Discover the Fascinating Secrets of Holland with an All-in-One Pass

If you boast about yourself of being a vagrant or a traveler, who loves discovering the European – art, architecture, nature and culture then you must surely change your existing plans and head towards the scenic coastal country Holland. The country that blooms with tulip fields and the serene natural beauty has plenty of cycling paths and windmills that will add to your visual delight. Amsterdam, the capital of Holland is also known for its canals and its rich artistic heritage which clearly reflects from its world famous museums –The Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum. To witness the medieval landmarks of the 17th-century Golden Age you can visit the provincial capital, Haarlem, whose state-of-the-art Frans Hals Museum is known for the unique and impeccable masterpieces.

But as you are well aware that traveling and discovering places in Europe is not a cake walk. To understand the art and culture of the Dutch city and for comprehensive and detailed city sightseeing Amsterdam, you need ample amount of time and resources, which is again quite difficult to arrange for an average earning individual. Thus, it is evident that a travel enthusiasts like you feels a dire need of a one-stop source to avail multiple benefits of sightseeing, affordable public transport facilities in the cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Simply put, your search must end at Amsterdam Holland Pass which is a company located in Amsterdam that offers an online platform, where you can avail the facility of booking passes and tickets for various places in Amsterdam and other famous cities in Holland. If you are an admirer of the famous art works of the renowned painter, Vincent van Gogh then you must surely visit the Vincent Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam. Here you can relish the experience of various subjects from 19th-century art history.

Amsterdam Museum Rijksmuseum is another state-of-the-art museum which speaks high about the historical importance and richness of Dutch history through a sequence of 80 galleries and 8,000 objects that highlight the 800 glorious years of Dutch art and history.

You can easily frisk in all the aforementioned places in Holland without waiting in the long queues, if you are Holland Pass holder. Moreover the company also helps you in getting rid of hassles of buying tickets for public transport, be it trains, buses or a canal cruise. This is because, each Holland pass offered by them which comes with one special Gold ticket, can be universally used for every tourist attraction and even for availing public transports.

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