Party perfect: During the Mid Continent Oilmen’s Golf Tournament, a luncheon was held for the wives of the players. 150 people attended. It was at Twin Hills Golf and Country Club and Debra Johnson was chairman. Theme was “Hats, Handbags and Shoes. ” Above: Joan Privott, Sandy Marlin, Jan Rogers. Tee it up: Paul De Padua, makeup artist Trish McEvoy’s national trainer, gave the program “The Power of Makeup. ” Wade Tower entertained and local models showed hats, fashion mulberry bags and shoes from Balliet’s. Trophies: Door prizes were hats, handbags and shoes accessories, including a Prada handbag. Tables: Using a fuchsia and teal color theme, flowers were in black rhinestone trimmed vases. Fast facts: The Golf Tournament, in its 45th year, was played at Twin Hills and Lincoln Park. There were three days of golf and three evening of festivities including a fish fry, barbecue and entertainment by the Full Circle Band. TWICE THE FUN Celebrate .Mulberry Alexa!: Liza Browne Cryder was honoree at a baby shower and brunch in the home of Sandy Meyers. She and her husband, Sterling Cryder, are expecting twin girls in September. Party planners: Meyers, Stephanie Watts, Jill King, Becky Love, Judy Lehmbeck, Sara Northwood, Candy Ainsworth, DeDe Benham, Sarah Hogan and Annie Bohanon. Decor: The dining room chandelier was a cascade of vine roping with tiny pink roses, suspended by pink and green grosgrain ribbon. Also hanging amidst the flowers were tiny footprints and they were also on the table and imprinted on the napkins. Multicolored tiny cupcakes were served for dessert. Girl stuff: A pink tea table (with a music box) and chairs were given to the honoree from the hostesses .Mulberry Bayswater. Seen: Leslie Samara, Millie Hightower, Debra Cryer, Cheryl Browne, Debbie Snell, Kanela Huff, Ann Johnstone, Pam Smith, Pat Edwards, Sally Burpee, Linda James, Geraldine Raupe, Cindy Shelby, Sandy Childress, Karen Hanstein, D’Arline McCubbin, Judy Jordan, Susan Edwards, Lucinda Huffman, Sarah Malloy, Ginny Greenberg, Rita Moore, Helen Sullivan, Kirk Hammons, Libby Steakley, Kathy Walker, Candy Reece, Coe London, Connie Givens and Julie Coyle. TRI DELTA SUMMER MEETING Delta dinner: Oklahoma City Tri Delta Alumnae Chapter outgoing President Leslie Baumert entertained board members at a dinner in her home. Silver, gold, blue: Sorority colors of silver, gold and blue were used in the decorations, including crystal wine glasses on a silver tray. Making plans: New officers planned the year’s agenda. Wendy Simpson is the new president. People: Nina Barker, Christy Zelley, Aubrey Weatherford, Beth Brown, Tina Izadi, Jennifer Nelson, Jennyfer Guebert, Claire Robison, Ann McBride, Rachael Uraneck, Jo Fudge, Juliann Strange, Claudia Robertson, Rhonda Williston, Cindy Hazelwood, Melinda Compton and Julie Barry.

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OARD LUNCHEON Joint board: The annual Oklahoma Art League joint board luncheon was held at Junior League headquarters. It honored the immediate past president, Joyce Stewart, and executive board and the incoming president, Carolyn Howell, and the new board. Agenda: Community art projects were discussed, along with plans for the year. Joyce Stewart was given a gift from the group. Tables: Bouquets of lime green hydrangeas decorated the tables and Aunt Pittypat’s catered the luncheon. In the crowd: Suzanne Silvester, Jeri Edmonds, Phyllis Brawley, Carol Kaspereit, Linda Barnett, Alyce Page, Beth Adams, Julia Eisner, Kay Smith, Judie Steelman, Betty Crow, Anne Gray, Sally Whitten, Susan Robertson, Jean Burke, Karen Mayfield, Stacey Swafford, Sara Treadway, Ann Costello, Sherri Toland, Robin Mulcahy and Gale Derryberry. 89th ANNUAL PICNIC Who/what: Members of the Oklahoma City Kiwanis Club entertained 100 children from the Boys’ Ranch and Oklahoma Baptist Children’s Home. They grilled hamburgers and hot dogs at the 89th annual picnic. Where: The event was at Frontier City. Why/how: Randall Stoner, event chairman, brought his crowd-sized barbecue grill, and Bob Sonnenfeld made 100 bags of his caramel corn for the children. In 1923 the Downtown Kiwanians took children from various orphanages to an outdoor activity. Now the Oklahoma City Kiwanis Club sends children and their house parents to an outing followed by the picnic. SPRING TEA Who/what: Ladies Music Club members presented Sergio Monteiro as the “Musician of the Year” at the spring tea. He is chairman of the piano program at Oklahoma City University. Wanda Davidson is club president and Ellen Jayne Wheeler is chairman of the Outstanding Musician committee.