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Consumer vs Prosumer: What’s the Difference?

Monday, January 29th, 2018
Consumer vs Prosumer: What’s the Difference?
Network Marketing, Are they really the business of the 21st century?As a result of the innumerable consultations that we are asked about our opinion about the marketing networks and, after investigating and hearing valuable testimonies,
we dare to give our point of view:
In principle, we have always maintained that when we talk about Network Marketing, we are talking about an avant-garde business that has the most complete credentials required by law. Men can lie, numbers can not. And what the figures say is that, as a whole, the multilevel moves more money than football and even more money than the music industry. It is even more striking that the sector grows at incredible speed, even in times of crisis, just when other sectors are declining.
In times when we must learn to live in chaos, Network Marketing appears as an authentic option for economic freedom.
Alvin Toffler, the great futurist, warned that the 21st century will be of the “prosumers.” Who are the prosumers? To begin with, PRO – SUMIDOR is a term that arises from the union of two words: producer and consumer. It refers to people who know how to consume, produce. Or as the author would say in one of his descriptions, prosumers are intelligent consumers. In essence, a networker is an intelligent consumer and a consumer organization builder.
The point that brings us today is the following:
Are marketing networks really the business of the 21st century? Is it really the most profitable business of our time? Is it the wonder that many paint?
Let’s start by clarifying that our analysis is based on multilevel companies with a proven track record, and not on facades or commercial skeletons that are only mounted to scam people. We are not talking about pyramids, but real companies; We are talking about these temporary projects, which raise money and then disappear, but companies that have 15, 20.35 or more years in the market.
Nor do we speak of those last companies that appear taking advantage of the boom of the foreign exchange market, the stock market, the cryptocurrency market, or the safe haven currency that is gold. Companies that are dedicated to multilevel of these sectors do not resist further analysis: your business has the days numbered.
In fact, as Richard Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller, another great visionary of recent times, warned, “the middle terms look at the trends, but the sharp-eyed look at the macro trends.” And the reality is that the macro tendency is a that the currency market, the stock market and the precious stones market, open up to really home-made levels. An example: stock exchanges around the world have begun to announce that in the coming months any citizen can buy shares from their cell phone.
Returning to the point, the question is not whether the marketing networks are the business of the 21st century. It is proven that they are. The question is if you are the 21st century entrepreneur. Because the business is like any other: if you surrender halfway, obviously you will earn half.
How to know if we are entrepreneurs of the 21st century? How to know if we are doing business with the multilevel or if the multilevel is doing business with us?
Years ago, when the Internet had not yet exploded and when the information was not yet as massive as it is today, the great attraction of the multilevel industry was its educational system. “Do not enter a company if you do not have a powerful educational system,” he warned. Nowadays that seems to open a great debate: What is really the most attractive of the multilevel? The business model or the education system?
We consider that the most valuable is the business model. And that at this point it is not worth losing perspective. Education is part of the business model, but in no way should it constitute the business itself.
In other words, if you enter the MLM because “you just want to educate yourself”, we believe that you are losing time or that learning can be very expensive. Too expensive. Tell us, to access the information that can be provided there, is already YouTube, Google, and the infinity of business publications that today you and any other mortal can access. Years ago that was impossible, and there lay a multilevel advantage: they educated you in a world where information was really scarce. Today, information is no longer scarce, it is abundant. Therefore, doing business only for “education” is, to say the least, unintelligent.
The 21st century, with the advantages brought by the interconnected economy, offers you not only the possibility of knowing many vehicles that can be climbed to achieve financial freedom; but it offers, above all, the possibility that you build your own vehicle. And that is one of the differences between the industrial age and the information age: in the industrial age only a small elite could build their vehicle. In the information age, anyone can build their vehicle.
The multilevel works. And the macro trend suggests that, in the coming years, the art of networking should be offered as a profession. – We all do network marketing, the difference is that Networkers are paid, others are not. Let’s be clear, we are all consumers, but only Networkers are smart consumers. If you want to enter the multilevel think like Warren Buffett. Says Mr. Warren: “I invest in companies that, whatever happens, will never go out of style.” This is going into companies whose products will always move. – Enter for the business model, not just for education. In fact, they do not pay you for reading books, listening to audios or attending events. That only helps you make the business better. The business model has its strong point in the residuals: marketing networks is a rich business. And the maxim says that if you want to get rich, you should start a rich business.
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