iPhone’s, so here is the step by step method on unlocking your iPhone locked to AT&T for free.

Remember : this is an IMEI unlock method which will not require to restore your iPhone, so you should not be worried about iOS updates.
How to use Online Chat to unlock your AT&T iPhone ?
  • 1st of all you will need to locate the IMEI number of your iPhone, it is written on the box, you can also find it in Settings> General > about
  • Now, Login to AT&T’s chat support page
  • Once you have successfully login, click on the “Chat Now” which is next to the “Technical Support”
  • Now, Fill the chat form and where it ask, “How may assist you today?” Write down “I want to unlock my iPhone”. That’s it! Now Click on “Start Chat”
  • In the chat you will need to explain the details about your iPhone, also mention the IMEI number of your iPhone which you noted in the first step.
  • After checking the details, if your device will be eligible for unlock, the representative will ask your Email address. Please give the correct Email address in order to prevent any problem. They will Email you with the details for Unlock procedure. However, this may take a week or more to fulfill the unlock procedure.
I939 Mini iPhone Style Anycool Dual Sim Cell Phone
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A normal email will mention:

Thank you for contacting AT&T customer care about unlocking your iPhone.
We have reviewed your request and confirmed that you are eligible to have the requested iPhone unlocked.
To complete the unlock, simply;
1. Open iTunes on your Mac or PC and verify that you have internet connectivity.
2. Connect iPhone using the dock connector to the USB cable that came with your iPhone.
3. Backup and restore your iPhone using iTunes.

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New iPad One Big Defect

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

IPhoto (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apple introduces its new iPad 3, and you can also see long lines of amateur peoples on big stores to buy it. And it is supposed to be better than older model in feature and appearance. And now it becomes people need. But now it’s one of the biggest defects comes in front.

The defect is that it heat up so fast. Its screen is so sharp but it will so hotter that it causes difficult to handle it. This complaint comes from its many users.

But its new retina screen is new thing. And after coming this retina screen a race of computer programmers is start to make new apps for it and can take more benefits from it. This screen gives better results of eBook than printed book on paper. And because of it now it becomes more interesting to play games on it. And by using new app STAR WALK you can view space in a new style and you can 0.3 million stars at a time on screen. Its processor is so strong and you can easily play Nintendo 3D games on it.


Apple modifies it app especially for it. And specially apples modify its GARAGEBAND app for music and make it more interesting. And for iPhoto (app) they give shortcut on screen for editing photo directly by cut paste, changing light and for easily adding digital affects. And one of its most useful apps is DIARY, which helps to manage daily life. But in last the problem is that after using it for long time makes it hotter, and this is major problem in mostly hotter countries.