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Download and Put on R4 Card Games and Movies Guide

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

Here i will show you how to put movies games and music onto your R4 Nintendo DS Card

R4 + micro 2gb for DS Lite
R4 + micro 2gb per DS Lite
1. Download music or games from pirate bay.
2. Create a file on your Nintendo 3DS r4 card games movies with a usb
3. If you get movies rather a.convert them to dpg with a dpg converter or simply download as a dpg
4. With games it should come up as a nds file
5. Drag files into the folders
6. Here’s the tricky part when you open up the menu press media in the middle and then find the files music and movies but with games press games on the menu don’t press media
  • pirate bay is a good downloading website simply wait until it is finished seeding open up
  • make sure you press media
  • share
  • be nice

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M3i Zero Functions – M3i Zero Using Guide

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Know the functions of m3i zero make you use better

M3i Zero for nintendo dsi – xl
M3i Zero Per nintendo dsi - xlonly € 39,99

Compatible with Nintendo 3DS, DS , DSl, DSi, DSi XL/LL .

100% game compatibility .

supports Real Time Save function . (Save & Restore anytime, anywhere.)

Supports Multi-Language System (English,French ,Germany , Italian Electronics Wholesaler, Spain , Portuguese, Dutch, Korea & Thai Language .)

Continue to update & frequency enhance software/ firmware.

Support micro SDHC (capacity over 4GB, 8GB ,16GB & 32GB %u2026)
Extreme simple to use, just plug & Play .
Super Cheat Function
Fully AR Cheat Code Compatible engine .
Support reading individual cheat code file too. (xml, cht, dht, dat-R4 format)

R4i€ 24,99

Supports software rest function .
Support slow motion feature .
Automatically detect and generate game save file .
Excellent homebrew support ,DLDI auto-patcher
Robust & skinnable GUI
Build in PassMe .
Intergraded least Moonshell 2.0 version .
Supports download play .
Supports rumble pack , GBA expansion pack & DS Browser .
Supports 4-scale-lightness adjustment .

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The most popular Nintendo DSi Mystery Games

Monday, March 12th, 2012

The best Nintendo DSi Mystery Games is a fantastic list of some of the very best Mystery Games for the Nintendo DSi!

Introduction to the Best Nintendo DSi Mystery Games

There are thousands of Nintendo DSi games out there in dozens of entertaining genres. For Mystery lovers such as myself it can sometimes be a daunting challenge to separate the good from the bad. In Nintendo DSi Mystery games you really do need quality, and fortunately we are here to give you the very best top 10 Nintendo DSi Mystery games!

In our list of the best DSi Mystery games we will have some brilliant titles, varying across a range of age groups.  These titles will help you find the best DSi mystery game to suit your own personal tastes, and it will give you a fantastic mystery to solve from start to finish.

Why Buy a Nintendo DSi Mystery Game

Button mashing can be fun on occasions, but sometimes you need a game with just a little more substance.  With the best Nintendo DSi mystery games you will be able to find a little cerebrial exertion. Nintendo DSi Mystery games can come in many different formats, you might need to fight as you adventrure to solve a puzzling mystery, or you might have to solve a large number of puzzles to get to the final solution in a mysterious adventure.

Best DSi Mystery Games
Best DSi Mystery Games

9) Rooms

Rooms is a simple but fun Ninetndo DSi mystery game that has an intricate ‘sliding puzzle’ style with a unique take. As you complete the mysterious tale you must re-arrange the rooms to allow you to pass. This might sound easy, but this game soon becomes challenging, and you will need to keep an eye out for various items to help you on your quest!

Rooms might be a little too puzzle based for some mystery DSi game fans, since it is based much more closely on puzzle solving than mystery solving!

Scooby Doo and the Spooky Swamp

This brilliant game took me back to my childhood sa you explore and adventure through an in depth Scooby Doo Nintendo DSi mystery game. This game definitely involves more action than what you would find in a game like Rooms, which helps keep things interesting.

As Scooby Doo and the gang are called in for yet another mystery, they will have to figure out the spooky goings on in a mysterious swamp, and you will and have to display some quick thinking as well as some quick button mashing to find out just what is happening.

7) Murder in Venice DSi Mystery Game

Murder in Venice is a fantastic mystery game that requires you to solve numerous puzzles as well as the overall mystery.  What I love about Murder in Venice is that you will occasionally switch from present day Venice, to the 1960’s cold war Venice, where you will have to delve deep in to the past to solve this intriguing spy thriller.

You will have to keep an eye out for clues and information as you progress through this game, since there are plenty of hidden objects and clues that can help you untangle this intoxicating mystery DSi game.

6) Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Professor Layton and the Curious Village is easily one of the best Nintendo DSi mystery games out there. In Professor Layton and the Curious Village the Professor and luke must solve an incredible riddle which conceals the fortune of a deceased baron.

I love how even the village people in this top mystery DSi game speak in riddles, giving you hints towards the eventual solution as you progress through the puzzles, while dealing with plenty of other tasks which will occupy your time!
R4i 3ds PER NINTENDO 3ds only € 20,90

5) Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is a selection of three games, which let you explore dungeons, time or air,(depending on the game you buy). What I love about this fantastic mystery DSi game is that unlike other pokemon games, which have a fixed storline, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon randomly generates each dungeon you enter, so you will never have to grind or play the same map twice!

The unique value of each adventure you take means that you will constantly be faced with new layouts and challenges to keep things interesting. Rather than grinding for hours on one spot, you will slowly build your collection by not only figuring out the main mysterious storyline, but also exploring teh randomised dungeons!

4) Vampire Moon: Mystery Of The Hidden Sun

This a the perfect children’s mystery DSi game. It is not too hard for adults to figure out, but younger children will have hours of fun as they solve the puzzle of an inexplicably long eclipse, and the mysterious disappearances of people around the world.

This fantastic puzzle leads you through a mysterious case, filled with vampire lore, intriguing puzzles, and an exciting ending!

Vampire Moon adds a huge amount of gameplay in to a short space of time, infact the only complaint about htis game seems to be that people wish they could have played it for longer!

3) Chronicles Of Mystery: The Secret Tree of Life

Chronicles of Mystery the Secret Tree of Life is one game that had to make it in to the top three of my best Nintendo DSi Mystery Games list. From puzzles to hidden objects, you will have to work hard to solve the intricate storyline which permeates every pore of this brilliant DSi mystery game.

Join the race for the secret of Immortality in the Chronicles of Mystery DS as you search for the fabled Tree of Life!
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Top 10 Nintendo DSi Games

Thursday, March 8th, 2012
Nintendo 3D
Nintendo 3dWelcome to the Top 10 Nintendo DSi games of 2011! I will be giving you my top 10 DSi games that have been released this year, for boys, girls and adults alike!

This DSi games list will be my own personal opinion on these upcoming games, and entertainment will alsways be something personal to each individual, but hopefully my honest reviews will make it easier to make your own decisions.

Choosing from the hundreds of Nintendo DSi games released in 2011 was not that easy, there have been some fantastic releases made this year, and even more great titles set to be released before Christmas. Fortunately there were a few titles out there that made this list just a little bit easier to compile!

If you are shopping for youngsters you may want to check out my Children’s DSi Games hub for some brilliant DSi games for children!

Welcome to the Top 10 Nintendo DSi games of 2011! I will be giving you my top 10 DSi games that have been released this year, for boys, girls and adults alike!

This DSi games list will be my own personal opinion on these upcoming games, and entertainment will alsways be something personal to each individual, but hopefully my honest reviews will make it easier to make your own decisions.

Choosing from the hundreds of Nintendo DSi games released in 2011 was not that easy, there have been some fantastic releases made this year, and even more great titles set to be released before Christmas. Fortunately there were a few titles out there that made this list just a little bit easier to compile!

If you are shopping for youngsters you may want to check out my Children’s DSi Games hub for some brilliant DSi games for children!

Don’t Have a DSi?

If you are thinking of buying a Nintendo DSi console, then you have plenty of options to choose from. There are currently three Nintendo DS consoles which you can buy, each one has it’s own benefits and drawbacks.

Nintendo DSi

This is the original Nintendo DSi console, it doesn’t have any special features compared to the other three, but it has a decent battery life and comes in some fantastic colors.

Nintendo DSi XL

The Nintendo DSi XL console is the same as the original DSi except it is two times larger than it’s predecessor. The larger screen size is fantastic for games and ebook readers!

Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS is an innovator, it plays 3DS compatible games in full 3D thanks to some clever use of optical illussions. The good news is, you don’t need any glasses to play your Nintendo 3DS games in 3D!

Best DSi Games

Mario & Sonic at London 2012 Olympics!
Mario & Sonic at London 2012 Olympics!

10) Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games brings back the fantastic Mario and Sonic Olympics series with some fantastic new graphics, olympic events and more! With both single and multiplayer available, you will be able to Play Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games on your original Nintendo DSi, or in 3D on your 3DS!

From Soccer to Swimming, from Rowing to Running, you will be able to compete in some of the best Olympic events in the stunning surroundings of London!

With intuitive controls, intense sound effects and a stunning graphical environment, there is plenty to keep this great DSi game engaging and enoyable.

9) Starfox 64 3D – Best DSi Games

Starfox 64 3D jumped on to this list for two big reasons. Firstly it is a great game. Secondly, the wave of nostalgia that swept over me when I saw the preview for this was, well astronomical.

Starfox 64 3D is a remake of the original Nintendo 64 game which was ahuge hit. The remake brings improved graphics, new sounds, and of course a 3DS version for full 3D gaming, and who would NOT want to play this game in 3D?

N5i DSi - DSI XL - Lite 1.4.2

For those of you who never had a chance to play the original Starfox, you will be taking the role of a pilot who, well, is a fox. Fighting with and against various other animal pilots you must embark upon a quest to defeat a villain, flying your ship through some stunning landscapes as you take chase!

Heroes of Ruin

Heroes of Ruin is a fantastic solo or multiplayer RPG game from the makers of Final Fantasy. in Heroes of Ruin you are tasked with curing one of the great lords of a curse, cast by an unkown power. As you adventure in to the lands around you, you are forced to face unimaginable danger on your quest.

What made Heroes of Ruin stand out to me is the ability to join forces with other players. This adds a little extra to the adventure and the roleplaying, a feeling of banding together as you advance.

Another additional bonus is that you can receive daily challenges, adding a little variety for some great rewards!

7) Rio Nintendo DSi Game

Rio takes the big screen to the DS screen to create a fantastic platform game. As you dodge duck and roll the flightless blue macaw through a series of levels. I love just how easy Rio is to pick up and play, yet it can be hard to master, which makes it a surprisingly good game for both kids and adults.

R4i 1.4.3 NINTENDO + 8 gb

What makes Rio special though is that you have to play this game in time to the music, if you can’t master that latin rhythm you may have some big problems as you advance through the levels!

A fun feature of the Rio Nintendo DSi Game is the ‘dance off’ feature, which definitely gives you a few laughs when playing against friends!

6) Professor Layton and the Last Specter

Professor Layton and the Last Specter is an early prequel to the Professor Layton series. In this fantastic game you must work through a series of puzzles with Professor Layton, Luke and Emmy. As with the rest of the Professor Layton series you can expect a fantastically balanced puzzle game with an adaptive hints system so even the toughest puzzles wont keep you from throwing away the game in frustration.

Captain America DSi Game

5) Captain America: Super Soldier

Captain America: Super Soldier bring a fast paced action platformer that requires you to master both the acrobatic prowess and defensive capabilities of Captain America and hsi shield as well as offensive gameplay.

This mix of gameplay turns Captain America: Super Soldier in to much more of a strategic platform game than a shoot-em up, and to me this makes this game far more entertaining and skill intensive than a button bashing game.

4) Pokemon White & Pokemon Black

Where would a Nintendo Top 10 Best DSi Games list be without Pokemon, Pokemon Black and Pokemon White are two very similar games with only a few minor differences. What they both do is provide endless hours of entertainment, true to the original Pokemon games.

As with other Nintendo Pokemon game sets, the color you choose will change the final legendary pokemon you can catch, and will make a couple of other small differences too.

Pokemon has come a long way since the original red and blue versions, but a decade later we are still seeing some fantastic storylines, and the same addictive gameplay which made the original such an amazing game!

3) Transformers: Dark of the Moon

The hit Transformers movies have taken America by storm, but they don’t stop in the movie theater. The fantastic Transforms DSi games provide hours of action packed gameplay, and with Transformers: Dark of the Moon you can create your own custom Transformer to take on thevalliant Autobots or treacherous Decepticons.

As you play through the single player campaign you can earn experience points to level up your character and unlock new skills and abilities which can be used to help defeat your enemies.

There is also a fantastic multiplayer battle mode, which will let you defeat your friends too!

2) Duke Nukem Critical Mass DS

Duke Nukem Critical Mass brings the return of Duke Nukem, this time you will be taken around the world taking on enemies with non stop action gameplay.

Duke Nukem is definitely a fantastic game, it’s only real downside is the controls, which many find a little overwhelming for stylus use. For this reason some people may want to hold out for the Duke Nukem Forever release, which promises to be an even better Duke Nukem DSi game!

Resident Evil Revelations Best DSi Game 2011

1) Resident Evil Revelations Best DSi Game

Resident Evil returns with Resident Evil Revelations for the Nintendo DSi console. Resident Evil Revelations promises to be one of the very best first person shooters to be released on the Nintendo DSi console.

With true Resident Evil eerie scenery surrounding you every step of the way, you will find yourself becoming deeply involved in this game which is designed to immerse you in an environment that is to put it simply, spooky.

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R4i 3DS e R4 3DS per Nintendo 3DS

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Come volevasi dimostrare. Cosa? Che sono di nuovo qui a parlare di come modificare il Nintendo 3DS, di dove trovare flashcard R4 e R4i, e di come aggiornarle per Nintendo 3DS. E ho una bella notizia, e una brutta. Da dove comincio?

Prima la bella: vi ricordate che qualche tempo fa si parlava di come fosse impossibile usare le flashcard sul Nintendo 3DS? Le voci che giravano, anche con una certa insistenza, indicavano una funzione di protezione della nuova console di Nintendo in grado di bloccare l’esecuzione dei giochi copiati. Si è vociferato anche di un blocco delle console stesse. Come dire che io mi copio un mio gioco, per aver un backup di sicurezza, ma poi la scheda con la copia di sicurezza non la posso usare, altrimenti il Nintendo 3DS non si accende più.

Oramai è qualche settimana che il Nintendo 3DS gira per il mondo, e non abbiamo ancora notizia di nessun blocco della console per questo motivo. In altre parole, possiamo utilizzare le flashcard R4 e R4i per utilizzare i giochi del Nintendo DS e DSi sul Nintendo 3DS.

E questa era la bella notizia. E la brutta? La brutta è che non esiste ancora un modo sicuro di copiare i giochi del 3DS. Ovvero, possiamo anche provare a farne delle copie alla vecchia maniera, ma non vengono letti dalla nuova console. Forse, ma è solo un mio azzardo, c’è qualcosa che interferisce nella gestione dello schermo 3D. Ma non ne sono sicuro: le novità di questa console sono talmente tante che non è esattamente la cosa più semplice del mondo trovare un modo per avere una crack per i suoi giochi.

Ma, quindi, a che ci serve sapere che possiamo utilizzare giochi copiati, se poi il Nintendo 3DS non riesce a farli girare? Bé, serve per giocare con quelli del Nintendo DS e del Nintendo DSi. Le copie dei nostri giochi delle console vecchie sono riconosciute dal firmware della nuova console, e possiamo continuare a giocarci. Ovviamente, essendo giochi sviluppati per la tecnologia del 2D non possiamo pensare di sfruttare il 3D, ma questo già si sapeva.

R4i 1.4.3 NINTENDO

Dove Acquistare la R4i e la PS3 Break

Scopri Subito le migliori Offerte di Oggi per la R4 ii e la PS3 Break in uno degli eCommerce più affidabili cha ho Provato!

Tutti i Prodotti sono Disponibili SUBITO!

Trovare prodotti simili tag

Nintendo DS R4R4i CartaVendita R4iR4 NDS LiteR4i 3DS

Oltre a queste due notizie ce n’è un’altra: sono in vendita le prime flashcard studiate e realizzate appositamente per il Nintendo 3DS. Flashcard che, come ho appena detto, permettono di utilizzare tutti i giochi 2D del Nintendo DS e DSi sul Nintendo 3DS. E come si chiamano? R4 3DS e R4i 3DS, ovviamente. In Italia non sono ancora arrivate ma potete acquistare uno dei due modelli che seguono. Si tratta delle stesse identiche cartucce che però devono essere aggiornate con una semplice procedura.

Potete acquistare le cartucce in tutta sicurezza da questo negozio online:

Per l’aggiornamento potete consultare la nostra guida su come aggiornare le flashcard R4 e R4i per poterle utilizzare con il Nintendo 3DS. Queste cartucce possono essere utilizzate in maniera indifferente sia sul 3DS che con il DSi e DS: una scheda SD per console. Schede SD che possono arrivare fino a 32 GB di memoria, ed essere utilizzate anche per salvare musica, foto e video in 3D.

C’è un’unica avvertenze da fare, per poter utilizzare in sicurezza le flashcard R4 3DS e R4i 3DS: il firmware della nostra console deve essere, al momento, la versione V1.1.0-1E. Invece, chi vuole usare le schede con il Nintedo DSi ha bisogno del firmware 1.4.1.

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