August 14th, 2018
Our company is not a company with intentions to use its clients to earn riches.
This wonderful company was born from the heart of a man who wanted to help average families. That is why it is called:
For a better understanding of what our company wants to do, let’s divide our presentation into three parts:
Who is this company?
What are the products that this company has?
How does our company share its income?
Our company has a proven amazing history.
The success of Melaleuca is unquestionable. Melaleuca has received the esteemed “Torch Award” that the Office of Good Commercial Practices grants to select companies that have demonstrated a long history of exemplary business practices. Melaleuca has received other awards.
In addition to this recognition Melaleuca was 5 consecutive years on the list of fastest growing companies published by Inc. Magazine. He also earned a place in the prestigious Hall of Fame Inc. 500.
Since it was founded in 1985 (33 years of growth) annual sales have grown to more than $ 2 billion, (two billion) its history is unparalleled; every month more than 5 million households buy in Melaleuca; that is a testimony to the quality and value of our products.
Since its foundation in 1985, Melaleuca has set a goal:
“Improving the lives of those we know
helping them achieve their goals “
Our goal is for people to understand that when Melaleuca reaches their homes their lives will improve:
In physical well-being. Melaleuca wants to help you live a longer, healthier and more active life.
In Economic Wellbeing Melaleuca wants to help you one day be free of debt and have an economic security.
Personal wellness. Melaleuca wants to help households have a balance, freedom and tranquility in their personal lives.
Many families have little time to share, many parents only see their children at the end of weeks, dedicate many hours of work to support the family; Melaleuca wants to help you have financial freedom, to have a safe and stable economy but also time to share with your family.
Environmental Wellbeing Melaleuca wants our homes and the environment to be cleaner and safer. Melaleuca has been promoting the need to reduce environmental pollution for more than 33 years.
The products that we acquire in the Supermarkets are really very polluting and harmful for our home, we remember that the objective of Melaleuca is to improve the lives of the people you know. Let’s see some examples of the products we consume acquired in supermarkets.
The toxic chemicals in household cleaning products are 3 times more carcinogenic than those in outdoor air.
More than 3 million poisonings are reported each year and household cleaning products are the primary cause of children’s poisoning.
Bleach is linked to high rates of breast cancer in women, reproductive problems in men and problems of learning and behavior in children.
Since 1980, asthma has increased by 800%. The Canadian Lung Association and the Asthma Society of Canada have identified common household cleaning products and cosmetics as triggers.
Formaldehyde, phenol, benzene, toluene, xylene are found in common household cleaners and cosmetics. These chemicals are carcinogenic and toxic to the immune system.
150 chemicals commonly found in homes are linked to allergies, birth defects, cancer and alterations
Melaleuca has the solution that will improve the environment of your home. A complete line of completely organic, safe and better priced household cleaning products. Our products do not contain chlorine, do not contain ammonia, do not contain aerosol, do not contain phosphates, are completely safer, note that our products do not have security covers like those sold in supermarkets
What do you think if we present you a store where you will consume safer, cheaper products and are placed in the same door of your house? Surely you would change your store.
Melaleuca to help you improve
the environment of your home simply
asks you to change stores.
In addition to these benefits in the quality and price of products, in your first 5 months of shopping after the first month, Melaleuca gives you $ 100 loyalty so that in each month you choose several of the highest quality products with the goal of that you try them. But after those $ 100 dollars are over, Melaleuca will return 10% of all points (each product has a value in points) that you consume to be used later in one of your purchases.
In addition to this line of products for household cleaning (ECOSENSE), Melaleuca has 4 more lines:
Vitality For Life. : If you want to have more energy and better health, we recommend Oligo! exclusive of Melaleuca. Our vitamins surpass all of the market.
Bath & Body: Everything to cover the needs regarding the bathroom of the home.
Sei Bella: A line of competitive cosmetics with the best on the market. Completely organic, without lead. The competition lines have lead, which is carcinogenic ..
RX Pharmacy: It is a wonderful line, products very used in homes, completely organic and highly effective.
Being a Melaleuca preferential customer has many advantages:
1. Prices for preferential customers. (30% to 40% less than the regular price)
2. Exceptional products delivered conveniently at the door of your house.
3. Loyalty dollars for purchases. You can earn up to $ 100 dollars in loyalty for purchases in your first 6 months and after that 10%.
4. Through Melaleuca you can buy in more than 650 well-known stores and brands. You will receive savings of up to 15%
5. Through Melaleuca you can use many services. Home security system, cell phones, advice on buying a house or car, advice on immigration issues, etc.
6. There are no risks, no contracts, you can cancel at any time.
1. Become a preferred customer. Cost $ 19 dollars per year membership .
2. Simply change your store and buy at Melaleuca every month. You must buy every month no less than 35 points which is equivalent to $ 55 – $ 65 dollars.
What you spent in the supermarkets now you commit to buy it in Melaleuca.
3. You choose a pre-selected order. When for any reason you forget to make the purchase of the month, so you do not lose the benefits of being a preferred customer Melaleuca will send you your pre-selected order.
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The opportunity of a life time‏

August 9th, 2018

In today’s society, most of us spend a great deal of our lives trying to provide for our families and developing the resources necessary to have a great life. For most, getting ahead financially is a real challenge. Statistics suggest that those who make the most financial progress are often entrepreneurs who start their own businesses. But starting a business often takes an investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars. And even then, the road to success is fraught with obstacles and serious financial risk.

Over the last three decades, Melaleuca has been building a financial opportunity for the average person to start a business with virtually no risk and unlimited upside potential. We see ourselves as the champion of the “little guy.” We believe that those who were not born into wealth and who have not climbed the corporate ladder should still have the same opportunity to get ahead in life. Although we’ve all heard the old mantra “It takes money to make money,” Melaleuca has developed a proven system where people with virtually no financial investment can make substantial improvements in their financial situation simply by referring customers to Melaleuca. This system has proven to be quite successful. Melaleuca has already paid out over $3.6 billion to households who were previously “just getting by” with their 9-to-5 jobs.


Our industry is the $620 billion wellness industry. The key to Melaleuca’s historic growth and life-changing Financial Reward Program is Melaleuca’s tremendous line of superior wellness products. We succeed because our wellness products are the absolute best in the marketplace.


All compensation is based on the sale of products to end consumers. However, you will never have to “sell” a single product to anyone since all products are sold directly by Melaleuca to your customers. Your role is simply to refer customers to shop at Melaleuca.

You will be paid commissions whenever those customers purchase products. It’s all about having delighted customers who, because of their personal experience of increased energy and healthier lives, continue to purchase Melaleuca products month after month.

Delighted customers create an enormous demand for Melaleuca products. Since most of Melaleuca’s customers are Preferred Customers who purchase every month, that can mean substantial monthly income for you for the rest of your life! Your income will depend on how many loyal customers you have and how much they purchase each month. As with any business, your success will take hard work, diligence, perseverance, and leadership. It’s a new day! Welcome to Melaleuca!



Please leave your name and contact information (please include your email address) and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Is a Filthy Home Safer for Your Children?

July 25th, 2018

A clean home. Who needs it?

After a new, independent study concluded that cleaning your home as little as once a week with national brand cleaners was as dangerous for your lungs as smoking a pack a day for twenty years, some parents are seriously wondering if cleaning the house is worth it at all. And who would blame them?

If adult lungs suffer when we breathe in the dangerous chemicals of national brand cleaning products, what about the developing lungs of children?

Yes, it’s just what you suspected: toxic chemicals are extremely dangerous for your children.

Here is what you need to know about hazardous chemicals and your child’s lungs:

• While toxins threaten everyone’s health, infants and children are especially sensitive to toxins and are very susceptible to air pollution

• Children are more vulnerable to chemicals (pound-by-pound because of their smaller body weight)

• Children’s bodies are less able to detoxify because their organs are not fully developed

If the hazardous chemicals in national brand cleaners are affecting adult respiratory health, imagine what they are doing to children who live in the same home, eat in the same kitchen, bathe in the same bathrooms, walk on the same floors, and breathe the same air! Their little lungs—so pure and clean—should be breathing air that is equally as pure and clean.

Giving up on cleaning all together (as tempting as that may sound some days) is not the answer. Living in filth comes with its own frightening threats to children’s health.

The good news is, it’s possible to provide your little ones with the home environment they deserve—freshly scrubbed, tidy and clean (even disinfected)—without harsh, toxic, organ-damaging chemicals.

Melaleuca scientists formulated EcoSense products to get your house sparkling clean without ammonia, chlorine bleach, quaternary disinfectants, or other dangerous chemicals. In fact, our cleaning products are so safe that no child safety caps are required.

You can have a clean home that is also toxin-free! Only EcoSense is the safer, more effective alternative.

Learn to be Chemical Free !!!

July 24th, 2018

Let’s Stop Poisoning Our Children,

Why should three-year-old Jason Whitley have died a lingering and horrible death after swallowing three ounces of hair conditioner? Two weeks after drinking the liquid, which contains ammonia, the little boy died.

And why should seven-month-old Adrian Gonzales have died? He crawled through a puddle of spilled laundry bleach, which gave him third-degree burns on 50% of his tiny body and burned his lungs from the fumes as well. It took him four agonizing days to die.

And why should little Peter Schwab have suffered so much? When he was a year old, he crawled over to the dishwasher to watch his mother unloading it. Suddenly, he put a finger into the detergent dispensing cup and ate a fingerful of wet but undissolved Electrosol. In minutes his face was red and blistered, and the inside of his mouth and his tongue were burned white. Because of a series of fortunate circumstances, Peter was in a hospital within minutes but he recovered in a few days. Not so for the little girl across the hall in the hospital who (according to Peter’s mother) ate some dishwasher detergent and required seven operations to reopen her scarred esophagus. Or the eighteen-month-old boy who had to eat and breathe through tubes for five months and at last count has had thirty operations. Dishwasher detergent is what destroyed his throat, too

“More children under four die of accidental poisoning at home than are accidentally killed with a gun at home.”
-National Safety Council

Why must these children have to suffer? If only they had never been exposed to such hazardous chemicals. Every year, million household poisoning are reported (50,000 overexposure cases per year are attributed to bleach alone). Sadly, many of the hazardous chemicals are fatal, and most of the victims are children. These poisoning are the result of accidental ingestion of common household substance found in just about every home.

The real tragedy is, accidents like these can easily be avoided. But most parents aren’t aware that there are effective products on the market that are much safer than nationally advertised brands, and, in most cases, cost less.

This message is meant to be a wake-up call for parents. I think you will be shocked to learn about some of the health hazards your child is exposed to every day because of the cleaning and personal care products in your home. I pray you will read this information carefully. Your child’s health and safety may depend on it.

Debra Lynn Dadd – Live Toxic Free

Learn to be Chemical Free

La creacion de recursos economicos para vivir una vida extraordinaria‏

July 13th, 2018


En la sociedad moderna, la mayoría de nosotros pasamos gran parte de nuestra vida tratando de mantener a nuestra familia y obtener los recursos necesarios para vivir bien. Sin embargo, para muchos es realmente difícil mejorar su situación económica. Las estadísticas indican que las personas que logran un mayor progreso económico son, con frecuencia, empresarios que establecen sus propios negocios. Pero para emprender un negocio a menudo hay que invertir cientos de miles de dólares. Y aun así, el camino del éxito está plagado de obstáculos y grandes riesgos financieros.
Durante las últimas tres décadas, Melaleuca ha creado una oportunidad económica para que la gente promedio pueda emprender un negocio en el que virtualmente no hay riesgo y el potencial de crecimiento es ilimitado. Nos consideramos los defensores de la gente común. Creemos que aquellos que no nacieron adinerados y que no han ascendido el escalafón corporativo deberían tener la misma oportunidad de salir adelante en la vida. Aunque todos hemos escuchado el viejo refrán que dice: “La plata llama a la plata”, Melaleuca ha creado un sistema comprobado en el que la gente puede mejorar su situación económica de manera significativa, tan solo por referir clientes a Melaleuca, sin tener que hacer una gran inversión. Este sistema ha demostrado ser muy exitoso. Hasta la fecha Melaleuca ha pagado más de 3,600 millones de dólares a familias que antes apenas se las arreglaban con sus empleos.
Nuestro sector es la industria del bienestar, la cual asciende a los 620,000 millones de dólares. La clave del crecimiento sin precedentes de Melaleuca y de su programa de recompensas monetarias es su excepcional línea de productos para el bienestar. Nuestro éxito se debe a que nuestros productos para el bienestar son los mejores del mercado.
Todas las comisiones y bonificaciones se basan en la venta de productos a los consumidores. Sin embargo, usted nunca tiene que “vender” ningún producto, porque Melaleuca los vende directamente a sus clientes. Su función es referir a clientes para que compren en Melaleuca, y se le pagará comisiones cuando esos clientes compren productos. Todo se basa en tener clientes satisfechos que siguen comprando los productos Melaleuca mes tras mes porque tienen más energía y se sienten más saludables.
Los clientes satisfechos generan una demanda enorme de productos Melaleuca. En vista de que la mayoría de los clientes de Melaleuca son Clientes Preferenciales que compran todos los meses, usted puede ganar un ingreso mensual considerable por el resto de su vida. Sus ingresos dependen de la cantidad de clientes leales que tenga y de cuánto compren cada mes. Al igual que con cualquier otro negocio, para tener éxito se requiere esfuerzo, diligencia, perseverancia y liderazgo. ¡Es un nuevo día! ¡Bienvenido(a) a Melaleuca!
Ser un cliente preferencial de Melaleuca tiene muchas ventajas:
1. Precios para clientes preferenciales. (30% a 40% menos del precio regular)
2. Productos excepcionales entregados convenientemente en la puerta de su casa.
3. Dólares de lealta para compras. Usted puede ganar hasta $100 en dólares por lealtad para compras en sus primeros 6 meses y después de eso el 10%.
4. Por medio de Melaleuca usted puede compara en más de 650 tiendas conocidas y de marcas. Recibirás un ahorro de hasta el 15%
5. Por medio de Melaleuca usted puede usar muchos servicios. Sistema de seguridad para el hogar, Teléfonos celulares, Asesoría en la compra de casa o autos, asesoría en asuntos de inmigración, etc.
6. No hay riesgos, ni contratos, usted puede cancelar en cualquier momento.
1. Convertirte en cliente preferencial. Costo $19 dólares  (En Mexico $300.00 pesos)  de membrecía.
2. Simplemente que cambie de tienda y compre en Melaleuca cada mes.
Deberá comprar todos los meses no menos de 35 puntos que es equivalente a $55 – $65 dólares.( En Mexico $880.00.pesos + IVA+ENVIO. = $1000.00. pesos mas o menos)
 Lo que gastabas en los supermercados ahora te comprometes comprarlo en Melaleuca.
3. Eliges un pedido preseleccionado. Cuando por cualquier motivo se te olvide hacer la compra del mes, para que no pierdas los beneficios de ser cliente preferencial Melaleuca te enviará tu pedido preseleccionado.
Hoy te revelamos. Las claves del éxito para retirarte joven y rico.
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July 9th, 2018

Nuestra compañía no es una compañía con intensiones de utilizar a sus clientes para ganar riquezas.

Esta maravillosa compañía nació del corazón de un hombre que deseaba ayudar a las familias promedios. Es por eso que es denominada :


Para una mejor comprensión de lo que nuestra compañía desea hacer, dividamos nuestra presentación en tres partes:

  1. ¿Quién es esta compañía?
  2. ¿Cuáles son los productos que tiene esta compañía?
  3. ¿Cómo nuestra compañía comparte sus ingresos?
Nuestra compañía tiene un historial sorprendente comprobado. El éxito de Melaleuca es incuestionable. Melaleuca ha recibido el apreciado premio “Torch Award” que la Oficina de Buenas Prácticas Comerciales otorga a compañías selectas que han demostrado un largo historial de prácticas comerciales ejemplares. Melaleuca ha recibido otros reconocimientos.
Ademas de este reconocimiento Melaleuca estuvo 5 años consecutivos en la lista de compañías de más rápido crecimiento publicada por la revista Inc. Además Obtuvo un lugar en el prestigioso Salón de la fama de Inc. 500.

Desde que fue fundada en 1985 (31 años de crecimiento) las ventas anuales han crecido a más de $2.000 millones,(Dos Billones) su historial es incomparable; cada mes mas de 5 millones de hogares compran en Melaleuca; eso es un testimonio a la calidad y al valor de nuestros productos. 

Desde su fundación en 1985, Melaleuca se ha propuesto un objetivo:

“Mejorando la vida de los que conocemos 
ayudándoles a que logren sus metas”

Nuestro objetivo es que las personas entiendan que cuando Melaleuca llega a los hogares sus vidas mejoraran:

  1. En bienestar físico.Melaleuca quiere ayudarte a vivir una vida más larga, saludable y más activa.
  2. En Bienestar Económico. Melaleuca desea ayudarte a que un día estés libres de deudas y tengas una seguridad económica.
  3. Bienestar Personal. Melaleuca desea ayudar a los hogares a tener un equilibrio, libertad y tranquilidad en la vida personal. Muchas familias tienen poco tiempo para compartir, muchos padres solamente ven a sus hijos el fin de semanas, dedican muchas horas de trabajo para poder sustentar la familia; Melaleuca desea ayudarte a tener libertad financiera, poder tener una economía segura y estable pero además tiempo para compartir con tu familia.
  4. Bienestar Ambiental. Melaleuca desea que nuestros hogares y el medio ambiente sean más limpios y seguros. Hace mas de 25 años que Melaleuca está promoviendo la necesidad de reducir la contaminación del medio ambiente.

Los productos que adquirimos en los Supermercados verdaderamente son muy contaminantes y pejudiciales para nuestro hogar, recodemos que el objetivo de Melaleuca es mejorar la vida de las personas que conocemes. Veamos algunos ejemplos de los productos que consumimos adquiridos en los supermercados.

  •  Los productos químicos tóxicos en productos de limpieza domésticos son 3 veces más cancerígenos que los del aire exterior.
  • Más de 3 millones de envenenamientos son reportados cada año y los productos de limpieza del hogar son la primera causa de intoxicación de los niños.
  • Bleach está vinculado a los altos índices de cáncer de mama en las mujeres, problemas reproductivos en hombres y problemas de aprendizaje y conducta en los niños.
  • Desde 1980, el asma ha aumentado en un 600%. La Canadian Lung Association y la Sociedad de Asma de Canadá ha identificado los productos comunes de limpieza del hogar y cosméticos como desencadenantes.
    El formaldehído, fenol, benceno, tolueno, xileno se encuentran en limpiadores del hogar común y los cosméticos. Estos químicos son cancerígenos y tóxicos para el sistema inmunológico.
  • 150 productos químicos encontrados comúnmente en los hogares están vinculados a las alergias, defectos de nacimiento, cáncer y alteraciones
Melaleuca tiene la solución que permitirá mejorar el ambiente de tu hogar. Una línea completa de productos de limpieza del hogar completamente orgánicos, seguros y de mejor precio. Nuestros productos no contienen cloro, no contienen amoniaco, no contienen aerosol, no contienen fosfatos, son completamente más seguros, note que nuestros productos no tienen tapa de seguridad como los que se venden en los supermercados

¿Qué te parece si te presentamos una tienda donde consumirás productos más seguros, más baratos y son puestos en la misma puerta de tu casa? De seguro que te cambiarías de tienda.

Melaleuca para ayudarte a mejorar 
el medio ambiente de tu hogar simplemente 
te pide que cambies de tienda.

Además de estos beneficios en la calidad y el precio de los productos, en tus primeros 5 meses de compras después del primer mes,Melaleuca te regala $100 dólares de lealtad para que en cada mes escojas varios de los productos de mayor calidad con el objetivo de que los pruebes. Pero después que esos $100 dólares terminen, Melaleuca te devolverá el 10% de todos los puntos (cada producto tiene un valor en puntos) que consumas para poder ser usados posteriormente en una de sus compras.

Además de esta línea de productos para la limpieza del hogar (ECOSENSE), Melaleuca tiene 4 líneas más:

  • Vitality For Life. : Si usted desea tener más energía y mejor salud, le recomendamos ¡Oligo!  exclusivo de Melaleuca. Nuestras vitaminas superan a todas las del mercado.
  • Bath & Body: Todo para cubrir las necesidades respecto al baño del hogar.
  • Sei Bella: Una línea de cosméticos competitivos con los mejores del mercado. Completamente orgánicos, sin plomo. Las líneas de la competencia tiene plomo, el cual es cancerígeno..
  • RX. Pharmacy: Es una línea maravillosa, productos muy utilizado en los hogares, completamente orgánicos y de un gran efectividad.

Ser un cliente preferencial de Melaleuca tiene muchas ventajas:

1.    Precios para clientes preferenciales. (30% a 40% menos del precio regular)
2.    Productos excepcionales entregados convenientemente en la puerta de su casa.
3.    Dólares de lealta para compras. Usted puede ganar hasta $100 en dólares por lealtad para compras en sus primeros 6 meses y después de eso el 10%.
4.    Por medio de Melaleuca usted puede compara en más de 650 tiendas conocidas y de marcas. Recibirás un ahorro de hasta el 15%
5.    Por medio de Melaleuca usted puede usar muchos servicios.  Sistema de seguridad para el hogar, Teléfonos celulares, Asesoría en la compra de casa o autos, asesoría en asuntos de inmigración, etc.
6.    No hay riesgos, ni contratos, usted puede cancelar en cualquier momento.

1.    Convertirte en cliente preferencial. Costo $19 dólares de membrecía.(Mexico el costo de la membresia es $ 300.00/pesos)
2.    Simplemente que cambie de tienda y compre en Melaleuca cada mes. Deberá comprar todos los meses no menos de 35 puntos que es equivalente a $55 – $65 dólares.(Mexico $825.00/pesos) Lo que gastabas en los supermercados ahora te comprometes comprarlo en Melaleuca.

3.    Eliges un pedido preseleccionado. Cuando por cualquier motivo se te olvide hacer la compra del mes, para que no pierdas los beneficios de ser cliente preferencial Melaleuca te enviará tu  pedido preseleccionado.

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June 7th, 2018

Why is there NO True Residual Income in MLM?
Why are Professional Network Marketers leaving other companies and building a successful business with us?
When you have professional Network Marketers leaving seemingly successful companies and opportunities and coming over to build a business with us it’s wise to pay attention and ask yourself… Why?
Here are some reasons why Network Marketers love our company:
1) NO Inventory
2) NO Selling
3) NO Deliveries
4) NO Taking Orders
5) NO Receiving Payments
6) NO Huge Autoships
7) NO Breakaways
NO Changing the Comp Plan Every 6 Months
9) NO Overpriced Products to Convince People to Buy
10) NO Massive Customer Attrition – We Enjoy 95% Retention
tired of all the hype? tired of all the bs?? finally a system where real people can earn real income without all the tired mlm nonsense.

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Tienes que actualizar tus creencias y tus emociones para que coincidan con tu visión y tus objetivos.

June 7th, 2018

¿Por qué NO hay un verdadero ingreso residual en MLM?

¿Por qué los profesionales de marketing de redes dejan otras compañías y construyen un negocio exitoso con nosotros?

Cuando tienes profesionales del Network Marketing Multinivel que dejan empresas y oportunidades aparentemente exitosas y se acercan para construir un negocio con nosotros, es inteligente prestar atención y preguntarse … ¿Por qué?

Aquí hay algunas razones por las que los Promotores de Redes de mercadeo aman a nuestra compañía:

1) SIN inventario
2) SIN ventas
3) NO entregas
4) NO tomando pedidos
5) NO recibir pagos
6) NO Autoships enormes que lastiman las finanzas del cliente
7) NO plan de compensación escalonado y de separación
NO Cambiar el plan de compensación cada 6 meses
9) NO productos milagrosos sobrevaluados para convencer a las personas a comprar
10) SIN DESERCION MASIVA DE CLIENTES: disfrutamos del 95% de retención (Alto porcentaje de recompra$)

¿Cansado de todo el bombo y platillo? ¿cansado de todos los escándalos, mentiras y exageración del multinivel ?

Finalmente un sistema donde la gente realmente puede obtener un ingreso residual real sin todos las tonterías y milagros del mlm.

El MLM una verdadera fuente de ingresos para la jubilación??

Los cambios de las Eras

June 2nd, 2018
“Como equipo la riqueza más grande no es el dinero que nos acompaña,
sino cuanto amor tenemos en el corazón por nosotros y en especial por ayudar al prójimo”.

Los cambios de Era

Durante años la economía mundial ha pasado por varias etapas. Las cuales voy a hacerles referencia a tres:  La Era Agrícola, La Era Industrial o conocida también como Revolución Industrial y la Era del Conocimiento, la informática y la tecnología, esta última prevalece en este siglo XXI.

A través de la historia la tecnología de cada época ha sido poderosamente influyente en la vida cotidiana de sus sociedades. Los productos y la ocupación han sido dictados por la tecnología disponible, por ejemplo en la era agrícola cuya tecnología era muy primitiva, esta estaba formada por herramientas muy simples que, sin embargo eran lo último en tecnología, como consecuencia de ello la mayoría de la gente eran agricultores y todo el trabajo se hacía mediante la fuerza de los hombres y de los animales.
El dinero en esa época se producía a través del trabajo duro del hombre y de los animales.
A mediados del siglo XVIII, los molinos de agua, la máquina de vapor y otros transformadores de energía reemplazaron la fuerza humana y animal como fuente principal de energía. Las nuevas máquinas de fabricación impulsaron el crecimiento de la industria y mucha gente pasó a estar empleada en las nuevas fábricas como trabajadores. Los bienes se producían más rápidamente y mejor que antes y la calidad de vida aumentó. Los cambios se sucedieron tan deprisa que a este período se le conoce como “Revolución Industrial”.
En esta época se crearon las fuentes de empleo, aumentó la calidad de vida en millones de personas, había seguridad, y se necesitaba mucha demanda de profesionales para trabajar y emplearse en un trabajo seguro.
A continuación, en la mitad del siglo XX surgen las industrias basadas en la ciencia, las mejoras tecnológicas en la electrónica hicieron posible el ordenador. Este constituye el desarrollo más importante, el ordenador revolucionó el modo de procesar y comunicar la información. Como resultado la información se ha convertido en un bien más del mercado y esta nueva era se conoce como la era de la información o “post-industrial”.
La tecnología de la información tiene un gran impacto en la sociedad, ordenadores, fibra óptica, radio, televisión y satélites de comunicación son sólo ejemplos de dispositivos que tienen un enorme efecto sobre nuestra vida y economía.
Un gran porcentaje de empleos requieren “trabajadores informáticos” (cada vez menos, debido a que las máquinas pueden sustituir la labor del hombre) y cada vez menos se necesitan “trabajadores de producción”. La tecnología de la información ha sido responsable del espectacular crecimiento de la Robótica, y a medida que la era industrial declina se espera que cada vez más trabajo físico sea realizado por robots.
Los robots de servicio proporcionan muchas funciones de utilidad, se emplean para el ocio, la educación, fines de bienestar personal y social. Por ejemplo, hay prototipos que recorren los pasillos de los hospitales y cárceles para servir alimentos, otros navegan en oficinas para repartir el correo a los empleados. Los robots de servicios son idealmente adecuados al trabajo en áreas demasiado peligrosas para la vida humana y a explorar lugares anteriormente prohibidos a los seres humanos. Han probado ser valiosos en situaciones de alto riesgo como en la desactivación de bombas y en entornos contaminados radioactiva y químicamente.
Este crecimiento revolucionario en el empleo de robots como dispositivos prácticos es un indicador de que los robots desempeñarán un importante papel en el futuro. Los robots del futuro podrán relevar al hombre en múltiples tipos de trabajo físico. Joseph Engelberg, padre de la robótica industrial, está investigando en una especie de robot mayordomo o sirviente doméstico. Se piensa que los robots están en ese momento crítico antes de la explosión del mercado, como lo estuvieron los PC,s en 1975. El campo de la robótica se desbordará cuando los robots sean de dominio público, esta revolución exigirá que la gente de la era de la información no sea “analfabeta robótica”.
En esta Era el dinero se movió de sitio y ya los empleos tradicionales no son suficiente, hoy día podemos encontrar mejores formas de producir ingresos. Uno de ellos son las franquicias, o Bienes Raíces, o las Redes de Distribución o Mercadeo, también conocido como Network Marketing. Dicen los expertos que una de las mejores opciones son las Redes de Mercadeo, ya que inicias un negocio propio con poca inversión, sin riesgos y lo construyes desde la comodidad de tu hogar, y además es un negocio que se hace a nivel mundial.

12 Factors for Success in a Home-Based Business

May 27th, 2018

Millions of people start daily business from home.

Many promote services other products, others both.

Many join other established companies to “Ground Floor Opportunities”, all look for something in common:

Achieve financial freedom and have time to spend with your family or to do the activities that interest you most.
The reality is that most people do not have success and give up shortly after they have started.

Let’s analyze what are the real causes that can determine between being successful or failing.
There are 3 important elements to analyze:

a – The company.
b- The Products or Services.
c- The human factor. ( US )

Sometimes we have the best company, the best products but nevertheless success is not achieved.

Let’s analyze the 2 First points.

12 Factors for Success in a Business from Home:

1- History of the company.

Most companies fail in the first 5 years.
How many years in the market does the company you are evaluating?

If  do not have more than 10 years of success, do not take the risk.
The false myth of “Ground Floor Opportunity”, do not listen when they tell you that it is the perfect moment because the company is starting and those who start first
They are the ones who will achieve success without much effort. That is a big lie.

2- Financial Stability

Investigate before getting involved. It is something that will pass the test of time.
Is it a private or public company?
The public companies respond in the first instance to the interests of the
Is a company loaded with debts?
Analyze this point, this determines to a great extent the stability of your business.

With what regularity the company makes commission payments. Is trustworthy ? Have you gotten behind in these payments on some occasion? What is the cause ?

3- Experience of the Administration.

How experienced are your executives managing corporations before, how successful have they been?

If it’s a Network Marketing or MLM company, ask yourself:
Do the owners of the business program participate, are they part of the structure of the compensation plan?
Most companies know that they have a very small chance to earn their millions and start something new. A large part of the companies take advantage of their customers or distributors and take desciones for the benefit
staff of those who run it and do not take into account their people who work in the field.

Make sure that the company’s directors come from recognized corporations in the United States.
The directors of the company are based on solid principles and objectives, have real goals that are not exaggerated and invest in pursuit of them. ?

4- The Products are Exclusive of the company and are of massive consumption by 100% of the people?

The products create new habits in the consumers or are products to which they are already accustomed and are needed daily?

Preferably they must be superior and more secure products, patented and protected by trade secrets that prevent others from manufacturing them.

They must be products that people use every day, without having to create new needs.

In other words, people are already spending money on products of this type, so the business concept should revolve around redirecting expenses and not creating new ones.

In other words, this is the only way to create a business that generates a constant and growing income based on residual income and not one-time or linear income.

Remember Real Residual Income is the greatest benefit of a network business, but in 99% of companies there is no durable residual.

5- Prices of the Products

Are the prices competitive, reasonable?

Something that the common person can buy or are products for a limited market sector?
Products with prices similar or better than those that the client is used to are needed, only this way the client can see the benefit of being a customer and staying
As a customer for a long time, this guarantees the retention of customers.
Are the products manufactured by the company or subcontracted by other manufacturers?

Only if the company manufactures its own products can there be a quality control and a control over the levels of availability for the clients and not products in
El orden anterior

6- Purchase Repeat Index.

Analyze a very important factor, what is the percentage of customers who buy every month, how many stay true to the brand for years independently
if they receive commissions or not from the company.

In the vast majority of network marketing companies or network marketing people come by the income potential but seeing that they are not winning they decide
withdraw from the program.

Look for a company where people stay for the benefit of the product and not for the money they can earn.

7- Monthly Production Requirement.

What monthly volume should you personally move into products to qualify to receive the highest commissions?
If the monthly purchase requirement per customer is above what he can consume in his house then the vast majority will not be successful because he has to
go out to sell products and not everyone has that gift.

If the company has only one product or a small variety of products, there is a high probability that the house will be filled with the same product and this leads to the
reorder more product or cancellation without doubts.

8- Investment to Begin.

This is one of the most important points. How much do you have to invest to start?

Is it something that anyone can do or just a select group in the market?

If it is a network marketing business, the key to success lies in duplication, that is, something anyone can do, therefore the registration fee can not be
of more than 3% of their income should be something affordable accessible to the vast majority. Something that does not require buying inventory of products.

9- Percentage of Customer Retention.

In most of the companies, if the clients did not place orders, the promoters give up because logically they are not receiving compensation. The question is, do customers really exist?

It is not about bringing customers who cancel the following month, it is about bringing customers who stay for the products, prices and benefits they receive as customers of the brand.
Only then can you create a business that lasts for years regardless of whether there is a recession or not.

10- The Timely Moment.

Is the market saturated so much that we have to go out and look for international expansion?

Is it a good time to promote these products? What will happen in 5 years,
It will be a good time yet?

This is a key factor in the success of any business.

11- Will you lose your Business Leaders?

Many companies use compensation plans where people are penalized by paying less commissions when a leader moves towards a position close to their
sponsor or enroller, rupture or breakaway plans.
Many companies use binary plans that go against the business principles because they stimulate to help those with the shortest leg, in others
words, to those who do not produce.

12- Are there Risks?

Does the company offer an unconditional guarantee policy of 100% money back when the client is not satisfied?
Do they charge a fee for a refund or restocking fee?
How complex is the guarantee process?
This must be simple and the client’s decision must always be respected.
No injured persons should leave because of a bad guarantee policy.

These 12 factors determine 90% success in a business from home.

There is the 80/20 rule, where of every 100 people only 20% can do it, if we find an opportunity that meets these 12 factors then this rule
it breaks and then and only then will the probability  of Success be equal for all.

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Have you ever searched for a way to create a side income?