Is Long Natural Hair Irrelevant These Days?

Using extensions in all colors, extent and textures available to united states these days has naturally longer hair become irrelevant?

The head of hair industry is a multi-billion bucks a year industry. In the past, ext. were targeted directly to dark-colored women but these days income come from all races through women from different backgrounds many wanting a piece of the measures. With celebrities and tv set adverts constantly bombarding us all with images of superbly shiny and long wild hair, it’s no wonder which we all want some of the fact that hair extension magic to copy them.

But are we worshipping our weaves at the price of our own weave hair bundles In this particular you can find some parallels when using the diet industry; The more we tend to diet, the further this waistlines continue to expand. It is simply because the emphasis can be put on weight loss rather than appearing healthy and every year yet one more new fad diet is out there, but I digress. By using hair, some ladies are putting the emphasis on unacceptable thing. The health of our wild hair should be our top priority by using extensions as a tool for helping us attain it.

Seeing that fabulous as weaves have reached giving you a new look, it has not always easy wearing them plus there will always be problems connected with wearing extensions all the time.

It could really be an expensive habit: Some girls become so obsessed with shifting their look every two or perhaps three weeks. When they see the newest strike of Beyonce wearing several curly hair weave, they feel required to try it themselves. That is needed keeping up with the Joneses to your new level!

You might say that it may not necessarily a bad factor but the cost can quickly total. It is not uncommon to hear regarding some women spending over $20, 000 per year their hair extensions. I don’t know about you actually but I think that’s outrageous! The whole point of buying one of the best virgin Indian bundles with closure is extremely that you can wear it again and again.

Is also important to note the potential risks regarding extended hair extension wear. Footing alopecia is caused by extremely tight braiding and women who have wear weaves all the time are near a high risk of getting this disease if their braiding technique is not good at all. Not all of us know how to mount our own weaves and as such we should depend on the wisdom in the stylist and hope which we are in safe hands. Way too often however , women complain related to losing their edges and then being put in a position just where they feel they have no other choice than to continue wearing weaves to pay the damaged scalp.

Keeping track of wonderful and natural your personal weave looks, you will at all times know that it’s not your. I’m sorry to say this still there is no substitute for your own human hair bundles. When you have a good solid regimen subsequently there is no reason why you cannot continue to keep wear great looking weaves in addition to use them as a tool to cultivate your own hair.

Aside from the fact that gentlemen prefer women to wear their own personal hair, your own hair can also be lower priced to look after. Imagine the satisfaction for knowing that your hair is just as long as the weave you’re wearing and the only purpose you have it on your brain is because you want a change of haircut. Long natural hair are invariably relevant!

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