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Finger food, bikes instead of limos and a ceremony in the park

With recent studies revealing the average Australian wedding costs $65,000, brides-to-be are looking for ways to plan their dream wedding on a budget.

Instead of garlands of flowers and crystal champagne flutes, couples are staging intimate ceremonies, and placing love before money.

Daily Mail Australia spoke to three couples – Geri and Casey Hammond, Cascie and Stacy Kambouris and Michelle and Simon Hutchison – who each revealed how they planned their dream wedding for $10,000 or less.


Big day: The bridesmaids spent just $45 each on dresses and $20 on shoesphoto:short formal dresses australia

‘Keep it simple, nobody ever remembers all the little things that cost you so much money.’

When planning her wedding to husband Casey, Geri focused on the age old adage that less is more.

The Gold Coast bride planned an intimate 50-guest affair, but told Daily Mail Australia that sticking to a budget did not mean skimping, it just meant prioritising.

‘One of the things that Casey wanted, his only request the whole time, was he did not want a sit-down, formal wedding,’ Mrs Hammond, 28, said.

‘We had a canapé, stand-up style wedding – that reduced the cost from $150 per head to $60 per head.’

The Hammonds were married at Teavine House, Tallebudgerra Valley, with the venue the biggest cost for the couple at $4,500.

Another big purchase was hiring the celebrant, but at $750 Mrs Hammond said he was ‘worth every cent’ and that some of their friends have since gone on to hire him for their own weddings.

The rest they did on a budget.

‘My sister’s best mate owned a cupcake company, and they did our wedding cake and 50 cupcakes for a good price,’ Mrs Hammond said.

‘Alcohol was another big thing, but Casey’s parents paid for that for us – it was their contribution to the wedding.

‘I decided to have a photographer for a couple of hours.’

However, the best value-for-money part of the day, Mrs Hammond said, was the gifts they gave to the guests.

Mrs Hammond’s father makes muesli, which they packaged in brown paper bags for less than $1 each.


When guests arrived at Cascie and Stacy Kambouris’ engagement party at Brisbane’s New Farm Park, they were in for a surprise.

Nearly two hours into the party the music stopped, and the Kambouris’ announced they would be tying the knot – right there and then.

‘We walked back home, about 300 metres away, got changed, the groomsmen rode pushbikes back, the food trucks rolled in and we did a massive lawn party,’ Mrs Kambouris said.

‘We had games of checkers on the lawn, bocce, jenga and connect four. It was a really fun day.’

Planning her wedding was a light-bulb moment for Mrs Kambouris, who used the experience as inspiration to launch her own business, Queensland Wedding Hire.

‘What I noticed is that as soon as anyone said wedding … they charged a ridiculous amount,’ she said.

‘I wanted to give people the option to do this cost effectively.’

The biggest cost of her big day, Mrs Kambouris said, was the food and drink for their 100 guests.

However, instead of a sit-down affair the couple opted for food trucks, spending just $20 a head on food and $15 a head on drink.

‘We spent $30 a bottle on bubbly, but went through [Australian liquor chain] Dan Murphy’s to control our costs.

‘If we didn’t use it, we could take it back.’

Another tip to keep costs down from the Kambouris was embracing social media to send out invites. They sent out only 20 printed invitations for their older relatives who did not have Facebook.

The photographs were taken by a friend, who charged the couple $200 for the day.

Mrs Kambouris also saved on bridal attire, with her bridesmaids spending $45 each on dresses and $20 on shoes.

‘The most expensive thing we did was go to MAC [Cosmetics] in the morning to have our make-up done,’ she said.

‘I think it’s really important to keep a list of your must-haves, the things that are not negotiable, and put that list first.

‘Also, talk for three or four different suppliers.’


When Sydney couple Michelle and Simon Hutchison sat down to plan their wedding, they had more than their big day in mind.

‘We were saving for a home and land deposit, so we didn’t want to spend too much,’ Mrs Hutchison told Daily Mail Australia of her 2009 nuptials.

‘Our initial budgeting strategy was to spend as little as possible.

‘All my family and friends were married or getting married and spent a lot of money.

‘But they had a lot of extras and a lot of things they paid for that you don’t necessarily have to have.’

With a small, intimate wedding in mind, Mrs Hutchison set out to tackle what would be her biggest spend – the reception.

Instead of a sit-down meal, the Hutchison’s planned a beautiful Sunday afternoon canapé wedding for their 80 guests.

They settled on a package deal that included food, alcohol and a DJ at the reception.

‘Some of the things I looked at was comparing the types of meals available, for instance canapés verses a sit-down meal, and the time of day, so lunch-time versus dinner,’ Mrs Hutchison said.

‘Saturday was the most expensive day to hold the wedding … so we had a Sunday afternoon canapés that brought the cost down.’

In the lead-up to her wedding, Mrs Hutchison worked with friends to keep her budget under wraps.

‘Another good tip is to get friends or any people you know to do things for you on the day,’ she said.

‘A friend who is a hairdresser did our hair at a great price, she did mine for free, and my sister-in-law did my make-up.

‘Someone I knew was a photographer, and he offered to take some photos.

‘At the end of the day you’re there to celebrate getting married and starting a family together … there’s no need to spend more than necessary.

‘The less you spend on a wedding the more to have for things later.’

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Just being me!

She almost always lands on the Best Dressed List of any glamorous event, but no one can be red carpet ready all the time.

Julianne Moore took the glam down a notch in New York on Wednesday afternoon with the 54-year-old showing off her naturally beauty as she ran errands around the West Village area where she lives.

The Oscar winner went without all the usual trappings of a Hollywood star but still managed to shine.

The make-up free actress left her signature red hair out and her flame coloured locks messily flew around her face in untamed waves.

Pressing issue: While Wednesday was all about dealing with run-of-the-mill activities, this week Julianne has been dealing with a far more important issue - campaigning to get her high school change its name away from a Confederate General

photo:bridesmaid dresses australia

While her striking looks set her part, Julianne dressed like any other woman with a few quick bits and bobs to do.

For her errands run, the Still Alice star threw on a pair of loose Boyfriend fit jeans – which she cuffed at the ankle – with a rolled sleeves blue T-shirt.

The star accessorized simply too, throwing on a long silver necklace, Ray Ban aviator sunglasses and T-bar Birkenstock sandals.

While Wednesday was all about dealing with run-of-the-mill activities, this week Julianne has been dealing with a far more important complex issue.

On Monday it was revealed that the actress was campaigning that her high school change its name away from a Confederate General.

JEB Stuart High School in Fairfax, Virginia, was founded in 1959 and allegedly named in honor of the Civil War commander in apparent protest at the Supreme Court’s decision to integrate schools.

The star and her high school friend-turned-producer Bruce Cohen are demanding that the school rename itself, and started a petition that had already amassed more than 31,000 signatures by late Wednesday evening.

The star’s call for the school to be renamed comes amid a push across the country to remove the flag and other honors towards the slave-owning Confederacy after white supremacist shooter Dylann Roof shot nine black church-goers dead in South Carolina in June.

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Lindsay Ellingson on Launching Her Own Beauty Empire and Finding Herself in Paris

After years of sitting in the makeup chair and quite literally absorbing tips and tricks from maquillage masters with the magic touch like Pat McGrath and Dick Page, model Lindsay Ellingson decided to start her second career and launch her own beauty empire. “For me, it was kind of like makeup school,” the catwalker said of serving as the face for designers and megabrands like Victoria’s Secret for the past ten years. Starting with one SKU, Wander Beauty On-the-Glow Blush and Illuminator, Ellingson’s travel-friendly stick quickly became a best seller, and her next round of products—including brow pencils, gel eyeliners, liquid shadows, a cheek tint infused with skin-plumping hyaluronic acid, and a Paris-inspired cosmetic capsule collection—is set to follow suit in September. “I’m the girl that never checks a bag—I’ve carried a Céline bag around for years and I have to fit all of my products in it. We’re creating products that are easy to take on the go, whether you’re on the subway, a plane, or in a taxi,” she said. Here, the super (dubbed the “walking Sephora” by her friends) shares her must-have French pharmacy products, the secret to a runway-worthy glow, and how John Galliano jump-started her modeling career.

Why did you decide on Paris for your new makeup collection?

That’s where I started my career. I was in college studying biology and I did a test shoot. Viva in Paris saw one of my images and asked me to fly over for Fashion Week, so I dropped out of school, took a chance, and the day I landed in Paris I met John Galliano, who cast me for Christian Dior, which started my whole career and this amazing journey. Paris is very dear to my heart—it’s where I met many of my best friends, fell in love with high heels, croissants, and beauty. French pharmacies are one of my favorite things ever. We really wanted to capture the essence of Parisian women in this collection. And for me, when I think of a Parisian woman, I automatically think beautiful skin, undone hair, and of course, a red lip. Ours is very innovative in that it’s a shiny, balmy, buildable formula that you can wear sheer for day or go bold for night. It’s infused with prickly pear extract, which is a potent hydrator. It conditions your lips instantly and continuously throughout the day. It also has rose extract, which is where the beautiful scent comes from.

I see you’ve made another highlighter, but this one is a lot smaller.

We made it more precise so you can get into those hard-to-reach places like underneath your brow bone, inner corners of your eyes, and your cupid’s bow. This is a trick that I learned at my very first fashion show for Christian Dior—highlighting is really what sparked my curiosity with beauty.

Was Pat McGrath doing the makeup backstage at Dior?

Yes, she is the queen of highlighter. It’s something that enhances your natural beauty and it’s so easy to do.

Where do you put highlighter?

I always put it underneath my brow bone and all over my lips—especially our nude glow illuminator because it makes your lips look fuller and sexier—or I just put it on my cupid’s bow.

Since you’ve had your makeup done thousands of times, which pro boasts the best beauty tricks?

It’s hard to say just one [makeup artist]. I think each person has a distinct style, and I’ve [gained] knowledge from each of them, like little things from each artist. I was really inspired by Dick Page at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last year. I loved how he applied blush before foundation because it looks really natural. And it was actually lipstick that he applied—it wasn’t even blush—it was a strong, red pigment. I’ve done like eight shows now and that was my favorite look. I think that he has a really cool approach to applying makeup, so he’s definitely an inspiration. But like I said, I’m making it my own.

I know a lot of the models will run to the bathroom to “fix” their makeup before a runway show. True?

Oh, I always have my own kit! I mean, for years, doing hundreds of fashion shows, I would always—I mean, sorry, makeup artists—fix my eyebrows, curl my eyelashes, conceal here and there if they missed something. It’s not their fault, the [pros] have to do so many girls in a short amount of time. And nobody knows your face better than yourself, so I would always rush to the corner [and touch up]. After a while, I just started doing it out in the open. After a while, the makeup artists were like, “Do your own thing, you got it. We trust you.”

Who are the other girls guilty of retouching their makeup before a runway show?

I would say 60 percent of the girls are in the bathroom doing that!

Have you picked up any beauty tricks from your fellow models?

photo:princess formal dresses

I think a good beauty tip is to kind of overdraw your lips on the top and bottom with a liner that matches your lip color—it makes your lips look a little bit fuller.

Who taught you that?

I don’t want to give away too much—it’s girl code!

I know that you were also a dancer. Did you learn any beauty lessons during that time in your life?

That’s true—I forgot about that whole part. I have some scary photos of my dance team. We really put on the blush and all the fake eyelashes. We didn’t know what we were doing. We should have had a makeup coach or something back then. But that did get me started in makeup, even though it was all wrong! Now I know what not to do. I look back on photos and there was hot-pink blush.

Covering backstage, I find that so many models dread hair and makeup. You, however, seem to have latched on to the concept.

I love it. I think it’s so fun. It’s fun to change up your look, and maybe that comes from dancing because we transformed . . . I’m this introverted person, and then when you go onstage, you transform, whether it’s your appearance or your act. I love transforming into different characters—even if you just put on red lipstick, you feel different. Or when you put on an orange lipstick you feel really happy. I think makeup can make you feel different emotions, and it’s fun to play that up.

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Tanya Burr’s beauty counter is coming soon…

Tanya Burr has had hopes to open her own beauty counter for a while now, and it looks like it’s a dream that could soon be a reality.

The vlogger has today launched her first full beauty collection – an expanded version of her existing popular products – and the offering could soon be enough to take her empire to the next step.

“I feel much closer to that idea than ever,” she told us. “The brand is looking the way I want it to. By next year I hope we’ll have enough products to have my own counter. I want them everywhere – Harrods, Boots and Selfridges.”

Burr says she wants to revive her days working behind a beauty counter at Laura Mercier and Clinique and Topshop when she finally launches her own.

“I’d love to surprise customers on a Saturday and just appear behind the till,” she laughs.

For now though, she has enough to think about. Her new collection features best-selling products from her first offering, repackaged in a beautiful way, as well as new items that she thinks her fans will love. Her favourites? The brow palette, which she uses every day and the peaches and cream nail polish. Another aspect that was important to her was making sure that her products were great value and great quality – the eye shadow palette is £6 and the brow palette is £7.

“We have another exciting item coming in September,” she said. “I wanted it to be ready for this launch, but I’ve got so into it, it’s taken a while to consider and perfect. I hope everyone loves it.”

Burr’s life has drastically changed since 2009 when she launched her vlog. Earlier this year, she published her debut book, which sold 15,000 copies in two days, and has a YouTube following of over three million. Her friendship group now includes UK vlogging superstars Zoella, Alfie Deyes and she is engaged to Jim Chapman, the brother of the veteran beauty vloggers Sam and Nicki Chapman of Pixiwoo, who incidentally taught Tanya about make-up and hair.

EXCLUSIVE: Tanya Burr’s beauty counter is coming soon…

photo:formal evening dresses

“My friends are the same, I just have new ones now,” she told us. “The biggest difference is people recognising me when I walk down the street. If someone had shouted my name before when I was out and about, I’d have thought it was someone I knew from school – not a fan I didn’t know. I don’t go to busy places now, and I don’t tweet where I am until I’ve left that place. Actually the other day, Jim and I were at the cinema and I slipped up and tweeted where I was. When we left the cinema was surrounded by fans with letters for us.”

While vlogging is still very much a priority, Burr’s interests extend outside the beauty world. She was seen at Burberry’s catwalk show last season and hopes to attend again next month – and should the label ever fancy hiring her as its new campaign star, she’d be game.

“If Burberry approached me I wouldn’t say no,” she laughed. “I love styling and fashion is a big part of my job.”

There have also been rumblings of an acting career. While she has gone for a few auditions, she can’t say too much just yet.

“I just really want to play someone different from myself – for a challenge,” she said. “I don’t want anyone to think I can act because the first role I played was just like me. Maybe I could try an accent. I love the 50s characters that Keira Knightley often plays, or it might be cool to be play a sexy bad girl like Sienna Miller in Layer Cake.”

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An Insiders’ Guide to Shopping for Hair Extensions

Here’s my biggest beauty secret—I’ve been wearing tape-in extensions for years. I just can’t part with the long, silky, voluminous results (can you blame me?). And while I’ve tested several different types of hair and worked with many different hairstylists, it wasn’t until recently that I went shopping for the actual hair myself (which is quite a feat for someone who can barely buy a T-shirt without a ten-minute-long debate). The Hair Shop in New York City was like walking into a dream—and every bit as overwhelming as you might imagine. It’s stocked wall-to-wall with the most beautiful hair on the planet, nary a frizz or split end in sight (see images below). Luckily, I had the privilege of having hairstylist Matt Fugate of the Sally Hershberger Downtown salon at my side to guide me through the process. But in case your hairstylist-BFF can’t join you to shop, here’s everything you need to know before purchasing your own hair extensions.


photo:one shoulder formal dresses

• Color match in person. “Don’t send selfies,” says Fugate. “There are 100 different kinds of blondes, so the consultations are very important,” he adds.

• Blend a few colors. “When I’m putting in blonde extensions, I’ll use three or four different tones, and when I’m putting them in darker shades [of hair], I’ll use about two or three. It looks more natural, even if the difference between the colors are barely noticeable,” says Fugate.

• Go ombré. Not full-on ombré, just a subtle gradation from top to bottom to mimic the way your hair color looks as it grows. “As your hair grows out, the ends will look lighter than the roots,” says Fugate. “Placed on the underlayers of your hair, ombré extensions will mimic that effect in the most natural way possible.”

• Consider texture. Extensions come in nearly every texture and thickness, so take that into consideration when making your purchase. “Do you want your hair to look smooth most of the time? Then get extensions that are straighter than your natural hair texture to make styling them easier.”

• Ask questions. “ It’s true—knowledge is power! If you’re going by yourself, make sure to ask tons of questions. Don’t be afraid to be a pest to the people at the shop.” says Fugate.

• Reuse them. “If maintained properly, tape-in extensions can be reused up to three times,” says Emily Rodriguez of the Hair Shop. (Note: each use will last you about eight to ten weeks.) The original tape bonds can be dissolved with a remover (which costs less than $10), and the tape itself can be replaced by using a roll of special extension double-sided tape ($6). “We typically advise customers to have their hairdresser assist with the removal and retaping process,” says Rodriguez.

Happy hair days!

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Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris Ready to Have a Baby? Engagement, Wedding & Baby Name Rumors Here!

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are reportedly welcoming the thoughts of having babies together. The couple is said to be having fun thinking about names for their future babies.

A source who has spoken exclusively with the Hollywood Life revealed that Swift and Harris had gotten to a point where they already have chosen names for a baby girl and a baby boy. Discussing baby names is “Taylor and Calvin’s latest thing to do,” the source revealed.

“They have a couple of names in mind, Hunter for a boy, or Rose if it’s a girl. They’ve both been rolling them around in their heads as they laugh about what the future holds,” the source told Hollywood Life.

photo:orange formal dresses

The source however clarified that having babies for real is something that is far into the future.

“They are, of course, still incredibly loved-up, but as for kids, that’s something they are going to wait on. There’s no rush just yet, and certainly not before they would marry,” the source went on saying.

In a separate report from Hollywood Life, another source said that Swift will leave the spotlight when they finally decide to start their family. The pop singer reportedly wants “to have lots of kids with Calvin, but it’s not going to be right away,” according to the source.

“When she does have kids she wants to be there for them completely the way her mom was for her and her brother. She can’t imagine touring and dragging her kids along with her and having them grow up with paparazzi chasing them. When she’s ready to have kids she wants to take a break from the spotlight and focus a hundred percent on being a mom,” the source added.

Meanwhile, a report from Celeb Dirty Laundry said that Taylor is actually thinking about her “biological clock” ticking since she made it as godparent to Jamie King’s son. According to the report, Swift is planning to get pregnant by the age of 30. Since she is 25 now, she has the whole 5 years to plan for this, Celeb Dirty Laundry said. Harris, on the other hand, agreed to the plan and is ready to “impregnate” Swift. Besides baby names, the couple is reportedly planning the nursery room for their future little ones.

The couple is also said to be scouting for a property in Los Angeles, Life & Stylereported. They wanted to have a place where they can finally stay together, the report said.

“They’re ready to take the next step. They’re looking forward to a new place they can move into together and decorate together,” the source told Life & Style.

It was also reported that Swift has plans of buying a castle located in Perth, Scotland,Perez Hilton reported. The 16th century castle, called the Tower of Lethendy, is just an hour away from Harris’ family, the report said. The castle is worth 4.6 million pounds or 7 million U.S. dollars and is complete with a golf course, swimming pool and a tennis court.

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Upcycled fashion creates an eco-friendly and uniquely Asheville look

Standing in the window space of Avedian Coast on Lexington Avenue, local model Camille Reeds smiles and poses in an asymmetrical cotton dress with sides of deep purple and flashy red bordering a chaotic rainbow pattern like television static.

The boutique’s showroom is filled with jazzy reds, ashy blues and dazzling greens — a spectrum of garments, many of which were created from a puzzle of textile waste.

The fashion on display here is made through a process called upcycling. In a way, upcycling is like the recycling we do with our cans and bottles: It also uses that concept of reusing and reducing waste material — but it’s not exactly cut from the same cloth.

Sartorial Sustainability: The United States generates an estimated 21 billion pounds of textile waste annually, but upcycled fashions — such as this dress by designer Stina Anderson modeled by Camille Reeds — offer a way to repurpose old threads.

photo:short cocktail dresses

“[Upcycling] is very specific,” explains Stina Anderson, owner and designer of ARTeries, an upcycled clothing and accessories line. “Recycling, that’s redoing. Upcycling is actually taking something [and] improving upon it. Primarily, it’s built around the philosophy of making something new again.”

Anderson says her work is a “fusion” that combines post-consumer clothing with new and used materials to create custom pieces. The result, she says, is garments that are handcrafted, unique and visually distinct from most off-the-rack options. After all, as Anderson asserts in her company’s tagline, “every woman wants a dress that no one else has.”

Reduce, reuse, upcycle

According to the Council for Textile Recycling, the United States generates an average of 25 billion pounds of textiles annually — from clothing and footwear to accessories, bedding and drapery. Of that 25 billion, an estimated 21 billion — 85 percent — will end up in landfills each year. In fact, textiles account for 5.2 percent of the country’s municipal solid waste, and that amount is growing. The council estimates that in 1999 the U.S. generated 18.2 billion pounds of post-consumer textile waste, but by 2019 that number is projected to increase to 35.4 billion.

Furthermore, the Institute for Sustainable Communication reports the textile industry is one of the world’s largest polluters, contributing to contamination of drinking water through chemical runoff or from dyes seeping out of clothing in landfills. The Journal of Hazardous Materials reports that chemicals used in dyes — including formaldehyde, a known respiratory irritant, as well as fluoride, phthalates and nonylphenols — have been detected in treated drinking water.

“[By upcycling] you’re saving the environment from a lot of chemical processes that a lot of times involve caustic chemicals that are bad for the environment,” notes John Riddle, textile expert of the Hickory-based clothing line Recover Brands. At Recover, Riddle sources fabrics from traditional sources such as excess industrial cotton, as well as some surprising ones — primarily, extracting polyester from discarded plastic bottles. The salvaged materials are used to create Recover’s 100 percent recycled apparel line — another spin on upcycling.

Riddle estimates that the company sources a quarter million pounds of cotton annually from manufacturers such as Nike and Haynes. Additionally, Recover salvages around 2.5 million plastic bottles each year.

Larger upcycled lines, such as Recover, are able to utilize connections with national manufacturers. Smaller-scale designers like Anderson will use leftover fabrics, thrift-store pieces or even donations of vintage garments to turn anything from a T-shirt or a suede jacket into a new suit, a handbag or even a pair of toreador pants.

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You’d never guess she’s had two children!

She may be a working mother-of-two, but Jessica Alba never looks less than glamorous – and her new beauty campaign is case in point.

Looking flawless in an elegant, floor-length scarlet gown, the star showcases her endless legs and honed figure as she promotes the new Braun Silk-épil 5 epilator.

Jessica, 34, is the ultimate siren with voluminous waves and a bold red lip as she showcases her glowing skin.

With her neck and wrists adorned with glittering jewels, Jessica looks every inch the Hollywood star as she flaunts her toned limbs in these exclusive campaign and behind the scenes shots.

Jessica, who has long been the face of the brand, is also promoting Braun’s Switch Up Your Style movement.

Looking glamorous in an elegant, floor-length scarlet gown, Jessica Alba, 34, shows off her honed figure as she promotes the new Braun Silk-épil 5 epilator


Jessica and her personal stylists, Emily Current and Meritt Elliot, are working with the beauty brand to provide expert advice on how women can switch up their style, break free from what holds them back and enjoy unlimited choices.

Speaking about the campaign, Jessica said: ‘I love fashion and being able to express myself through my style. I’m all about being prepared and on top of my beauty routine, so I always make sure I have smooth skin, which means I never have to feel limited by my wardrobe choices.

‘Unlimited fashion choices means being open and willing to wear things that make you feel good. Having unlimited choices means women never have to compromise. It’s that feeling of empowerment, knowing that the choice is always yours. It means women can be the best versions of themselves every day.’

Jessica is the perfect ambassador; her business, The Honest Company, which Jessica founded with chief executive officer Brian Lee, chief operating officer Sean Kane and chief product officer Christopher Gavigan in 2011 after finding that existing products in the market did not meet the needs of the ‘modern person’, is booming.

Although the company started with producing natural and eco-friendly baby products, the brand has since expanded into children’s clothes, accessories, as well as moving into the European and Chinese markets.

It’s been a successful month for the company, which recently reached a billion dollars net worth, as it was recently announced that automatic kiosks containing Honest products would be opening in airports such as Jackson Atlanta, John F. Kennedy, Fort Worth, Saint Paul, and George Bush Intercontinental.

The company also just launched a line of organic tampons and pads after more than two years of testing.

However, the Honest Co., also faced a bit of online backlash last week, as customers complained that even after following product directions, applying liberally and often, they still did not see results from Honest’s sunscreen.

Many have taken to social media to angrily share their complaints, with one man writing: ‘I got sunburnt and I was outside with organic honest company sunscreen on for less than an hour [sic].’

Another woman added: ‘No offense to @marieaustralia, but I will NEVER use your sunscreen again!! After applying it LIBERALLY every hr, my baby girl is burnt!! Not happy!!’

Following the controversy, Jessica took to Honest’s blog – as well as her Instagram – to share her and business partner Gavigan’s apologies.

‘We develop and use Honest Sunscreen to protect our own children – Honor, Haven, Luke, Evie, and Poppy – at the park, in the pool, outside, every day. As with everything we do, we take sun protection seriously here at Honest,’ she said.

‘We have a dedicated team of Honest employees, parents, and partners who carefully reviewed our Sunscreen product to make sure that it meets our highest standards prior to release.’

She closed by letting customers know that her team would be reaching out to everyone who posted on social media ‘to assure you that we’re committed to your safety and satisfaction.’

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Beyond beauty

A battle between morality and vanity, or a platform that sifts substance from the superfluous? While many may choose to reserve their opinions about beauty pageants, which are often touted as luring gateways to Bollywood and Hollywood and have repeatedly been accused of objectifying women, Aditi Arya, Miss India World 2015, who has been roped as the youth icon for the third season of Young Manch by Videocon Telecom, shares her views about these pageants.

Currently preparing for the Miss World beauty pageant, Aditi also works as a business analyst for Ernst and Young. However, as she talks about the stereotypes that stand associated with beauty pageants, especially with reference to the radical feminist Miss America protests that took place in 1968 during the Miss America 1969 and the Miss World protest in 2011, Aditi seems to be a little withstanding of the references as she justifies, “Yeah! I know where you are coming from and the beauty pageants have come a long way since 1968. They just eliminated the bikini round last year, which Julia Morley, the chairperson of Miss India Organisation, felt did not give much about the contestants,” she says.

Beyond beauty

photo:orange formal dresses

While talking about the objectification of women, Aditi agrees that the beauty pageants do, somewhat objectify women, but then they are also looking for substance.

“For instance, most of the women in my batch of Miss India World were either doctors or architects. The fact that most people look at a beauty pageant as a ticket to the entertainment industry is quite misleading,” she says. However, Aditi seems a little frazzled with the mention of names like Lara Dutta, Sushmita Sen and Priyanka Chopra, who rose to fame on the front burner of popularity with these beauty pageants.

“Well, they were very young. Priyanka was only 18 and then when you are given an opportunity to act and the offers are very lucrative, you are bound to take it, mainly because the entertainment industry aims to cash in on their international beauty titles,” she explains.

Aditi avers that beauty pageants explore much more than just the beauty bit. “We had women of all shapes and sizes and all kinds of complexions this time, but the focus was on who they are inside, as people. In fact, the biggest challenge for me was to be myself and show who I really am,” she says.

Meanwhile, Aditi also briefs us on the official and unofficial philanthropic activities she has to her merit for becoming a Miss India world. “I did teach a child with cognitive disabilities and I do keep guiding people about career, be it my driver’s son or others,” she shares. Aditi says that she has worked with an NGO titled Protsahan and has also been asked by the State Government of Haryana to take part in the Aanganwadi workers programme.

“I feel that the beauty pageants empower women. Also, I am really glad to be a part of Young Manch, which gives opportunities to people to showcase their talent and potential. I strongly feel that the women of India should get education as it is the only way they can improve their life. Last but not the least, I really want to thank Videocon for roping me as their youth Ikon,” she signs off with her Miss India world speech!

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Bungee jump wedding couple show they are the wind beneath each other’s wings

Some call it “taking the plunge”, some might even say it’s a “leap of faith”, but this newly-wed couple captured the sentiment literally with their bungee jump wedding.

They were the first in Scotland to get married mid-air by leaping from the Highland Fling Bungee’s platform at Garry Bridge near Killicrankie in Perthshire yesterday.

They tied the knot together in a 130ft tandem bungee jump, accompanied by a professional jump crew all dressed up for the occasion in traditional highland outfits.

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So who are they?

Her: Hannah Phillips, a 27-year-old primary-school teacher from Kelsale.

Him: Ross Basham, a 33-year-old model from North London.

What’s their story?

2005 Hannah and Ross met while in Cape Town, South Africa.

A few days later Call it a sign? They took their first big jump as they dived individually from the world’s highest bridge bungee jump at Bloukrans, South Africa.

2014 The proposal. These two don’t do anything by half measures and Ross really pulled out the stops when he popped the question at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Last week Hannah and Ross had their pre-wedding reception with 150 friends and family by holding their own music festival and fun day in Suffolk. But they didn’t tell them where the ceremony was going to take place.

Yesterday The big day. Hannah wore an elegant white dress – slightly muddied from the tug-of-war part of the reception day – and Ross wore smart jeans and shirt, waistcoat and bow tie as they stepped off the platform. Their vows were legally witnessed by the company’s jump crew and the ceremony was immediately officiated by humanist celebrant Claire Digance. Their family were not surprised.

Was it everything they wanted it to be?

The new Mrs Basham said: “I wanted a wedding that was legal but also fun, and I didn’t want just to do the registry office type of thing. Highland Fling Bungee were the only company I could find in Britain who would do it and we had always wanted to go to Scotland, so we just decided to go for it.

“I was so excited before the jump, not sure if it was because I was marrying Ross or because of the bungee. I think it was both. I was only nervous in case my underwear was on show.”

Her happily hitched husband admitted that it had all been her idea, but being a like-minded adrenaline junkie, he was fully on board from the start. He said: “When Hannah suggested a bungee wedding, I thought it was a wicked idea. There can’t be many weddings where the celebrant takes the plunge as well!

“We had the family celebration, which was truly wonderful and the best day of our lives, but we wanted to do the legal side on our own and we wanted something fun, somewhere scenic and picturesque.”

Murray Trail, managing director of Highland Fling Bungee, who also wore a kilt, wished the couple the very best for their life together and said: “We’ve had someone jump in a wedding dress the day after their wedding but we’ve never had an actual full wedding on the platform.”

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