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Biggest-Firesale 2 package

Friday, November 13th, 2009

Vince Tan is launching the second Biggest Firesale and it’s going to
make the previous one look like a joke in comparison.

Honestly, it’s HUGE.

This project is so big, he took on Ian Del Carmen as partner
to champion this mission.

Last year THOUSANDS of customers took advantage of the
BiggestFiresale package and snatched $10k worth in
internet marketing education for only $97. This year,
he’s packing in even more value (we’re talking at
least $40k worth of products)


Which brings me to my favor…

When Vince orchestrate a sale of this size, his servers get
so slammed with traffic there’s a real danger of it crashing
right in the middle of the sale.

He was lucky last year to avoid that from happening with 3
dedicated servers and proper load balancing. But this year,
there will be hordes more of people rushing to buy this package
and download over 7 Gigabytes of money-making information.

So just to make sure you don’t get stuck with an error page at
the last minute of the sale, I’m letting you into his advanced
notification list so you get VIP invitation before the sale goes

See the link below? I want you to click it to get yourself in
the advanced notification list.

Do it now before you forget about it. And just to reward you for
taking action, Vince is going to give you his “6 Figures With Zero Dollars”
course worth $397 for f.ree. But only if you act now.

When you get this monstrous course, you will find out everything
there is to know about product launches and how he added his unique
twist to make 6 figures starting with no cash.

And, you will stand a chance to win the ENTIRE Biggest Firesale
2 package for f.ree!

Why should check out the link above?

Well… Ian Del Carmen from Philipines has built a
MEGA 7 figure Internet Marketing empire within 3 years.
Vince himself has gone from attending internet marketing
seminars to speaking on stage at international internet
marketing events within 12 months, made more cash than
he’s willing to spend, and generated 7 figure sales with
smart marketing.

Won’t you at least take a look at how he did it?
The entire “6 Figure With Zero Dollars” couse tells you exactly
that for f.ree.


Now get to the link above now while the goodies are
still up for grabs. Make sure you get into the advance
notification list because last year THOUSANDS of people
gave Vince some of the funniests reasons why they missed
the sale and begged him to reopen it again.

You do not want that to happen to you..

See ya in there…