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The Top 3 Goal-Setting Systems Available

Monday, February 20th, 2012

The Top 3 Goal-Setting Systems Available

There are hundreds-if not thousands-of goal-setting gurus out there on the web today. Some are hardcore and straight to the point, some dilly-dally with theory and psychology, and others are just plain fake and use re-hashed material from the other two.

So when it comes to setting and achieving your own goals, who do you turn to? In my own search for the best goal-setting advice available, I’ve found that it all depends on your personality… and how bad you actually want to make your dreams come true.

I’ve compiled this brief list of the top three goal-setting systems available on the web. If you’re ready to start getting your goals out of your imagination and into reality, then one of these three is definitely going to make it happen for you!

#3 -Early to Rise’s How to Achieve the New American Dream
This is a collection of writings from Early to Rise’s editor Craig Ballantyne, including his interpretations of Kekich’s 100 Credos and “34 Rules for Maverick Entrepreneurs” by Yanik Silver. While reading, you’ll be asked to develop 12 personal rules to live by. You’ll also begin a Gratitude & Achievement journal. The system described in this book is really only effective for those who don’t need too much structure and are very self-motivated.

#2 – Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Arguably one of the most popular productivity books of our time, Covey teaches you to be proactive, not reactive; begin with the end in mind; take care of the highest priorities first, and several others. Like How to Achieve… Covey’s book is loosely structured. It is motivating, but it is not a blueprint for achieving goals.

#1 – Melanie Fine’s 7-Step Success Action Plan for Finally Achieving All of Your Goals
Although this plan was just released, it was the easy, obvious choice for the top of my list. Fine does not believe in filling pages with fluff. She gives you just enough motivation and inspiration to get moving, and then her step-by-step planner does the rest. Her package includes a year-long planner that keeps you moving toward your goals every day, 40 affirmations for motivation, and 6 live webinars that help you stay focused and excited about your goals.

It is Fine’s no-nonsense approach to achieving goals that makes it so effective. Each entry takes about an hour a day, but it puts you in the mindset to make the day the most efficient that it can be. (You can find the 7-Step Success Action Plan at [Click Here])

So, if you’re ready to stop “guru surfing” and you’re ready to really start achieving your goals, I would definitely start with Fine’s 7-Step Success Action Plan. Good luck!

High Power Goal-Achieving Tips for 2012

Monday, February 20th, 2012

High Power Goal-Achieving Tips for 2012

Are you ready to stop dreaming about all the things you’d like to do or have, and start actually doing or having them?

There is no better time to start than right this moment, and start with defining your dreams. Write them down on a notecard, and keep that notecard in front of your face at all times.

Dream Bigger… No, Bigger!…

The best goal-setting advice I’ve ever received was to dream bigger than you think is even possible. When you dream bigger, you’ll achieve more than you ever thought possible. Do not limit yourself or your imagination!

This is not the year to underestimate yourself and what you are capable of. The time is now to really dig deep and find out what it is you really want for your life in the three major categories: health, wealth, and relationships. If you want to lose 50 pounds, but something inside you says “you can’t do it,” then you need to go for it. If you want to make a six-figure income this year, then there is no time like the present to start planning.

With a big goal, you need to have a series of little goals that lead up to that one big goal. Little goals are ones you know you can achieve, either easily or with a little effort. Little goals keep you motivated because you’ll feel excellent right after you achieve it, and then you’ll be motivated to keep going towards that bigger goal.

Plan Step-by-Step How to Reach Your Dreams… And, Take ACTION!

Then, you’ll need a step-by-step action plan that helps you toward each little goal, and eventually, your big goal.

The best step-by-step action plan is a daily planner, exactly like the one in Melanie Fine’s goal-achieving package, the 7-Step Success Action Plan (which you can find [here]). The package includes Fine’s seven steps and a daily planner that helps you achieve small goals to get to the big ones.

This is the best “pure action, no fluff” plan I’ve ever seen. It’s simple and low-tech, so anyone can use it.

Remember, the best way to achieve your big dreams is to start taking baby steps toward them. With just an hour a day, as Fine suggests, you can be where you never thought you’d be before. Good luck!