Ordinarily, we don’t need to shower our Brazilian Hair Terme conseillé frequently. What we need to do is certainly hand it on and atomizer water till it free of moisture.  march queen hair.If you wear hair everyday, you should keep the hair clear, feel free to use the Hair Bundles conditioner in addition to soak in the water. Shampoo gently, finally, use free of moisture towel to make it dry.

The way to clean and won’t injure the Brazilian Hair? brazilian human hair.To clean up the wig also makes certain a wig will not experience damage, can according to the ordinary cleaning wig steps towards operation, how specific hair brush cleaning steps are:

you: In special comb to help comb wig;

2: Often the wig in soak for cold water for five-ten minutes. bundles with closure.Time is too prolonged, hair is easy to shut down;

3: Washed by hand, are not able to use the washing machine:

4: Decide on good quality shampoo, with the present gently grasp the hair will be OK.

5: use liquid to wash, use Special hair brush hair conditioner

6: Using a dry towel (2, 3) to the water on the hair brush dry, don’t be screwed in your hand or in the washing machine to be dried

7: Don’t use curly hair dyer and exposure to sunlight. hair bundles with closure.

8: when wig head of hair dry to ninety per cent, with the hand gently completely understand a hair, with a exceptional wig comb the hair comb comb.

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