Court releases new details in murder of pregnant woman bound, set on fire

PHOENIX – New details have emerged regarding a case involving the death of a pregnant woman in a Phoenix apartment during the afternoon of July 18.

According to court documents, Phoenix Police received a call from Dwandarrius Jamar Robinson, 21, saying that his apartment was on fire.

The officer who responded to the scene found smoke in the apartment coming from the bedroom, leading him to discover the pregnant victim, 21-year-old Shaniqua Hall, on fire between the bed and the wall.

After the fire was extinguished, she was confirmed deceased. Her feet were bound with silver duct tape and her hands were bound behind her back with a set of handcuffs.

Hall also had silver duct tape binding her head and a strip of the tape was placed over her eyes.

A later investigation by Phoenix Fire Arson Investigators stated that the victim’s body, bed and wall were covered in accelerant.

Robinson agreed to make a statement at police headquarters, stating that he left work at Rio Salado College that day and purchased duct tape for a box project and lighter fluid for an upcoming family barbecue they had planned for the day the victim was to give birth. Hall was due within a matter of a few weeks.

The items, Robinson said, were inside their apartment in a black bag.

The defendant said he then returned home to change clothes and pick up his two-year-old daughter, the other child he had with Hall, and took her to Burger King and a friend’s house where had to pay off a marijuana debt.

He also said that he had sex with Hall before leaving the residence.

Upon returning to the apartment, he called police and said that he noticed the windows blacked out with smoke, a smoke smell and the sound of the fire alarm going off.

Robinson said he then went back to his air-conditioned SUV to wait for emergency personnel.

The officer who responded to the call had not noticed the smoke smell or blacked out windows until he entered the apartment, according to the court documents.

Robinson had not gotten out of his vehicle when the officer arrived. Court documents also state that the apartment was not visible from where the SUV was parked.

Robinson said he didn’t enter the apartment because he was afraid of being burned and leaving his children orphaned, despite knowing that the woman pregnant with his child may have been inside.

Authorities seized Robinson’s clothing and cell phone with a search warrant and discovered a condom wrapper and handcuff keys in his pockets, which he said he owned because he was once a security guard.

The rest of the apartment appeared undisturbed, valuables were left intact, and the items Robinson purchased were inside the bag.

Among the items in the bag was a used roll of silver duct tape.

He claimed the items he purchased, the black bag and items found on his person during the search belonged to him.

Robinson admitted to arguing with Hall about her being too lazy to deliver a maternity note to her employer but denied killing her and starting the fire.

Court documents state that Robinson is facing two charges of premeditated first-degree murder, arson of an occupied structure and kidnapping.