Billiards Association To Host National 9 Ball Invitational

The Antigua & Barbuda Billiards Sports Association (ABBSA) has been making impressively progressive inroads into the country’s sporting sector.

With its recent accomplishment of not only being invited to the National Sports Awards, a first for the sports of Billiards in Antigua & Barbuda, ABBSA was also the lone recipient of the Minister of Sports Performance Award for accomplishments made for the year 2011.

That year ended with a National 8 Ball Championship in which Mr Bernard Percival emerged victorious. Interestingly, the momentum did not end there as during the first quarter of 2012, ABBSA showcased the skills of its female athletes, and on March 22nd Ms Sira Berzas, after many hours of competition, was the winner. Sira was the only female to compete in the National 8 Ball Championships in 2011.

ABBSA also conducted an Eye-Care workshop in February which was facilitated by Dr Jillia Bird under the theme “Eye Care and Your Billiards Game”.

It appears, based on the events of 2011, the Antigua & Barbuda Billiards Sports Association has a unique perspective and plan for the sport of Billiards here in the nation.

“Our plan is player-focused and geared towards promoting community involvement. This plan is segmented into different goals where each goal is accomplished through a streamlined series of phases.  So far, we are confident with our endeavours and, of course, welcome any help which is much needed. 9 Ball is the current international standard of play for professional competitive pocket billiards. We are very excited about our athletes as we continue to prepare them and are looking forward to their performance as they compete for this title,” President Kadesh Bailey said.

The Antigua & Barbuda Billiards Sports Association quite possibly may be on to something very interesting when it comes to billiards in Antigua & Barbuda. Its next event is slated for July 22nd at the Alpha Billiards Club and it is slightly different from the other events. This event is an invitational and hence is limited to a select number of athletes. It appears this will be a competition of the best of the best.