Maxi-mizing the Mulberry Bags wardrobe this summer

Everywhere I go this summer, I see maxi dresses left and right. For decades, the custom among upper crust women of a certain age was to wear a long and flowing caftan (ideally by Oscar de la Renta) as the simple answer to elegant dressing for a special fashion mulberry bags occasion on a warm day, a summer dinner at a private home on Lake Tahoe, a cocktail party around a Beverly Hills pool, etc. Younger women (20s, 30s) seem to have caught on to the long dress idea, but with a twist. They’re not wearing caftans, but maxi dresses, which were shown in many high-end boutiques last summer and have hit the mass market this summer. The maxi is ubiquitous from Los angeles to San francisco to Houston and the Caribbean, too, as your friendly scribe at SFUnzipped has been noticing during her summer travels. I theoretically like the ease of the maxi, but will offer to repeat the cautionary words of Tim Gunn, the “Project Runway” fashion guru, former Parson’s design school instructor and executive at Liz Claiborne, who said in a recent appearance at Stanford Shopping center that women need to take care not to take too many liberties with when, where and how they wear maxi dresses. Maxi dresses are appropriate for a party around the pool, not dressed up with heels and jewelry for daytime work wear as women are doing in Los angeles .Mulberry Bags. “They weren’t making it work! ” he complained. Menlo School’s recent fashion show benefit to raise money for student scholarships featured maxi dresses available at Bloomingdale’s. (Courtesy Menlo School. )

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I’ve spotted people wearing them on airplanes and at shopping malls, letting their hems drag sloppily on the ground and forgetting to cover up their arms and chests with a light sweater (bras, anyone .Mulberry Alexa)which may be comfortable, but are surely is an infraction of his rules (and not very elegant. ) Scolding? Maybe, but also — just trying to help you to help vera bradley bags.