Finding the right off shoot method will depend on budget, desire, and hair type. While combination and tape-in extensions works extremely well on just about any hair surface, weaves are best suited for fluorescent, kinky hair.

Louise’s very best tip is to something we could all relate to. ‘I at all times compare clip-in curly hair weave extensions to be able to killer high heels- you might want to only wear them occasionally. These are the basic best solution for versatility and also changing your hair or building an impact for a special occasion. Around I love my Louboutin would make, I can’t wear them each day and that is the same with some belonging to the clip-ins on the market as long name everyday wear can damage the frizzy human hair bundles where the clips sit. ’

Louise and many other experts endorse bonded brazilian weave extensions, due to their overall flexibility and the fact that they can take a look completely natural without noxious your real hair.

Here’s Louise’s top tips:

You can easily type your hair extensions however you for instance as long as they are 100% people hair.

Try not to use heated up appliances such as straighteners with your hair extensions as this will noticeably reduce the life span of the head of brazilian hair. I would always recommend blow-drying where possible.

When buying clip-in hair extensions, try not to go for the kinds which require to you clip-in lots of pieces as this will lead to lots of noticeable thin products in your hair. Opt for kinds which come in one or two types and have sturdy clips placed on them so they can support the head of hair without breaking.

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