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Shoes Beware!

Small shoes A recent study has found that 88% of women in the US wear shoes that are too small for them and 55% of women have bunions.
Bunions are more common in women than in men and are usually attributed to wearing poorly fitting shoes that are narrow at the toes and squeeze the toes into an unnatural position. Arthritis and polio has also been known to cause bunions through structural deformities where the bug toe can turn inwards towards the second toe. This may lead to a bump on the side of the foot and inflammation around the joint that may be swollen and tender Bunions can be prevented by choosing shoes that fit properly and don’t squeeze the toes. In some cases it may be possible to stretch the part of the shoe that is causing the problem. Some splits and insoles or orthotics can also be used to reposition the toes and relieve any pain felt.

When choosing shoes it is important to choose ones that fit properly rather than just relying on the size, size can vary from brand and manufacturer. Also make sure the toe section is large enough to accommodate your toes comfortably.In some severe cases surgery can be considered, especially if traditional treatments fail. Although this surgery can decrease the pain and realign toes it is important to remember you will still be able to wear narrow pointed shoes and may have shoe restrictions for the rest of your life. Recovery period from such surgery is usually six to eight weeks.
As well as ill fitting shoes as the cause of bunions corns and calluses there are conditions such as Morton’s Neuroma that can lead to pain, swelling and cramping in both the feet and toes.A recent poll conducted by a leading UK shoe manufacturer has revealed 31% of women feel shoes are too narrow and 23% claim the calves are too narrow on high heels. The explanation behind this could be the fact that shoe design dimensions has not changed significantly since the 1950s and is still based around a C fitting. Although simply increasing the dimensions of an existing design is one option it is better to completely redesign a shoe with new wider dimensions for wider fittings is always better.Although there is a variety of different methods to help treat bunions and related problems prevention is always better then cure and prevention can begin with the correct type of shoe for the correct person.

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