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1 Blind 1 White Cane


I need your favor to help me to share and promote a campaign called “1 Blind 1 White Cane” organized by Yayasan Orang Buta Malaysia (Malaysian Foundation for the Blind)

The aim of the campaign is to raise fund via online crowd funding platform to buy 2000 pieces of white canes for the poor blind people in malaysia

Please help me in making this campaign a success.

Kindly share the link to all your contacts for the next three months or

Terima kasih thank you to those who stay and offer your helping hand.


Yayasan Orang Buta Malaysia


Slimweight Patch: Top Five FAQ’s

 Slimweight Patch: Top Five FAQ’s


Because there are so many diet and weight loss supplements inundating the market today a person is always curious as to what separates the latest from the others. A common concern is the safety of the newest weight loss supplement and also how well it works and how fast.  

The Slimweight Patch looks to be the most revolutionary weight loss aide of the future and here is a run down of the most commonly asked questions.


Q: What is in the Slimweight Patch?

A: The Slimweight Patch is made up of only completely natural ingredients found both in the ocean and naturally in the forests and in fruits. The main ingredient of which the Slimweight Patch works off of is a unique kind of brown alga known as Fucus Vesiculosus naturally occurring in the oceans of the Atlantic, Pacific, North Sea, and Baltic coasts.


Q: Is the Slimweight Patch safe?

A: Everything that goes into the Slimweight Patch is all natural and what’s more many of the ingredients have been herbal remedies used by local holistic healers for centuries. In fact many of the ingredients are eaten in the locals’ normal diets in their bread and vegetable dishes. There are also many clinical studies that prove that the Slimweight Patch bears no adverse side effects at all.


Q: Why is the Slimweight Patch different from other weight loss supplements?

A: The Slimweight Patch is quite different in that it is not taken orally but instead applied directly to the skin.  The ingredients in the Slimweight Patch are then immediately absorbed and taken into the blood stream where they can have an impact right away.  

Conversely any oral pills must pass through the stomach, liver, and digestive tract before they can ever reach that point and by then they have lost 95 percent of their effectiveness due to digestive enzymes and processes. The Slimweight Patch is then the most potent weight loss remedy on the market today.


Q: How much weight can I lose with the Slimweight Patch?

A: The Slimweight Patch is perfect for anyone looking to lose any amount of body fat and weight.  Whether you need to lose a vast amount or simply a few pounds the Slimweight Patch is for you.  The average amount of weight lost per week is two to four pounds but there have been those who reported a weight loss of six pounds of fat in one week. You need only continue using the Slimweight Patch until you reach your ideal weight.


Q: How long until I see results?

A: With the Slimweight Patch you will see results immediately. In fact numerous clinical studies show that within the first three days, if not sooner, you will notice a marked decline in your appetite and your metabolism will be running over time. You will lose at least two to four pounds of fat within the very first week of using the Slimweight Patch.

Slim Weight Patch

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