Victoria’s OTHER Secret Designer creates Mulberry Bayswater world’s first lingerie colostomy bags as they often put partners off

A young designer has taken fashion into medical territory and created a line of lingerie-style colostomy fashion mulberry bags. James Shutt, 23, embarked on the innovative fashion task after realising how, contrary to popular belief, colostomy bag users are actually getting younger. Many of them struggle to relax in the bedroom so James set about designing a solution. The designs features jewels to help colostomy bag users dazzle in the bedroom The former Northumbria University student, from Hereford, spoke to teenage colostomy users before coming up with the ‘Myostomy’ product to get bags back in the bedroom. James said: ‘People the same age as me and younger have to put up with having a colostomy bag attached to them everyday. ‘They want to lead normal sex lives but find partners can be put off by the xanthe1’s blog – my solution hides the embarrassment and gives them the confidence to be sexually intimate, knowing they can relax. ‘ James found colostomy users struggle with sexual if

ntimacy and body consciousness, as well as more practical issues such as the bag inflating with wind, or concerns about leaving their spare bags and cleaning kits behind if they stay over at a partner’s house. The bag includes a jewellery stoma plug and seal that fits into the stoma to prevent faces coming out while a user is having sexual intercourse The myostomy brand includes a jewellery stoma plug and seal that fits into the stoma to prevent faeces coming out while a user is having sexual intercourse -taking away the indignity and inconvenience of wearing a full colostomy bag. The plug has interchangeable jewelled heads which can be worn for roughly an hour and a half before they need to be emptied. More .Mulberry Bayswater… Big Fat Gypsy stitch up: Teen slams dressmaker Thelma Madine’s spin-off programme for creating a ‘freak show’ that made them look ‘tarty and stupid’ Lanvin’s ‘crazy family’: 82-year-old former dancer takes centre-stage in daring new campaign starring ‘real’ people as models Britain’s wash out summer gives boot sales some welly! Waterproof boots selling at rate of two pairs every minute on the high street A colostomy is a surgical procedure in which a stoma, or opening, is formed by drawing the healthy end of the large intestine or colon into the abdominal wall. This opening provides an alternative channel for waste to leave the body, which is collected in disposable colostomy bags attached to the stoma. The seal worn around the stoma has an integrated evacuating bag used with the stoma plug that is on hand to capture any bowel evacuations in the unlikely event that the plug pops out during sex. After speaking with students, James realised how young bag users were and how insecure they felt int he bedroom James has also developed technical alterations to the colostomy bag, including a manual vent that can release gas to prevent ballooning underneath clothing, and a redesign that enables the bag to fill without bulging outwards. An emergency condom-sized hermetically sealed colostomy bag pack with two antiseptic wipes has also been created to be kept inside wallets, pockets and purses. James also came up with body art and tattoos to make the site attractive and allow users to embrace their stoma. He said: ‘I thought about what I would like to have least and how i could make it better for people who have no choice. The bag designs are sexy, stylish and subtle and aim to make women feel sexier in the bedroom ‘The feedback I’ve had suggests people loved the idea and could really see themselves wearing it .Mulberry Bags UK Outlet. ‘Women in their 20s and 30s were most interested and were really excited about not being embarrassed anymore when they got close to new partners. ‘ The Myostomy brand will be available to buy later in the year and will be the first of its type to hit the shelves. James, who graduated from the university this summer, was awarded a first class degree in Design for Industry, scoring particularly highly for this work. James also came up with body art and tattoos to make the site attractive and allow users to embrace their stoma Howard Fenwick, Programme Leader for Design for Industry and Transportation Design, said: ‘Never one to shy away from a tricky project, James launched himself head long into the most complex and emotive of subject areas. ‘His intervention brings fashion to what has been a mundane, but essential, medical accessory while retaining the necessary functionality that ensures his design will be welcomed by all. ‘A colostomy pouch wearer welcomed James’ design proposals with the remark that he “wished such products had been available long ago when he was much younger. “‘ A spokesman from a leading colostomy product manufacturer, said: ‘This product is very inspiring. ‘We are impressed by its creativity and sensitivity in such a difficult Burberry. ‘