‘A Bag of Hammers’ is a nice idea Mulberry Bags that only goes so far

Another week has rolled around and a brand new slate of new release DVD & Blu-Ray’s have rolled around for our mass consumption in whatever form we see xanthe1’s blog. Out on DVD today courtesy of our friends at MPI Home Video via eOne Films is a quirky comedy about the definition of family and its formation where you would least expect it. Get ready for “A Bag of Hammers”. Starring Jason Ritter, Jake Sandvig and Rebecca Hall Co-Written & Directed by Brian Crano In “A fashion mulberry bags of Hammers” we meet twenty-something slacker buddies Ben (Ritter) and Alan (Sandvig) seem incapable of growing up: they run a valet parking scam and lease their rental house next door, allowing them to keep responsibility at bay. When a stressed-out single mom (Carrie Preston) and her street-smart young son Kelsey (Chandler Canterbury) become their new tenants, the misfit pals find a new friend in the precocious boy, who’s eager to help them in their larcenous business if only to make some new friends. However; Alan’s sister Mel (Hall) suspects Kelsey may be a neglected latchkey kid, and her intervention sets off a chain of startling events that may force the duo to invent the family they’ve always needed but would never admit to needing. Video: A Bag of Hammers Despite it’s obvious heart and good intentions, there was so much about “A Bag of Hammers” that just felt really forced. The pacing of the script was more than a little uneven as we were never really given anything more than broad generalizations about any of the characters considering that the first & third acts of the film were far too short with way too much time spent in the middle. You knew what it was trying to do with this particular story but with the lack of any real connection to the characters the attempted emotional flourish where they all came together fell incredibly flat. There was nothing particularly bad about anything that went on in this film, but it was just all so uneven. It tries so hard to be a quirky, buddy, crime, emotional, family comedy but it succeeds in none of these because it tries too hard to do too much and even though Director Brian Crano didn’t embarrass himself with his first feature length outing it just didn’t come together in any kind of salient way and if not for the charming cast, it could have been downright bland. Both Jason Ritter and Jake Sandvig are stars that are on the rise and they play off of each other quite well as the two slacker best friends who use this kid who has been put into their lives in order to get their act together. Their on screen chemistry is very watchable but the lack of direction that these underwritten characters are given requires them to exist solely on their charms, which only works to a certain extent, because much like in life good looks and charm will truly only get you so far. Rebecca Hall as Alan’s sister and Chandler Canterbury have done better work in the past but were still fine in their respective roles here, and Carrie Preston as the mother at her wits end was actually quite good but still very under written .Mulberry Wallets. Many aspects of this film are underwritten and with the rest of the ensemble it actually does feel like the director and/or producers called in some favors on this one as the likes of Amanda Seyfried, Gabriel Macht, Todd Louiso and Sally Kirkland all show up in small parts that could have essentially been played by anyone. The whole production always felt a little out of place Special features on this DVD include a behind the scenes featurette and the theatrical trailer. When it comes down to “A fashion handbag of Hammers” there was honestly nothing terrible about it, but it does commit the worst sin possible for any kind of a film. It was all very forgettable. 2 out of 5 stars. “A Bag of Hammers” is now available for rent at video stores all across the country; it is also available for purchase at all major retailers like HMV or amazon. ca. Don’t forget to subscribe to my feed above or follow me on Facebook and Twitter as the Pop Culture Poet for all the latest and greatest news and reviews from the world of entertainment .Mulberry Bags.