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Dragon Quest VII Remake Coming To Nintendo 3DS

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Dragon Quest VII Remake Coming To 3DS On February 7PSone classic Dragon Quest VII is getting remade and enhanced for 3DS next year.

Twelve years after it came out for PsOne, Square Enix is remaking Dragon Quest VII for Nintendo 3DS. A teaser site for the Dragon Quest VII remake says the game will be available on February 7, 2013.

ArtePiazza, the studio that handled Dragon Quest VII and the Card Ds Two remakes, is developing Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden for the Nintendo 3DS.

Scenario & Game Designer: Yuji Horii

Character Designer: Akira Toriyama

Music: Koichi Sugiyama

Art Direction: Shintaro Majima

Planning & Development: ArtePiazza

Publishing and Sales: Square Enix

R4i 1.4.3 NINTENDO + 4 gb
R4i 1.4.3 NINTENDO + 4 gbonly € 30,90

Square Enix has confirmed as much via a Japanese teaser site, which dates the 3DS remake for release in Japan on February 7, 2013.

ArtePiazza, who has previously worked on DS remakes of classic DQ games, is handling development on the R4 3ds Dual Core title, renamed Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden, according to Siliconera.

The much-praised Dragon Quest VII originally released on PSone in Japan in 2000, with a US launch the following year. The game unfortunately never made UK shores.

Square is yet to detail release plans outside of Japan, but with previous remakes getting international releases, its a safe bet to assume this won’t stay Japan-only for long.

Top 5 Funny Games to Play at Work Without Getting Caught

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Overworked and underpaid? Want to get your boss back for constantly avoiding any kind of work and yelling at anyone else who pauses for a moments rest? Feel like you might melt into your desk with boredom?

Unfortunately, installing Diablo 3 to conquer those hours of tedium might not be as inconspicuous on a work  Tablet PC as you’d dreamed. Fortunately, there are a plethora of addictive games out there that, from a distance, simply look like you’re working on an Excel spreadsheet.
sleeping 5 Games to Play at Work (Without Getting Caught)

This bored? You need to play games.

You 1: Boss 0

Crash Planning

This looks like an exceptionally dull weekly planning spreadsheet. Little do you workmates know that it’s actually a Bubble-Breaker style of game, where you have to move cells around to group them in same-coloured blocks of three or more so they’ll disappear.

One of the best features of this game, though, is that when you press the spacebar, the gameplay pauses and all elements disappear from your screen – no one will ever find you out (unless they check your internet history and M3i Zero Per nintendo dsi xl, but that’s another issue).

Excel Sheep

This game couldn’t be much simpler – herd those little sheep/circles into the bar graph pen using only your mouse, whilst looking like you’re working super hard on those figures for Friday. It might be a good idea to have the figures for Friday open behind your gaming window, though, just in case your boss decides to have a proper nosey outside his office partition walls.

Cost Cutter

Who knew clicking on a bar chart could be so much fun? The aim of cost cutter is to click on sets of two or more same-coloured rising blocks to make them disappear before the bar hits the top of the graph. Furious and addictive, this game also possesses the ability to miraculously disappear at the touch of a spacebar.

R4i 1.4.3 NINTENDO + 8 gb


The retro spreadsheet game, this is hopelessly addictive, and with 30 levels it’ll keep you occupied the entire of Friday afternoon. The aim of the game is to manoeuvre your cursor around the black blocks to reach the ‘exit’ cell, picking up points as you go.

Just make sure you don’t get too engrossed, or you might not notice someone wandering into your cubicle…


OK, not a spreadsheet based game, but a PowerPoint one, so you can fool people into believing you’re actually doing that super important presentation you’re meant to be working on. Simply guide your ship though the jagged terrain of these line graphs to safety at the other side. And it’s another game you can make spacebar-disappear!