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Top 10 Best Adventure Laptop Computer Games 2012

Friday, April 13th, 2012

PC gamers enjoy their action and adventure games in a way that Xbox 360 or PS3 owners cannot. Adventure games can be unleashed to their full potential with real full HD 1080p graphics and unlimited memory to process the latest games. Console gamers argue that it is much more exciting to play all the adventure games on Xbox 360 or PS3 on a huge 60’’ TV while comfortably sitting on a couch. That may be true to an extent, but no one can deny the fact that the PC is much more powerful than any console and delivers the true gaming experience! Pc Adventure games are ported from all platforms and thus have more games and titles available than any console. Following is the list of Top 10 Best Adventure PC Games 2012 and it lists all the best games from this year which should not be missed at any cost! With release of new adventure PC games like J.U.L.I.A., The Journey Down, The New Adventure of Sherlock Holmes and Dracula just around the corner, lets see how these adventure games fare against them!

X360 PRO
X360 PRO

10. Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection

Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection

The most addictive simulation game after The Sims, Zoo Tycoon was a super hit when it was first released and has a long way in terms of better graphics as well as superior game play. The Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection brings all the fun and excitement to your PC that this series offers and guaranteeing you a bucketful of great time! You start off with animals and build their cages and turn everything in the zoo into a public attraction over time. Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection takes the game a few steps further with the Marine, Dinosaur and Endangered animals pack. Zoo Tycoon is a fun and challenging game and should not be taken lightly if you want to get rich!

9. Portal 2

Portal 2

Portal 2 is a very unique first person action adventure game which will make you exercise your brain cells more than you can imagine! Released by Electronic Arts, Portal 2 is a puzzle game in which you have to teleport from one place to another in order to progress in the game and solve the riddles. The teleporting holes are made by a special gun and choosing the right places to skip to is quite crucial in this game.

8. Spore


Regardless of what the Theory of evolution states or what Charles Darwin believed, Spores takes you back to day 1 and lets you create pores and evolve them over the centuries as they advance into better, faster and more intelligent creatures. Spores let you create, experiment and have loads of fun with all those microorganism which you so hated back in the biology class. Spores by EA ranks 8th on the list of Top 10 Best Adventure PC games 2012.

Auricolari Bluetooth Beats by Dr. Dre
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7. Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition

Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition

The Fallout series continues with Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition as our hero continues long after all of us have died and civilization has ceased to exist. Fallout is based on an open world RPG format which gives gamers hundreds of hours of playing and exploring the deeply detailed world. New Vegas Ultimate Edition also holds the world record for having the most number of dialogues ever included in a game. The experience is quite fascinating and the story line quite convincing and intriguing. Fallout New Vegas ranks 7th in the Top 10 Best Adventure PC Games 2012 list.

6. Nancy Drew Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

Nancy Drew Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

Those who though that Nancy Drew was only for elder sisters are in for a big surprise as the leading lady(sorry Agatha Christie) makes a world saving appearance on the PC in the game titles Nancy Drew Last train to Blue Moon Canyon. Mystery fans are jumping in joy as they relive the fictional adventure of Nancy Drew along with the Hardy Boys as they investigate and solve a series of mysteries. Nancy Drew Last train to Blue Moon Canyon is a part of the Train mystery series which has over 30 adventures. So go on and relive your childhood with Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys!

5. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Make a cupcake with the face of a jedi on top and you’ll sell the whole batch in the blink of an eye. Such is the reputation and entertainment value of Star Wars. The RPG game Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is no exception as it proves to be a true Star Wars episode in every sense and got re-released many times due to its popularity and public demand. The games progresses according to your gained skills and the interaction that you carry out with various characters in the game. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic lives up to the expectation of every fan and has been ranked 5th in the list of the Top 10 Best Adventure PC Games 2012.

4. Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3

It was pretty hard to miss the launch of Mass Effect 3 and the huge outcry over the way this great series was ended. The hurt and angered gamers went as far as to raise funds and send the BioShock team things in order to convince them to change the fate of the great Shepard. The gameplay was better than ever and the AI of opponents was a bit tweaked as well. All in all Mass Effect 3 is one of those game series that will always be remembered and sold over the generations!

3. World of Goo

World of Goo

The first thing that will come to your mind when you pop in the World of Goo DVD and launch the game is that there was a mistake and someone pulled one over you and put in some cheap 80s game in the box. World of Goo is a surprisingly simple and addictive game and it manages to be an excellent exercise for the grey little cells of your brain at the same time! Little Goo balls having various special abilities are given to you for every stage and you have to manage to get to the exit without running out of Goo balls or time. Sounds easy? Give World of Goo a try and find out how it managed to get on the 3rd position in the Top 10 Best Adventure PC Games 2012 list.

2. Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect had a very profound effect on the masses(no pun intended). Mass Effect 2 did pretty well in the gaming community as the series continues the action after a two year gap with Commander Shepard still in the driving seat and battling the baddies of the universe. The RPG gameplay in Mass Effect 2 is superb and very responsive and the story line as exciting as ever.


€ 14,49

1. Mass Effect

Mass Effect

Till Mass Effect 3 is released in March 2012, we will have to do with the first 2 editions of Mass Effect. Mass Effect created a huge stir among video game lovers and upped the ante with each edition. Since BioWare released the first RPG back in November 2007, Commander Shepard has become a iconic name among game enthusiastics. Players control the commander as he leads the fight against the robots hell bent of destroying every living object in our universe. Mass Effect ranks 1st in the  Top 10 Best Adventure PC Games 2012 list.

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R4i 3DS e R4 3DS per Nintendo 3DS

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Come volevasi dimostrare. Cosa? Che sono di nuovo qui a parlare di come modificare il Nintendo 3DS, di dove trovare flashcard R4 e R4i, e di come aggiornarle per Nintendo 3DS. E ho una bella notizia, e una brutta. Da dove comincio?

Prima la bella: vi ricordate che qualche tempo fa si parlava di come fosse impossibile usare le flashcard sul Nintendo 3DS? Le voci che giravano, anche con una certa insistenza, indicavano una funzione di protezione della nuova console di Nintendo in grado di bloccare l’esecuzione dei giochi copiati. Si è vociferato anche di un blocco delle console stesse. Come dire che io mi copio un mio gioco, per aver un backup di sicurezza, ma poi la scheda con la copia di sicurezza non la posso usare, altrimenti il Nintendo 3DS non si accende più.

Oramai è qualche settimana che il Nintendo 3DS gira per il mondo, e non abbiamo ancora notizia di nessun blocco della console per questo motivo. In altre parole, possiamo utilizzare le flashcard R4 e R4i per utilizzare i giochi del Nintendo DS e DSi sul Nintendo 3DS.

E questa era la bella notizia. E la brutta? La brutta è che non esiste ancora un modo sicuro di copiare i giochi del 3DS. Ovvero, possiamo anche provare a farne delle copie alla vecchia maniera, ma non vengono letti dalla nuova console. Forse, ma è solo un mio azzardo, c’è qualcosa che interferisce nella gestione dello schermo 3D. Ma non ne sono sicuro: le novità di questa console sono talmente tante che non è esattamente la cosa più semplice del mondo trovare un modo per avere una crack per i suoi giochi.

Ma, quindi, a che ci serve sapere che possiamo utilizzare giochi copiati, se poi il Nintendo 3DS non riesce a farli girare? Bé, serve per giocare con quelli del Nintendo DS e del Nintendo DSi. Le copie dei nostri giochi delle console vecchie sono riconosciute dal firmware della nuova console, e possiamo continuare a giocarci. Ovviamente, essendo giochi sviluppati per la tecnologia del 2D non possiamo pensare di sfruttare il 3D, ma questo già si sapeva.

R4i 1.4.3 NINTENDO

Dove Acquistare la R4i e la PS3 Break

Scopri Subito le migliori Offerte di Oggi per la R4 ii e la PS3 Break in uno degli eCommerce più affidabili cha ho Provato!

Tutti i Prodotti sono Disponibili SUBITO!

Trovare prodotti simili tag

Nintendo DS R4R4i CartaVendita R4iR4 NDS LiteR4i 3DS

Oltre a queste due notizie ce n’è un’altra: sono in vendita le prime flashcard studiate e realizzate appositamente per il Nintendo 3DS. Flashcard che, come ho appena detto, permettono di utilizzare tutti i giochi 2D del Nintendo DS e DSi sul Nintendo 3DS. E come si chiamano? R4 3DS e R4i 3DS, ovviamente. In Italia non sono ancora arrivate ma potete acquistare uno dei due modelli che seguono. Si tratta delle stesse identiche cartucce che però devono essere aggiornate con una semplice procedura.

Potete acquistare le cartucce in tutta sicurezza da questo negozio online:

Per l’aggiornamento potete consultare la nostra guida su come aggiornare le flashcard R4 e R4i per poterle utilizzare con il Nintendo 3DS. Queste cartucce possono essere utilizzate in maniera indifferente sia sul 3DS che con il DSi e DS: una scheda SD per console. Schede SD che possono arrivare fino a 32 GB di memoria, ed essere utilizzate anche per salvare musica, foto e video in 3D.

C’è un’unica avvertenze da fare, per poter utilizzare in sicurezza le flashcard R4 3DS e R4i 3DS: il firmware della nostra console deve essere, al momento, la versione V1.1.0-1E. Invece, chi vuole usare le schede con il Nintedo DSi ha bisogno del firmware 1.4.1.

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