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Haven’t you had the time to join ViralHosts yet?

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Join ViralHosts now and be in profit after only two sales!

Haven’t you had the time to join ViralHosts yet?

This new all-in-one web hosting and mailer system will help
you take your marketing to the next level.  ViralHosts is
ideal for savvy Internet professionals as it also allows
you not only to take full advantage of great web hosting
packages but also to build and mail a list with only little
effort and earn instant cash.

Do you want to build a huge downline on autopilot?

Now you can start speeding up your income by taking full
advantage of the integrated downline builder and mailer

There’re instant benefits only a few clicks away!

Take a look at what you can have access to by signing up.

– Up to 3,000 MB storage space and 15,000 MB bandwidth
– Personal earnings per CPM and CPM earnings on personal
referrals up to 20 cents
– Up to 99 domains and subdomains, 15 MySQL databases, 5 FTP
accounts and 20 email accounts
– PHP, MySQL, CGI & Perl support
– Viral branding
– Up to 7 levels of email downline depth, to email every 5
– Email up to 6,000 random members every 3 days
– Earn commissions on upgrades up to 60%
– You have got the possibility to advertise on top of emails sent to downline
– You can receive no emails at all from other members

How does that sound?  There’s no more time to waste.  You
should take action today!  Join now and take advantage of
all the benefits of this new all-in-one service!

Take full advantage of their referral system from day one.
When a referral upgrades, you earn commissions so ViralHosts
opens up another income stream to you, all on its own!

Yes, you can earn up to 60% of the spendings, and will be in
profit after only two sales!

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