Wear wigs correctly to prevent wear and tear.

100 % lace wigs look all-natural and stay put when you hook them up to correctly. They can even be worn out during most sports activities without the need of coming off. marchqueen.Put on your maximum front lace wig the appropriate way so that only you will know the fact that those luxurious locks are usually yours.

1、Put on a flesh-colored wig cap, tucking your whole collection of hair inside the cap. Adapt the wig cap thus it sits at your front hairline. curly hair weave.If you don’t want to wear a good wig cap, comb your locks back away from your scalp brand.

2、Trim the lace around the full lace wig. This specific only needs to be done at first chance you use your wig, and it also does not need to be done if the récipient has already been trimmed by the brand. To trim the shoelace, put the wig on your brain. Use hair clips to lock the wig hair cool off from your scalp line. Decrease any lace that shines past the wig hairline employing a pair of sharp scissors. Trim small amounts of lace during a period to avoid accidentally cutting an excess of. Be careful not to cut any of the hair brush hair. weave hair bundles.Leave a little bit of wide lace top sticking out past the wig hairline, but no more than 1 in ..

3、Clean the skin by your hairline with a cotton ball muffled with isopropyl alcohol to eliminate body oils that could control the wig adhesive from inserting properly.

4、Apply scalp bienhechor to the skin by your hairline. This only is necessary in case you have sensitive skin.

5、Attach hair brush tape to the edges belonging to he total lace wig. The record is applied to the perimeters of the lace around the bottom of the wig. Wig video tape can be used alone or combined with wig adhesive.

6、Apply a covering of wig adhesive for a scalp using a cotton clean. Allow the wig adhesive to be dried for the length of time recommended in the label directions. bundles with closure.Wig selfadhesive can be used alone or joined with wig tape.

7、Position all of the lace wig on your crown. The easiest way to find the front-center with the wig is to part the head of hair on the wig. Parting the head of hair will reveal the hairline. The middle of the wig hairline should line up with the midsection of your forehead at your hairline.

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