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Affiliate marketing with NO money

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Affiliate marketing with NO money
MoreNiche LTD
Maybe the single greatest part about affiliate marketing is the incredibly low initial investment you need to start earning money for yourself. All you really need is a website. That’s it. There are so many FREE programs out there that will walk you though basic web design, even if you know nothing about it, you can be up and running in the span on a day. All that’s left at this point is finding an affiliate marketing program to subscribe to.

Here are a few tips about starting up your affiliate marketing campaign today!

• There are tens of thousands of affiliate marketing programs you can subscribe to. The list is essentially limitless. An important piece of advice, though, is that if an affiliate marketing program wants you to pay money to sign up, you might want to think twice. Unless the initial investment is very small, there are many other choices that you could make. You see, almost all affiliate marketing programs are FREE! That’s right, you read that right. FREE! And not only that, but some of the big time programs will even train you and give you tips on the right keywords to put on your webpage so random web surfers will find you, click on your link, buy a product and earn you money! Unless you really want to be part of an affiliate marketing program that charges money, don’t do it. There are thousands that are free.

• Don’t use a low-quality internet provider. This can be a tough choice for those looking at keeping their costs at zero or as close to zero as possible. But your local full Internet Service Provider is going to do a better job of hosting your new money making website then some free site that crashes all the time. Your new web site is a money-making machine for you, don’t trust it to a company that isn’t going to do everything they can to make sure it’s up and running 24/7. You probably pay for an internet connection in your home already, and with your basic Internet account, you get web space. Use it and rest easy knowing that your website is in good hands.

As you can see, there are a few ins and outs to affiliate marketing that everyone needs to know. But the key here is the fact that you can earn money with almost no work involved. Just make a website, write some snappy content and set up your links and then sit back, relax and count your money.

MoreNiche LTD

Question: Would you put tires on a car you don’t have?

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Okay, crazy question, right?

How are you going to put tires on a car you don’t even have?

For that matter, How could you add a room onto a house you haven’t even built yet?

Or give a frog an enema if you don’t have the frog?

Here’s the thing…

…if you’re like soooo many marketers,  that’s basically what you’re doing.

I’m guilty of it, too.

We buy program after program on how to do a certain technique that’s supposed to make us moolah by Sunday…

But we don’t even have a proper business up and running yet.

I’m talking about a business that will take care of us for the rest of our lives no matter what the economy does or what bone-headed mistake we make or whatever.

No matter what. Rock solid, steady income for years.

I think maybe we’ve forgotten what it is we truly want. It’s not a quick buck today and then broke again tomorrow.

It’s permanent long term no-one-can-take-it-away-from-us SECURITY.

I know a man, ONE man, who scoured the earth for the info that would provide him with EXACTLY that kind of business.

This isn’t how to build a site or write a salesletter or do SEO kind of stuff. Heck, you can get that for FREE on the net.

This is covert ops, only the rich KNOW this stuff, secretive HUSH HUSH knowledge that YOU and I need to be successful today, tomorrow and forever, no matter what we decide to do.

And this is the SAME info MARK JOYNER, the Godfather of Internet Marketing recommends you get your hands on ASAP…

…along with the secret TOOL that will take you further, faster than you ever thought possible.

How do I know that?

It’s been PROVEN time and time again by people who have already used it and gone from small incomes to five, six and seven figure incomes. or