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Cakes being associated with happiness, enjoyment, fun and celebrations are often considered the centrepiece of the dessert table. Touching the emotional side of all personalities, cakes are served at different occasions including birthday, wedding, anniversary and other notable achievements. Cakes are perfect for embellishing any occasion with joy and also a great way to convey your feelings of care, love and affection. Different occasions and festivities demand special types of cakes ranging from different shapes and sizes to flavour including baby shower cakes, picture or character cakes, wedding cakes, cup cake bouquets, and more. There are many cake shops or cake bakers providing a wide range of cakes that can meet your requirements. They create a defining moment for their customers individually through their customized designer cakes.

Cake as one of the vital parts of your wedding, its importance is never overlooked. Wedding cakes are supposed to bring benefits and good fortune to the couples. Couples often spend huge amounts on the cake which are usually multi-layered or tiered and heavily decorated with icing and statue representing the couple. Presently, you can enjoy a variety of wedding cakes available in the market that are available in attention-grabbing designs. Most of the people prefer wedding cakes Melbourne to celebrate their new relation. A designer wedding cake is often the centrepiece of a wedding as it augments their relationship.

Nowadays, designer cakes Melbourne with spectrum of flavours are the attraction point of all. Something about Cake is specialized in making designer cakes of distinction for many years. Decorations made on designer cakes are specially handcrafted, ensuring that you receive your dream cake. Using specialized tools such as moulds, cream cone, spatulas, and decorating pens, they make creative designs to make a unique and visually striking cake for each customer.

Something about Cake is a renowned and reputable custom cake design studio specialized in custom cakes for wedding, anniversary, birthday, engagement, designer cakes, baby shower, and more. It is founded by Fiona, a famous cake baker, who has no limits to her imagination design and creates something to meet the every individual requirement. Something about Cakes assures that cake will be specifically designed and created just for you that suit your occasion and personality.

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