Linear Income vs Residual Income

The true power of leverage

The real power of leverage is the Residual Income generated by a Network Marketing organization but what is a Residual Income? And to better understand this concept we are going to compare it with the Linear Income.
The great difference that exists between Linear Income and Residual Income is that more than 90% of people in the world have linear incomes, that is, they change time for money, income based directly on your own effort.  Example: if you work 8 hours, you receive a salary subject to the amount of hours worked, if you do not work you do not receive any salary. This type of income will not help you achieve financial independence. In the linear income a continuous work is necessary, otherwise the income stops.

While Residual Income, is to perform a job for only once and continue to receive income without the need of our physical presence to continue enjoying the permanent royalties. A sample of this is the singers or writers, they perform the work only once, the singers record an album and it is sold all over the world, for each album sold the singer or writer receives a percentage, suppose that he earns $ 1 for each disc or book and they sell $ 2 million copies, because their profit would be $ 2 million dollars.

Linear Income Residual Income  You change time for money: if you do not work, you do not win. You continue to win after the work done once.  Who Earns These Income?   Who Earns These Income?    Employees, self-employed, small traders and traditional businesses. Investors, owners of business systems, inventors, writers, singers, etc.  How do they generate their income?   How do they generate their income?  Traditional work Royalties, Bonds, Shares, etc. leverage model Conclusion: Working intelligently you can achieve the same productivity of working hours in 2 years as working with 100% of your own effort in 40 years.


Currently, anyone can choose what type of income they want for their life: a Linear Income or Residual Income and we assume that you will be asking yourself how you can obtain a residual income if you are not a singer and much less a writer. The answer lies in developing a business of Network Marketing or Network Marketing . The strategy of this business is based on a work of leverage where everyone wins for everyone and your network grows as your interest in helping the network of your partners grow and fulfill their dreams.
Now that you know the difference, what income do you want to have? Linear or Residual?


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